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From the Twisted

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Summary: Various one shots and plot bunnies. Some with the potential to end up full stories one day.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredjezaeiriFR1531,3201157,2619 Oct 072 Mar 12Yes

1.5 BTVS/Moonlight

Disclaimer: See chapter one

A/N: Ok I couldn't help myself again. I have officially been sucked into the FFA portal.

Josef was having a very good night, a night that was very annoyingly interrupted by Mick. Which probably shouldn't have surprised him. Mr. Morals and goodness just didn't know what was good for him.

So Mick had met Buffy and in Josef's mind that was well beyond funny. He and the tiny blonde destruction whirlwind got along reasonably well together considering. Of course he wasn't stupid enough to make a woman who commanded an army of teenage vampire killing machines mad. Nope he had a strong sense of self preservation.

But the image of Mick getting saved by a hundred pound female in a pair of Jimmy Choo's and probably leather pants was just too much for him. Of course he knew he had to control his laughter and soon because if Buffy was in town that meant that she would soon be showing up at his door. And after Mick's call Josef was pretty sure that Mr. Morality would be too.

Getting up from his desk he wasn't too shocked when he looked out over his pool to see a petite blonde form standing there. Once and only once he'd been in a car with Buffy Summers and it was the only the fact that he didn't have a beating heart that had kept him from having a heart attack. The girl drove like a schizophrenic on speed which was why she had made it to his house in under twenty minutes after Mick's call, even with L.A traffic. Making his way through the glass doors he stopped just short of where she stood with a smile on his face, aside from her driving skills she was highly entertaining.

“Mick called.” he commented as she turned to face him.

“Let me guess, he's on his way over.” she said with a smirk as she started to make her way inside without an invitation. Not that she ever bothered with one anyway and he wasn't stupid enought to say anything. One mob every four hundred years was his limit.

“You know for a blonde you aren't stupid.” he commented as he followed her in and took a seat. Hos eyes following her as she made her way into his kitchen.

“Yeah and for a vampire you're...wait let me check that. You are a blood sucking fiend.” she retorted as she opened his fridge in search of something.

“I'm wounded.”

“You forget, I've been doing business with you for a couple years now.” she retorted as her head came back in sight and she moved to the counter, a bottle of wine in her hand.

“People find that out and I'm gonna end up having to move.”

“I always wondered about that. Helping people who kill your kind.” she said as she retrieved a wineglass and poured herself a drink.

“Yeah. Vampire solidarity. Rah rah rah.” he commented, sarcasm evident as he propped up his feet on the ottoman in front of him.

“Funny” she deadpanned and moved out from the kitchen to where he sat, taking the chair opposite him. “So Angel jr.?” she asked after taking a sip from her wine.

“Complete and total martyr for morality.” Josef explained thinking about Mick and his new and improved moral code.

“Great. Another brooder.” she grumbled and Josef let out a laugh. That was the perfect way to describe Mick

“You don't know the half of it.”
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