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Dear Diary

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Summary: Response to challenge # 2900 - Dear Diary; Dean finds Buffy's diary at a motel and decides to return it to her - after he reads it. Dean/Buffy (if she doesn't kill him for reading her diary), Sam/Dawn

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairings(Current Donor)kayarileyFR151521,37776722,01111 Oct 0730 Oct 07Yes

All's Fair

All’s Fair

Response to challenge # 2900 – Dear Diary from TimeShifter

Disclaimer: I definitely don’t own any of these characters.

Note: Post S7 BTVS & post-S2 SPN

Dawn hummed a perky little melody to herself as she watched Dean and Buffy spar with their favorite swords in the courtyard. Every once in a while, she would call out a piece of advice to one of them. Though Buffy had the strength and speed advantages, Dean had made it his mission to be able to go toe-to-toe with her in the skill department and was able to seamlessly incorporate her suggestions into his fighting style.

She smiled as Sam sat down next to her on the steps and handed her steaming mug of hot apple-cranberry tea with ginger ale, her latest favorite concoction. He had created it for her a few nights ago when she was complaining that tea was too boring and was about to go for the hot sauce. That sparked off plenty of rumors about whether or not Dawn was pregnant, and even had Sam hiding from Buffy for hours before her sister found out the origination of the rumor and chalked it up to Dawn’s funky tastebuds.

Leaning against her boyfriend, she took a sip and sighed, “Perfect.”

“Well, yes, I am,” Sam told her.

Careful not to spill her beverage, Dawn pushed at his shoulder with her free hand and clarified, “The tea, Dorkbutt, the tea.”

He pouted at her until she relented and told him that he was perfect, too. They settled in with a map of the U.S. to plan the week away that they decided to take. Now, they just needed to decide which direction to drive in.

“Well, I haven’t really seen much of middle America. I’ve been to Chicago and Detroit, but other than that, not too many other places,” Dawn told him, pouring over the map and marking off the places she had been with a pen.

“Don’t forget about Arkansas,” Sam said, pointing to the paper.

“I’ve never been to Arkansas,” Dawn said, then paused for just long enough that Sam became suspicious.

She picked her head up and concentrated on the sparring session, which had degenerated into an impromptu wrestling match that was getting more than PG-Rated. Grimacing, she called out to them, “Either go back to one of your rooms or take the Impala and leave before you scare the kiddies!”

The offending couple left quickly, fortunately remembering to pick up their weapons before one of the students tripped over them in the tall grass.

She was studiously ignoring Sam, but could feel his eyes boring holes into her head, so she turned to him, “You’re going to melt my brain if you don’t stop that.”

Sam fixed her with a steady gaze and questioned, “If you’ve never been to Arkansas, how did Buffy’s diary get there? You already said that this was the first time you and your sister would be separated, so how did she go to a crappy motel in nowhere Arkansas and leave her diary behind for Dean to find it?”

Dawn tried to leap up from the step, “Oops, gotta go!”

Sam pulled her back toward him and tickled her sides until she cried “Uncle!” She was still coming down off of the giggles when she gave him a smile that was nowhere near as innocent as he usually received from her.

“You knew that I had heard of you two before you arrived. I knew that I could help you – I just needed to get you here. It was just two little spells, really. One to get the diary there and one to get him to read it,” she admitted, hoping that he would accept her explanation without being angry with her for the subterfuge.

After a long moment, he asked, “So, is he really in love with her, then?”

“Yeah – no love spells for this girl. We all learn from Xander’s mistakes,” Dawn told him honestly. “And, before you ask, I won you over fair and square.”

“Fair and square – like in poker, right?” Sam rolled his eyes as he teased her.

“I think we’ve already covered that ‘all’s fair,’ haven’t we?” she grinned up at him, stole a kiss and went back to plotting their course on the map.

The End (really this time).

Author's Note: Okay, this one is finished now and I'm contemplating the next one, but I have yet to decide which one that will be. Options now include a story involving Dana, one with Connor, and a Buffy/Henry (Blood Ties) story. Any suggestions on which one to tackle first?

The End

You have reached the end of "Dear Diary". This story is complete.

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