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Our Boy Wash

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Summary: When Wash dies, he somehow ends up reincarnated as a small child in the Buffyverse. Little Wash enjoys life on Earth That Was... Or does he?

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Firefly > Xander-Centered(Recent Donor)TubbsMcGeeFR18925,96105418,91411 Oct 0724 Jul 08No

A Meeting

Story is set eight or nine months after Chosen, with all Firefly parts after Serenity (The BDM). Might be some minor spoilers for both so be warned... Anya didn't die in the hellmouth, and there is no big Scooby squad now, or at least, not yet. Everyone is just trying to hang on in a brand new hellmouth in a small town near Cleveland.

Also, idea's not mine, littleoldme is the person with the brain gold... I just put pen to paper.

Disclaimer: Firefly and Buffy both belong to Joss. All hail the Man!...
Eyes by Rogue Wave belong to Rogue Wave

Please don't sue me, I don't have any money.


“Ormal… Buzz…”

‘OK, head hurting…’ Xander thought, rolling over, trying to snuggle deeper into the covers. ‘When did this mattress start to feel like I’m lying on a steel floor?’

Buzz, Buzz…

“An…?” he called with closed eyes.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…

“Anya? Turn the alarm off…”

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…

“And put the heat on, it’s freezing in here...”

“Airlock pressure now normal… Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…”

His eyes shot open, his body frozen as he finally registered where the coldness was coming from… The grating he was laying on. He sat up slowly, taking in the small surroundings of the room.

“Airlock pressure now normal…” a female voice said, all the while that buzzing sound continued.

The room was rectangular in shape, one side a huge hunk of metal with two hydraulic arms and a small door, the whole thing slanted away from him, on the other side there was two hunks of metal joining in the middle, two diamond shape windows, one on each side of the join, this wall sloped towards him. The last remaining walls were covered with junk, old wires, hoses and an air tank or two, on one of the walls there was a box filled with buttons about the size of a computer monitor. Of the many buttons and lights only one flashed red in time with the buzzing.

“OK, this isn’t my bed…” Xander said staring at the flashing button. “Guess someone wants me to push you…” he said cocking his head to the side and slamming his fist into the flashing beacon.


She rolled over, the bed nice and warm as she dosed, her head throbbed as she began to wake. She stretched her arms and legs, yawning slightly, moving her hand onto the other side of the bed.


When her hand met nothing but a cold pillow she slowly opened her eyes. Panic filled her as she realized this wasn’t her bed, this wasn’t her room, and this defiantly wasn’t her apartment.

“OK…” Anya said slowly. “Who took all my things? They were expensive! And mine… And expensive!” she called to no one. “Xander?”

Anya sat up in the bed, taking everything in. The room was small, box like and yet homey. The double bed she sat in was in the corner, no head rest as the wall behind it curved from the bottom below the bed upwards into a flat wall. She swung her legs off the bed and onto the floor; short carpet greeted her bare feet as she stood. A wide wardrobe stood on the opposite wall with a small desk next to it, a small reading lamp and a mess of papers and knick-knacks sat scattered around it. The person who owned it would call it organized, Anya just called it messy.

“Someone sure lives here…” Anya said in amazement. “And it sure as hell isn’t me.”

On the far wall instead of a door leading out, there was a ladder in a little alcove; next to it on one side was a mirror with a wash basin hanging half out of the wall. On the other side of the ladder was a keyboard hanging sideways, a small screen connected to it. Anya made her way to the board, hoping it held some kind of answer to where she was. The keyboard was covered with Chinese characters and symbols mixed with English letters and words. She instantly recognized the character for unlock and pushed it.


The big huge doors slid open in front of him with a loud hiss, the sound making Xander jump as they opened up to a larger room. He stared, the room was all metal, various boxes and crates lined the walls, along with mobile shelves and a few barrels. From what he could figure, it looked like a cargo hold of a ship… Or at least he hoped it was a ship. But then again, the room wasn’t what had caught his eye; it was the scene smack bang in the middle that had made him stare.

To say that it stood out was to say that Andrew was cool or that Slayers are weak little girls. The rug was off putting for a start. Then again, how many cargo holds can boast to having an exact replica of Xander’s living room from his old basement in the middle of them right alongside a pile of crates, one marked ‘Compression Coil’, another marked ‘Grav Boot’ and various other names that meant as little to Xander as to Anya when you mentioned any kind of pop culture before ‘99.

