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Our Boy Wash

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Summary: When Wash dies, he somehow ends up reincarnated as a small child in the Buffyverse. Little Wash enjoys life on Earth That Was... Or does he?

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Firefly > Xander-Centered(Recent Donor)TubbsMcGeeFR18925,96105418,91311 Oct 0724 Jul 08No

A Boy

Story is set eight or nine months after Chosen, with all Firefly parts after Serenity (The BDM). Might be some minor spoilers for both so be warned... Anya didn't die in the hellmouth, and there is no big Scooby squad now, or at least, not yet. Everyone is just trying to hang on in a brand new hellmouth in a small town near Cleveland.

Also, idea's not mine, littleoldme is the person with the brain gold... I just put pen to paper.

Disclaimer: Firefly and Buffy both belong to Joss. All hail the Man!...

Please don't sue me, I don't have any money. I pretend I have money, but then real life comes back and slaps me in the face *Shakes fist* I'll get you real life! Grrr!


She began to pour the salt, following the lines they had already traced on the ground, the large pentagram beginning to take shape on the green carpet.

“I’m not gonna get my bond back after this, am I?” Xander said looking at the salt trail from the box Willow was holding.

“Shhhhh!” Willow let out as she concentrated on her thoughts.

“I’m just saying, I’m never gonna get that all out,” he replied from his position across the room, sitting in his own pentagram.

“Xander!” Buffy warned from her place next to him, sitting cross legged in a pentagram next to his, the three symbols on the ground making a triangle.

Candles were lit all over the room, lighting the darkness, washing over the six people as they began the spell. Willow finished her pentagram, sitting down inside it just like Xander and Buffy were.

“He does have a point,” Anya said from behind him. “It is expensive carpet; good, nice, pretty… Did I mention expensive?”

“We could always use some of that muscle magic stuff,” Andrew said from his spot behind Willow. “Cleans almost anything, got that Crackyol blood off the kitchen counter that one time, or are you not meant to use it on carpet…?” he said pondering aloud, almost blowing out the candle in his hand.

“Will you three be quiet!” Giles said from behind Buffy, as he looked to Anya and Andrew in turn, and each returned an apologetic look. He nodded his head to them, and they began to rise from their kneeling positions behind Xander, Buffy and Willow. They rose from their spots on the ground, each holding a long white candle.

Andrew whimpered as hot wax fell on his hand. “Ahh…” He said, shaking his hand, earning a stern look from Giles to shut up. “Sorry.”

They moved around the pentagrams, each containing a friend, lighting a candle at each point of the symbols on the ground. After they had been lit, each stepped into the middle, their backs to each other as they chanted as one.

“Bring forth your vessel, show us your form, bring fourth your vessel, so it my inform.” Giles, Anya and Andrew chanted, blowing out their candles as they finished, walking away and back behind each of their friends.

Willow nodded to Xander and Buffy, signaling for them to start their part of the spell.

“Goddess Gaia, Spirit of the Earth,” Willow began as all three closed their eyes in concentration.

“Bring forth your vessel, so we may learn,” Xander continued.

“This we implore you, with all our worth.” Buffy finished as a wind began to pick up in the room, a soft white glow appearing in the middle of the group.

All three began to chant as one, the glow growing brighter, the wind picking up speed.

“Goddess Gaia, Spirit of the Earth, bring forth your vessel, so we may learn. This we implore you, with all our worth!” they chanted over and over until all the candles around them shot flames three feet high before finally going out. They were bathed in darkness, no-one saying anything, the only sound their hearing.

“Did it work?” Andrew’s voice said in the darkness before a blinding orange glow shone from the center of the room. “Yikes!”

The glow disappeared as they heard a small thud followed by a small voice gasping. “Watch how I soar!” the small voice said, as they were thrown into darkness again.

Giles got up from his spot behind Buffy, quickly turning on the lights. As their eyes adjusted, they looked upon the figure on the ground, laying there, still. He was a small boy with blond hair, no more then four or five years old, dressed in small cargo pants, small army boots and an unbuttoned blue Hawaiian shirt with an undershirt underneath.

“Yikes!” Andrew let out again as he spotted the boy lying on the floor.

“'Yikes,' Andrew?” Xander said, looking between the boy on the ground and Andrew. “'Yikes?' Really?”

“Scared me…” Andrew said in his defense.

“Oh my Goddess!” Willow said moving from her spot to the boy’s side. “Was this supposed to happen?” she said, turning to Giles.

“We did ask for a vessel…” Giles said scratching his head as Buffy, Anya and Xander began to move closer to the boy.

“Careful!” Andrew yelled, still from his spot on the floor, everyone looking at him weirdly. “He could be like Damien,” he said, Xander rolling his eye, Buffy and the others showing a look of confusion.

“He’s saying he could be the son of the devil,” Xander clarified, everyone giving him a strange look. “I mean… Pfft! Nerd,” he said with a nervous laugh, turning to the boy on the floor. “Is he ok?”

Willow turned back to the boy, bringing a hand to his neck. “He’s got a pulse, and he’s breathing.”

“All pluses in my book,” Buffy said, getting up. “Giles? Got a clue?” she asked her watcher as he opened a book.

“Not really, the spell was meant to give us a guide,” he said, putting on his glasses and turning a page in an old tome. “A being who will guide the slayer to the next, as an angel that soars on high guides mere mortals,” he read from the volume in his hand.

“He’s an angel?” Willow questioned, looking between Giles and the boy.

“Wuh duh ma huh tah duh fong kwong duh wai shung!” the boy let out, sitting up suddenly.

“Ahh! Kill it!” Andrew yelled with a fright, throwing the book up in front of him to shield himself.

“Who…? Wha…?” The boy said, moving away from the group. “Oh, go se!” he let out in a squeak before fainting.

“What did he say?” Buffy said, looking around.

“I believe it was Chinese,” Giles said, staring at the boy.

“'Holy mother of God and all her wacky nephews,'” Anya said calmly from her spot behind Xander. “Oh, and that last one was 'go se'… means 'crap.'”

“What the hell’s going on?” Buffy said, as Anya walked up to the boy, picking him up as Xander moved to her side.

“I’m not sure…” Giles said looking at the passed out boy in Anya’s arms.

OK that was the first chap, hope to have the next one up in a day or two. Please leave a review, this writing machine runs on praise... Good or bad, don't matter.

Tubbs McGee
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