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A Long Night

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Summary: Xander Harris decides to enjoy a beer at the local bar, however he runs into a mysterious woman when he gets there, and she knows a few things about him.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredJadedRavenFR131386084,15210 Oct 0710 Oct 07Yes
I own nothing of Buffy or Harry Potter. Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling have full credit toward this characters, I'm just borrowing them :)

Warnings: If you have not read Deathly Hallows I wouldn't read this, it deals with the end and what happens. Other than that, warning free! :)

A/N: I wanted to get something more from my Spike/Lucius one and this came about...I just thought it'd be interesting to see Pre-Harry Potter and Post-Harry Potter.

“You look like him,” she murmured softly as she ran her fingers along the glass that held the crimson colored wine, lifting it she took a slow sip, enjoying the bitter taste. It suited her mood. “You’d be identical to him were it not for the missing eye.”

Xander laughed softly as he shook his head, “Yeah, I get that a lot. But you know, I feel it gives me a sexier look,” he paused a moment as he nursed his beer. “So, who do I look like?”

“A man I know that was killed, along with his wife,” her blue eyes turned toward him and he managed to swallow his beer, “Their son barely survived.” Xander was speechless.

“H-how did they die?” Xander wasn’t sure he wanted to know, and even more than that he knew that he didn’t want to sit with this woman anymore if she had done the killing.

“An evil man killed them,” she replied, finishing the remainder of her wine, “Watch out for those with great power, Xander Harris, they’ll do anything to survive.” Slowly, she stood as her long blonde hair fell across her face; she signed a tab the bartender had left in front of her stool.

He watched her walk away and noticed that she met with a man, whose hair length equaled her own. Xander felt a bittersweet feeling in his heart as he saw them embrace with one another. He could’ve had that with Anya.

Glancing down at the tab, he saw the elegant signature of the random woman he met, Narcissa Malfoy. It was then he knew of the evils she spoke of and the man that she said he looked like was, in fact, a great man. Xander had learned of James Potter directly from his son, Harry. It was then Xander truly understood the dangers of the Wizarding World that he and the Scoobies had come upon after they had come to England in search of more Slayers.

Thank God Voldemort was dead.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Long Night". This story is complete.

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