He walked forward, just staring at the couch, his mouth open. His lame ass couch sitting in the middle of some Douglas Adams Fan’s wet dream after they realised they could actually hitchhike across the galaxy. The small old TV flickered every now and then, showing some old show, the sound muted as he walked over to the crummy lamp that sat next to the crummy couch, on top of his crummy rug, next to his crummy coffee table and his small old crummy TV.

He touched the lamp, softly at first, then with both of his hands, tapping and knocking on it to see if it really was real before he flicked the switch. The light blinked to life, much to Xander’s fascination, because from what he could tell, it wasn’t plugged into anything, in fact, there was no lead to plug in.

“Ooookkkk… And the weird gets weirder…” he said turning it off again, turning to the TV as he recognised music coming from its speakers.

“Missed… the… last… train… home, Birds… pass… by… to tell me that I’m not alone,” The TV began to play, the screen showing various shots of Xander and his friends. “Well I’m pushing myself to finish this part…”

“Hell no…” Xander said watching the screen. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no…”

“I can handle a lot, But one thing I’m missing…” The screen played as it began to show Caleb, the sadistic Priest who was working for The First. “Is in your eyes... In your eyes… In your eyes...”

As the speakers of the TV repeated their teasing the screen showed what he had prayed it wouldn’t. Xander was running on screen till suddenly a hand grabbed him. Xander watched the screen, not being able to tear his gaze from it, hoping against hope it would play out differently and not how it had ever since in his nightmares.

“You’re the one who sees everything, aren’t you?” Caleb said with a hint of glee in his eyes, holding onto the carpenter, all the while the song repeated it’s taunting in the background. “Well let’s see what we can’t do about that.” He said as he began to push his thumb into Xander’s left eye, blood beginning to flow freely from the socket.

“In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes…” The TV finished singing before moving to the next verse. “Have… you… seen… this film? It reminds me of walking down the avenues,”

Again the TV showed Xander being caught by Caleb, the same look of horror as he realised who held him.

“You’re the one who sees everything, aren’t you?” Caleb repeated.

The same slow realisation of what the priest was about to do flashed on the carpenters face before sharp, burning, stabbing pain shot through his skull, the horrid swishing sound of his eye mixing with the shrill scream emanating from his mouth.

“Well let’s see what we can’t do about that.” Caleb smiled joy on his face at the pain he was inflicting.

“Well I’m washing my hands of attachments, yeah. I will land on the ground,” The TV sang out. “But one thing I’m missing… Is in your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes… In your eyes…”

“Bit hard to watch, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…” Xander replied without thinking.

“Guess its better then dying, huh dude?”

“You’re telling me Jessie.” Xander said glancing at his friend as the TV repeated the song. “It isn’t all that bad though, is it?”

“Nah,” His friend, Jessie said. His face was slightly pale; a faint bite mark was visible on his neck. “You get to see a few cool things, visit different dimensions, whole new worlds, even watch people. Dude, you won’t believe some of the pervs who just go around watching women take showers.” He said laughing.

“Like you’ve never?” Xander lowered his eye at his bud.

“You wouldn’t?” Jessie laughed.

“Yeah… I guess,” Xander smiled. “So… You’re dead…” he pointed at his friend.

“Yeah, you would know.” Jessie smiled, his face morphing into a vampires for a split second before returning normal.


“So… I got a job to do…” Jessie said looking serious.

“Cool,” Xander said watching the TV again. “Don’t let me stop you; I’ll just go back to my nightmare here.” He said pointing at the TV, sitting down on the couch. “Wish I had popcorn…”

“Bud, you don’t get it,” Jessie said, shaking his head. “You’re the job.”


The hatch above her swung open, Anya hesitated before beginning her climb up the ladder. She poked her head out slowly, searching for any kind of threat, just knowing if she let her guard down something would jump out at her, like a demon, or a slimy thing, or something smooshy, or worst… Bunnies! Big, white, hoppy, floppy, bunnies! A shiver run down her spine as she reached the top of the ladder and put her bare foot onto the cold metal floor of a hallway.

A hallway, a long, blue metal hallway that slopped up towards a small set of stairs and a doorway to some dark room, the other direction sloped down towards another doorway, and although it was half open it seemed more inviting. Other hatchways lined the corridor about eight feet apart from each other. Each hatch looked like the last except for one. It was opposite the room she had climbed out of, fairy lights lined the small alcove of the hatch and a sign, hand painted lovingly with yellow paint to spell out a name, hung on its face. Butterflies and stars bordered the person’s name, a beautiful name, Kaylee. Anya reached out to the sign, running her fingers over the name and across the detailed work. She smiled to herself; this Kaylee had obviously taken her time with the sign, putting all her love and care into it. As Anya idly fiddled with the sign and then the fairy lights, something urged her to move on, to leave the hallway and down the slope towards the half open doorway.

