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The Downward Spiral

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Summary: Willow needs to get out, Faith tags along. Willow/Nathaniel/Asher, Faith/Jason, Willow/Jean Claude. Slash, BDSM, Violence.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Multiple PartnerphreakFR21213,0800153,18012 Oct 0716 Oct 07No

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Chapter One

Title: The Downward Spiral
Pairings: Willow/Nathaniel, Willow/Nathaniel/Asher, Willow/Jean Claude, Faith/Jason
Rating: FR21
Warnings: Violence, BDSM – mentions of ownership, collaring, pegging, blood play, and a lot of other stuff I never thought I’d write. Also, slash and multiple pairings abound.
Disclaimer: Laurell K Hamilton is the owner of all Anita Blake characters. Joss Whedon and co. are the sole owners of any characters from the Buffy/Angel verse. Any original characters are my own and should be treated as such. That means if you like them well enough to want to play with them please ask first. No harm intended and no profit made, just fan fiction.

Taking one last look at the sleeping slayer, Willow grabbed her bag and headed for the door. Kennedy had finally drifted off to sleep and Willow had risen slowly, getting dressed and packing what little belongings she had. She hadn’t planned to run away. She just wasn’t that type of girl. Ever since the battle against the First though things had changed, mainly her relationship with Kennedy. Kennedy who was still so young, who despite everything did not seem to understand Willow at all. When they had finally stopped, they had checked into a hotel, those that needed to go to the hospital being taken by Giles and Xander.

They had been at the hotel for a few days, regrouping, doing a little shopping for essentials and such. Moreover, the entire time Kennedy had gone on about how great it was that Willow wouldn’t have to use magic anymore. How they could get a nice house and Willow could get a job and how things would be just perfect. It had scared Willow to death. She cared about the girl, she really did, but she had never even thought of their future. When they got together, things had been so horribly uncertain but she knew without a doubt that what they had just was not enough to base that kind of future on.

What she needed was some time away from everyone, not just Kennedy. Buffy thought her and Kennedy were a great match, as did Xander and Dawn. She just didn’t think they would understand. Giles would probably see how she felt but she couldn’t expect him to fight her battles for her. Therefore, she decided to leave. There was a bus station a block over; she had seen it coming into town. All she had to do was get there and get a ticket. She still wasn’t quite sure where she was going but she knew she had to leave.

The walk to the bus station was short and the building was hardly crowded. Standing in line she stared at the destinations in contemplation. When she stepped up to the counter she put down her credit card and bit her lip.

“One way to St. Louis please.” she said, a little nervously.

She had never really been on her own before. She had always had someone there just in case. Now she would be out on her own, in a very new city. Suddenly she was just a little terrified. Shaking it off she assured them she only had her backpack as luggage and sat down to wait. About thirty minutes later the buses started to pull up and she stood, hoisting her bag over her shoulder. She held her ticket tightly; knowing somehow that once she got on that bus there was no looking back.

The bus driver seemed nice enough and she wandered towards the back. She did not really want to draw any extra attention to herself. Sitting down in the seat closest to the window, she closed her eyes and waited. She heard the other passengers boarding but she tried not to pay too much attention to them, hoping they would return the favor. She couldn’t help but feel like she was hiding, she just hoped no one would notice she was gone until she was well, gone. When she felt her bag drop into her lap, she opened her eyes, turning her head to scowl at the interruption only to come face to face with a certain dark haired slayer.

“Where you goin Red?” Faith asked, propping her feet up against the seat in front of her.

“None of your business.” Willow replied, hugging her bag to her chest.

Sure, she was a lot more powerful than she was the last time she had been alone with Faith but the slayer still got to her. She never could explain why.

“That’s alright, it’s a long bus ride, and I could use the company.”

“I don’t want any company.”

“That’s too bad.” Faith replied, making herself comfortable. “Cause you’ve got it anyway.”

