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Dear Diary

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Summary: Response to challenge # 2900 - Dear Diary; Dean finds Buffy's diary at a motel and decides to return it to her - after he reads it. Dean/Buffy (if she doesn't kill him for reading her diary), Sam/Dawn

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairings(Current Donor)kayarileyFR151521,37776722,01111 Oct 0730 Oct 07Yes

Dean's Never Been This Interested In Reading

Dean’s Never Been This Interested In Reading

Response to challenge # 2900 – Dear Diary from TimeShifter

Disclaimer: I definitely don’t own any of these characters.

Note: Post S7 BTVS & post-S2 SPN

Dean was bored, waiting for Sam to return with the last bits of information needed for their hunt. Having already procured his own, he had been halfway through short-sheeting Sam’s bed when he found a flower-covered journal sticking out from under the night stand. He pulled it out and flipped it open. Maybe I’ll get some interesting girly secrets, he reasoned as he turned to the first page. Written in neat, cursive letters was his first clue regarding the owner of the journal.

If found, please return to:
B. Summers
The Academy
Cleveland, Ohio

It wasn’t until the 10th page in that he found out what the “B” stood for. By that time, he was already in too much awe to even think of laughing. He reluctantly put the journal away when Sam came in. They finished the hunt and Sam laughed when he came out of the shower to find Dean avidly reading the journal again. Dean endured his teasing with a distracted patience. When Sam shut out the light, he was in the middle of a paragraph about how the “thing with lots of tentacles and an unpronounceable name” had completely destroyed her silk shirt when it had exploded on her. He barked out a, “Sam!” and took the journal into the bathroom to finish reading the entry while he brushed his teeth.

When he slept that night, he dreamt of a blond goddess fiercely guarding his sleep.

The next morning, Sam was all ready to leave for their next hunt. He had been talking about a spirit in Texas and clicking on his laptop so intently, it was over an hour before he realized that they were driving away from Texas. He caught Dean’s attention during the silence in between Metallica songs blaring from the stereo.

“Where are we going? Texas is back that way.”

Dean nodded, “Yes, but Cleveland is this way.”

Sam looked at his laptop screen for a moment to see if he had missed something, then looked back at his brother sharply, “We’re driving 600 miles for you to return some chick’s diary? What? Did she have a picture inside and you think she’ll look good in a nightie?”

“God, I hope so!” Dean smirked.

“Dean!” Sam knew he was using what Dean called his “bitch” voice, but this was really ridiculous. First, he wouldn’t tell Sam anything about what was in the diary, except that its owner was some girl in Cleveland and he wouldn’t let Sam near it. Now, they were ignoring a guaranteed job in Texas to return ramblings over which boy to choose for her date to the prom to Little Miss Muffet? He continued to stare at Dean until the older man finally responded to him.

“Sammy, I just gotta meet her.”

“Why, Dean? You won’t tell me anything and now you’re giving up a hunt?” A thought occurred to Sam and he waited until Dean had a clear stretch of highway before looking at him again and stating clearly, “Cristo!”

Dean made a face at him, but kept driving. “I’m not possessed, Sammy. Now, go call Ellen. Have her send someone else to Texas because we’re going to Cleveland.”

“Damn it, Dean!” Sam was getting extremely frustrated now and was close to ripping the cassette tape out of the player and flinging it out over the highway.

Dean must have sensed his irritation because he sighed and offered up a bit of an explanation, “She’s like us, Sammy, but she’s so much more. She hunts, but it doesn’t consume her. She’s faced things I’ve never even heard of, but it doesn’t taint her.”

Sam had never heard his brother so adamant about a woman before and he relented, pulling out his phone to call Ellen. He couldn’t resist a parting shot, though, “Okay, Cleveland it is…but, when she kicks your ass for reading her diary, I get to watch.”


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