She opened the door with a heave, sliding it into the wall. The room was lit by candle light, the soft glow made the room feel warm and inviting, if a little disconcerting. From the looks of it the room was a dining room, with a small kitchen area to the side. But that wasn’t the part that was disconcerting… It was the shop counter from the Magic Box that was the disturbing part. Then again the shelves behind it didn’t help either, or the research table that sat in the corner with a huge pile of books sitting on top in a heap, open research long forgotten.

“I thought we’d finally got rid of that table.” Anya gasped at the round table, dread flooding back of hours upon hours of research.

But she turned from the table, her attention more on the shop counter and what it contained. Along with the Account book, Inventory list and the display counter for the more dangerous and exotic items, it also held her most prized possession. The one thing she was most distraught about loosing when Dark Willow had trashed the store all that long ago. She walked up to the counter, a large grin on her face as she ran her hands over her pride and joy, the Cash Register.

Then again, it wasn’t the register that she loved, just what it represented, or was it what it held? She forgot sometimes, but it had to do with money. The money, which was held in the huge hunk of metal that she loved so much. She hit a few buttons and the tray slid oven with a ding of the cash bell. God she loved that sound! Ding! She could listen to that all day, and all night for that matter. The draw slid open, her eyes closing as she took in the ding, but when she opened her eyes it was horrible, just horrible.

“Oh my God! No!” She cried as she began to dig through the draw. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no…”

There were hundreds of them, hundreds!

“Where...? How could...?” she stammered, picking up the disgusting things, as soon as one left the draw another took its place, she threw them behind her, continuing to dig and search. “The money! Where is the money?”

The money had gone. The lovely green pieces of paper had been replaced with someone’s idea of a cruel joke. Instead of the money there was a tray of dirt with long green weeds growing from it. As she pulled on each weed they revealed their true nature. Long, Orange, Bunny loving CARROTS!!!

“My money!” She yelled again. “My money is gone!”

“You mean Mr. Giles’ money darling.”

“Semantics,” Anya replied, her hands covered in soil. “He left, I was in charge. It was a partnership... His was just a silent partner, the best kind...” she paused to think of that wonderful time in her life before continuing her search for the missing cash.

“But a partner all the same honey.” the woman said as she petted a fluffy white bunny rabbit in her arms.

“OK. One, your dead and Two, what do you want Hallie?” Anya turned to her friend and fellow former Vengeance demon. “Besides freaking me out stroking that... Thing!” she almost shrieked as she noticed the rabbit.

“I just want to talk...” Hallie smiled before looking down at the floor below her feet then around the room. “Hmmm, someone just wished for popcorn…”

“Fine, I’ll talk... Just get rid of that evil beast!”

“Oh honey, I like it…” Hallie smiled holding the rabbit up for her friend to see. “Hello Anyanka.” She said in a playful voice.

“This is definitely a nightmare.” Anya sighed, watching the fluffy monster in her friend’s hands.

“No… This is your wake up call…”


“I’m a job?” Xander stopped and looked at his friend. “You must be really starved for entertainment up there huh?”

“Something like that,” Jessie smiled sitting next to his friend.

“What’s the hap?” Xander asked trying to ignore the TV as it began the song again.

“Nothing much, you’ve been doing well. Fighting the good fight with Buffy and Wills…” he watched his friend. “Making a difference…”

“I’m sure if we’d been able to save you before…” He began. “Well, you know, I’m sure you would have been happy to join the fight.”

“Sure, if I hadn’t gone and been the first to die.”


“S’ok, I got over it a long time ago,” he waved his friend to hush. “Right after I was asked to help you.”

“Help me?” Xander parroted. “What help?”

“I’ve been with you every step of the way Xand.” Jessie watched his friend. “I’ve been sent…”


“…By the Powers…” Hallie finished, the rabbit disappearing from her hands.

“You work for the Powers? You?” Anya laughed. “Oh Hallie…” she giggled.

“I don’t like it anymore then you do sweetie.” She gave her a stern look. “But what can I say… I felt betrayed; being burned alive can do that to you.”

“Hallie…” Anya began.

“Its OK sweetie…” Hallie smiled. “I’m not bitter… Any more.”

