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Special Tutoring

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Summary: Buffy Summers comes to Dillon, Texas to help out while a guidence counselor is out on maternity leave, there she meets a southern gentleman

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Television > Friday Night LightsJadedRavenFR181383111,18911 Oct 0711 Oct 07Yes
I do not own Friday Night Lights or Buffy - they belong to their creators, I merely borrowed Buffy and Tim.

A/N: Buffy is NOT the Slayer in this, she's just a college graduate that's working her job, that's why I've labeled it an AU. I don't mention that, but I wanted to make it clear. Enjoy :)


She couldn’t figure out what it was about him that drew her to him, but there was something. Buffy bit her lower lip as she slowly slid her jeans over her hips. She knew it was wrong, but at the same time it was so right. He had a great body, playing tight end for the Dillon Panther’s did that for you. He was the bad boy in the town of Dillon, and he was proud of that reputation. That’s what landed him in her office one week ago as she filled in for the regular guidance counselor, Tami Taylor. Buffy couldn’t help but laugh, never in a million years would she have thought that her college degree would’ve led her here.

Besides, she wasn’t much older than him anyway.

Glancing toward him through her blonde hair she pushed it back and pulled her shirt from off of his bed.

“You takin’ off again?” He asked, she felt her stomach tighten as she listened to the deep tone of his accent, “You know pretty soon that school is gonna figure out that you’re doin’ a hell of a lot more than tutoring me.”

“The school isn’t going to figure out anything, besides that, I am tutoring you, I’m just expanding what you need to go over. And you know I don’t want to go.” With a sigh, she straddled him. Tim avoided meeting her gaze until her lips met his.

Slowly, his arms wrapped around her and one of his hands held his beer while the other pressed into the small of her back, pressing her right up against him. He smirked when she heard a small moan escape from her mouth. She hadn’t buttoned her pants so he slid his hand down and found her underwear slightly damp. He grinned.

“You ready for me?” Tim asked, almost growling. When Buffy barely murmured a yes, Tim stood up and let go of her, with a grin, he took a swig of his beer, “You think about the things I could do to you, and maybe we’ll have a go in your office.” He winked as he walked into the living room, leaving Buffy speechless.

The End

You have reached the end of "Special Tutoring". This story is complete.

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