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From the Twisted

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Summary: Various one shots and plot bunnies. Some with the potential to end up full stories one day.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredjezaeiriFR1531,3201157,2619 Oct 072 Mar 12Yes

1. BTVS/Moonlight

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Moonlight. I'm just borrowing them for a little bit. I swear I've already put them back.

A/N: I just couldn't help myself. I felt the need to help with the FFA's left. One more down.

Mick felt the wall crack behind him as Davis slammed him into it, crumbling chunks falling to hit the back of his legs as he dangled a foot in the air with Davis' hand around his throat.

“You made a big mistake coming after me....” Davis began only to have his words cut off as a small hand grasped his shoulder and ripped him backwards. Mick registered the words “Funny I thought it was you who made the mistake.” come from the lips of the tiny blonde woman as he fell to the ground, his vampire reflexes allowing him to land on his feet. His reflexes however, weren't fast enough to stop Davis from charging the blonde woman who simply stepped to the side and drew what Mick could only describe as the deadliest looking red axe he had ever seen. With one swift motion that Mick couldn't even follow the blonde swung the blade.

And that it seemed was it. Davis was no more.

Mick could only stare as the blonde, who was smaller than even Beth, secured the blood colored axe on her back and looked up at him. Her green gaze was full of something Mick couldn't quite place but more than anything he realized that not only did this young woman know what a vampire was but she knew how to kill them. And she moved faster and was apparently stronger than he was. Keeping himself on guard he was caught by surprise when she smiled at him.

“Ya know saving vampire detectives with a case of morality got old for me at about nineteen right?” she asked as she brushed off her hands on her leather pants.

“Who are you?” Mick asked her. She wasn't any vampire he knew of but that didn't mean much, he didn't tend to associate with his own kind a lot outside of Josef.

“You don't know. Wow. I haven't had this happen in about four years. I'm Buffy. The vampire slayer.” She told him, sounding surprised herself at first and then with a hard note that spoke of finality.

“The slayer is just a myth.” Mick responded. He'd heard of slayers yes, but they were just a myth. A story to keep vampires from stepping too far out of line and getting caught. They weren't real. When she broke out in laughter Mick was surprised yet again, the sound was like tingling bells, full of sunlight and warmth. It didn't match the look she had had in her eyes a moment before though.

“Oh goddess that's refreshing. I'll have to tell Giles” she began as she started walking down the alley, still chuckling under her breath. “Ok Angel Jr. if you don't believe me go ask Josef. He'll fill you in.” she told him and he felt himself go rigid. Perhaps there was more to this tiny blonde thing than he thought, taking a deep breath he caught her scent and it nearly knocked him over. She smelled like death and sunlight, power and strength, and most of all she smelled like pure tapped energy.

“And Mick.” She called out to him, drawing him out of his thoughts instantly as he realized not only that she knew his name but that she had reached the end of the alley and was about to turn onto the street.

“Yeah.” he asked her, feeling like he had been hit by a train that seemed to be named Buffy.

“The smelling thing is gross and you owe me one.” she called over her shoulder and disappeared. Mick stared at where she had turned for a moment before pulling his cell phone from his pocket and dialing, the number he wanted, only one touch away with the beauty that was speed dial. The call was picked up after the third ring, Josef sounding irritated.

“Do you know someone named Buffy? Tiny blonde and carries a big red axe?
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