“I was ready to die, I wanted to!” Anya yelled. “I thought he was…”

“But that wasn’t where your death lay…”


“She should have died?” Xander said shocked.

“Pretty much,” Jessie said, patting his bud on the shoulder. “Twice… OK, maybe only the once, D'Hoffryn would never have actually killed her, she was his favourite after all.”

“Back at the School… She should have died?” Xander asked again, standing.

“Bringer, Sword…” Jessie said making a sweeping motion with his arms.

“But the Powers…”

“They stopped it; they like to meddle, like other people in the ‘Verse. Listen, you’ve been put on a new path. Both of you…”


“The Boy is just the start,” Hallie smiled.

“Dead…” Anya whispered, sinking down into a chair at the research table.

“OK, we’re passed that now…” Hallie rolled her eyes as she sat down next to her. “You’ve been chosen Anyanka, to save the slayer line from distinction. Willow performed the Spell and others felt it, took advantage…”

“Mazdalha,” Anya looked up at her. “He wouldn’t have the power; he was low level, dangerous sure, but low level.”

“He has grown, his followers, his children have been massing,” Hallie gripped her hand. “And ever since he got his pet, the wolf Rip...” She said stopping. “He is gaining power, growing his numbers, and striking at the Slayers power.”


“But you have power too.” Jessie stood, watching his friend closely. “You have been touched, your journey with Wash is only beginning. Seven years watching your friends get powerful and never having any. Working with the slayer. A witch. A demon. A werewolf. A vamp. All in the spotlight, except you. Until now.”

“I’ve heard a speech like that before,” Xander said staring off into another part of the cargo hold. “Hell, I gave it to Dawn.”

“I know, I was watching,” he smiled. “And I so wanted to appear to you, to both of you… You spoke of never being powerful, but you were chosen long before that. When I began working for the powers, I saw your destiny, the path you were on, and I couldn’t believe it. You always said you were working with the big players, but wasn’t one of them.”

“Exactly, I’m not; I’m the heart, the glue…” Xander turned around and stared at his friend. “I help the slayer and her allies, she rescues people and I stand by her with a helping hand.”

“No,” Jessie shook his head. “You save her…”


“Save them all!” Hallie stood, waving her hands up in the air.

“And you’re OK with that?” Anya gave her friend a puzzled look.

“Why wouldn’t I be Sweetie?” she said with a smile before her body was engulfed in flames. “Why wouldn’t I want to see the Slayer line survive?” she said calmly, the flames dying down as quickly as they had started. “I was given my notice from the black hats, but my soul was saved.”

“Your not gonna pull out a bible, are you?”

“No, but I will pull this…” Hallie held out her hand behind her.


There was a white flash; Xander shielded his eye from the brightness. He felt the presence before he saw her; he knew she was there before she spoke.

“Would you do it?”

She was young, seventeen at the most. Long brunette hair covered half her face in streaks, showing hints of a young smile behind it. She was dressed in a simple red flower covered sundress, her feet in big black army boots. She walked with authority; each step was calculated, ready for anything at the drop of a hat. By her side Wash stood, holding her hand, looking just as he had appeared in the middle of his living room.

“Do what?” Xander replied.

“Follow the path?” the girl asked. “Wash is dear to me, to all of us…”


The flash had come and gone, the girl stood before her, straight, commanding, ready for anything. It was weird for her to see Wash holding her hand, the small boy feeling at home with the girl as Anya had felt as she had held the boy last night.

“And to me…” Anya heard her say without thinking. “Wash…”

“Is the way to stopping him.” The girl told her. “A guide is only as good as those who read it, listen to it. And we listened to him, will you?”

“No… I can’t…”

“The sun comes out and we walk…” The girl looked down at Wash. “But only if the darkness recedes.”

“He’s just a boy!” Anya yelled.

“Yes…” She said.


“And No…” the girl told him.

“Why would you do this to him?” Xander asked the girl. “Just like Buffy, she had no choice, just like Faith, or Dawn, or Rona, or Vi…”

“Or Kennedy,” the girl interrupted. “The sickness will spread amongst her sisters; it will cut them down and break them…” the girl stepped forward. “But a leaf on the wind is only as good as the force that lifts it, without it… It falls, and knows nothing of sky.”

“If I did this…?” Xander looked at his feet.

“The wind grasps the leaf, and keeps it safe, floats…”


“…Above harms way.” She smiled.

“I can keep him safe?” Anya gave the girl a worried look.

“He was dear to me and mine,” the girl laughed. “We would not let him go without a fight, without knowing he was safe.”

