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The Truth is Hard to Deal With

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Summary: Oz's secret comes out and the Sunnydale Syndrome is defeated.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Oz-CenteredManyNamedChibiFR131729021,28710 Oct 0710 Oct 07Yes
This was written by me and a group of friends. Thanks Shell and Ghost! And we only own the idea, not the characters- they belong to Joss Whedon.

“Her Son is a Werewolf”

Distraught suburbanite mother lands in the hospital upon finding out that her only son has been living a double life as a Werewolf. Mother goes ape upon learning son’s secret double life has him working with occult agents fighting evil and sleeping naked in High School Library.

Ms. Meredith Osborne wondering in the Sunnydale Library in the early hours of the morning on Friday the 14th for her parent-teacher conference when she stumbled across her son, trapped in a cage, oddly wearing no clothing. Upon seeing her son in such a state Ms. Osborne immediately passed out and fell and hit her head on what appeared to be some kind of occult mannequin. She was immediately rushed to the Sunnydale Hospital for further evaluation.

Ms. Osborne awoke in the hospital to find her fully clothed son hovering over her, thankful that she was alright. He explained that she was in the hospital with a concussion, but that she was going to be fine. At this point Ms. Osborne began to ask her son about the sight she had walked in on.

Upon questioning her son Daniel “Oz” Osborne as to why exactly he was naked, locked in a cage in the back to the library he hedged, “sleeping?”

Ms. Osborne replied in a panic, “What on earth were you doing in the library, locked in a cage, sleeping naked like some kind of animal. Seriously, is there something you’re not telling me?”

Oz’s colleagues from the High School interjected at this time, trying to both calm and inform his Ms. Osborne as to the exact nature of what they do and exactly why she found her son in such a compromising position this morning. “Ma’am, if you would allow me to explain, I am sure that I can assist you in all questions you have and all the answers you seek.” Mr. Rupert Giles replied rather dryly. “Shall I start at the beginning, or do you have specific questions you would like to have addressed?”

Rupert began at the beginning of how he came to discover young

Mr. Osborne and his affliction. He explained that Oz is in fact a Werewolf and that his particular breed is only affected a mere 3 days a month. At this young Miss Willow Rosenberg, Oz’s girlfriend, replied, “Don’t worry, Ms. Osborne, he is not dangerous or anything, as long as you have a tranquilizer gun handy, you’ll be fine… and that really didn’t come out right…” With this overload of information Ms. Osborne again passed out.

The group of friends that accompanied Oz to the hospital then took off, and he was left to explain to his mother, that he discovered that 3 days out of the month he was having these unexplained blackouts. With the help of his friends he was able to find out exactly what he was dealing with, and the comprised a solution that would keep him and others safe during these times; which is what she walked in on this morning.

Ms. Osborne told her son that though this development was quite a shock, it should not have come as such a surprise. She too had a little bit of a confession for him as well. She explained that his biological father was a little bit on the strange side and he did disappear 3 nights a month with no explanation and that the hairballs that he left behind were somewhat on the large side.

So is Sunnydale in threat of being overtaken by Werewolf’s, are your streets safe at night? These are the questions that this reporter plans to get to the bottom of. So readers I promise you that I will get you the whole story for I feel that I have merely scratched the surface of a story that has so much more to tell. So please read on as we continue with Werewolf Watch 1995.


Oz growled as he threw the newspaper down onto the table in the Library after reading it. Xander broke the tense silence in the room by commenting sarcastically, "Well, that went well."

Oz grunted as Willow looked over at him. "It could've been worse... She could've disowned you."

The End

You have reached the end of "The Truth is Hard to Deal With". This story is complete.

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