She thought about it, looking from Hallie, to the girl and then finally Wash. He smiled up at her and her heart filled with warmth; doubt was there, but hope, courage and finally love out weighted it.


Willow sat on the coffee table between the sleeping pair, meditating, trying to reach her friends. Four days had passed and still Xander and Anya slept, each consumed in their Gassderal Dream. She was tired, drained, both physically and magically, she had searched for the last two days, reaching out to every realm, plain of existence or dimension she could think of and safely check, and even then she had still dipped a toe or two in the dangerous ones.

Slayers had been and gone, watching and guarding over them, Max and Dawn had stayed behind, Max trying to fix the holes about the apartment and Dawn keeping a watchful eye over Willow. Buffy had come every day, if only for a few hours, her strength weakening, her body beginning to shut down. And through it all she had a companion. He never left Anya’s side; he sat next to her prone body, watchful, caring, always holding her hand. Every time someone tried to take him away he would fight his way back to her, always to end up siting next to her, holding onto her hand.

“Aren’t you tired?” Wash broke the silence.

“Aren’t you?” Willow asked back, her eyes remaining closed.

“No…” he said, squeezing Anya’s hand. “I’ve got her.”

“And I’ve got you,” Willow said, looking down at the small boy. “I will find them; Max said a Gassderal dream should be over by now and that they can’t be far away. They will wake up.”

“I know Will…” Wash said smiling at her. “But you won’t find them.”

“I will Wash,” She said, closing her eyes again and straightening her back. “I won’t stop till I do.”

“You won’t find them because their not lost…” The boy said lying down next to Anya. “I know where they are, she told me, she never lies. She doesn’t always make sense, but… She never lies.”

“Really?” Willow opened one eye and looked down at the boy. “And does ‘She’ have a name?”

“Yes… Doesn’t everybody?” Wash looked at her weirdly.

“”Well I suppose…” Willow made a face. “So, her name?”

“She doesn’t like it when I tell,” Wash said closing his eyes as he snuggled into Anya’s arms. “But she will tell you soon, when she tells them.”

“Anya and Xander?” Willow turned to each of her friends.

“No, the crew.” He said in a tone like she was stupid. “I miss Serenity… She was a great leaf…”


She woke with a smile, but was the smile hers? She sat up in bed, the guest quarters warm from his presence, but she was alone. She had seen him, seen his guardians. She stood quickly, running to her door and out, her eyes had seen, and her ears had heard. Her nightie billowed behind her as she ran for the hold, she had felt them there. Motherly, Fatherly, the love of a family.

“Whoa!” Came a voice as she turned a corner of the hallway leading to her destination. “Where’s the fire?” Mal yelled after her.

“No fire! Leaf! Wind!” River yelled back.

“Oh… OK?” he said.

She burst through the hatchway, a smile on her face. But she stopped; the warmth was there, as was the motherly and Fatherly, but the love…? “Wash!” She called out as she reached the catwalks of the Cargo hold. “Xander, Anya!” she cried.

She ran down the stairs, a large smile on her face. They were there, but leaving, fast. She reached the bottom of the main staircase. Nothing, there was nothing to be seen but more cargo hold.

“Xand, An, Wash?” River called again. She had taken two steps from the stairs when she had felt it, her bare feet feeling the warm fuzziness of the rug before her eyes did. She looked down and smiled, the hold went dark, the only light from a lamp and TV next to a couch and coffee table.

“River?” a small voice called out.

“Yes Wash?” She said to the boy.

“I gotta go…” he said, walking into the light. “My new family is here.” He said pointing behind him at Xander and Anya as they too walked into the light.

“I know,” she looked down at her feet. “Remember what I’ve said.” She looked to his new guardians.

“We will.” Both of them smiled.

“Tell Zo…” Wash sniffed.

“I will…” she smiled back. “Leaf on the wind…”

“Yeah…I gotta go Soar.” Wash said sadly.


River turned to the voice, the rug, lamp, and their owners disappearing instantly. She stood once again in the empty hold, her hand out in front of her, reaching out to nothing.

“Girl?” Zoe said, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Everything alright?”

“Yes, he’s OK, he’s safe.” She smiled at the First mate.

A/N - Not sure about this chapter, it made perfect sense when I began to write it, but I'm afraid I lost it towards the end... As always please review, my muse runs on the attention (she's kinda a needy too). Thanks to all who have taken the time to give me feedback, I appreciate it!

Tubbs McGee

The End?

You have reached the end of "Our Boy Wash" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jul 08.

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