Willow fumed silently. She just wanted Faith to move, she did not want anyone to know where she was going. Faith was ruining all her plans! Not that she actually had a plan beyond buying a ticket and getting out of town.

“How’d you get a ticket anyway, rob someone?” Willow asked snidely, glaring out the window.

“Funny, no actually I paid for it, well Angel paid for it.” Faith said, holding up a credit card.

“You stole from Angel?”

“Relax Red, he gave it to me, sort of a thank you for almost dying for him.”

That actually sounded like something Angel would do, Willow thought. He wasn’t very good with the thank yous.

“Does anyone else know I’m gone?”

“Nah, everybody else is still knocked out at the hotel.” Faith replied, turning a little to face the red head. “They don’t know you’re leaving.”

“I can’t stay.”

“Me neither, besides, they don’t need me around, corrupting the children and all.”

“You wouldn’t corrupt them.” Willow said, finally turning to look at the brunette. “You’ve changed.”

“Not enough.”

“Did… did Buffy say something to you?”

“She’s just worried.” Faith replied, straightening a little in her seat as she looked away from Willow. “Asked me when I was checkin out, figured I’d save her the worry ya know.”

“Kennedy wanted me to stop using magic but, it’s a part of me, it won’t just go away.”

It felt good to tell someone, even if that someone was Faith. She had started to wonder if she’d made the right decision but saying it aloud just made everything clearer. She couldn’t change what she was, who she was, and if Kennedy thought she should things would never work between them.

“So… St. Louis huh?”

“Why not?”

“Yeah.” Faith said, settling in as the bus pulled away. “Why not.”

They stepped off the bus for the last time at around five in the evening. It had taken them almost two full days of travel before they crossed the state line. They were both exhausted but Willow felt like they had actually gotten to know one another during the ride. Faith had told her about her time in prison, how every day was a struggle not to run. In turn, Willow told her about her time in England with the coven. Feeling helpless and out of control, feeling everything. How she had wanted to just let it take over so many times. Moreover, Faith had understood the feeling of something so much bigger than yourself having so much control over you. It was somewhat ironic how it took them both killing a man to realize they were only human when it mattered. They could still make mistakes.

“So, where to first?” Faith asked, pushing her sunglasses up onto her forehead.

“Hotel.” Willow said, ready for a nice hot shower and a comfortable bed.

“Ah you’re no fun, we should check things out.”

“Be my guest but I’m gonna get some sleep, I’ve gotta look for a job soon.”

“Wow, you really are Ms. Responsible.” Faith said with a grimace.

“We’ve got limited funds, we can’t just slack off.”

“Alright, chill, we’ll get a room and I’ll go grab some food and then we’ll get some sleep.”

They checked into a reasonably priced hotel and Willow grabbed a shower while Faith went to find food. By the time she got out and sat down Faith was back and looking less than pleased.

“Read that.” Faith said, dropping a newspaper down into Willows lap as she pulled a few hamburgers out of a bag.

Scanning the paper Willow felt her eyes widen. From what she could tell, vampires were legal, as were other supernatural creatures. The courts regulated magic and there was even a preternatural division in the police station. This if she wasn’t mistaken meant that what they had done in Sunnydale all those years was illegal. Why hadn’t Giles told them? How could he have just let them do those things knowing the risk? In addition, what she’d done to Warren, if anyone found out it meant an automatic death sentence. Suddenly she wasn’t very hungry anymore.

“This is bad.” Willow said, dropping the paper onto the bed.

“Really fucking bad, what are we gonna do?”

“We can’t tell anyone, we could be arrested, and we could be killed!”

“Whoa.” Faith said, sitting down next to Willow. “We’re not gonna get killed, we just have to make sure no one finds out.”

“Right, we just… we have to be careful.”

“Exactly, now we’re gonna eat and then we’ll worry about everything else tomorrow, alright?”

“Okay.” Willow replied, grabbing her hamburger off the table. She still wasn’t very hungry but she knew she needed to eat. She had to get up the next morning and start looking for a job but before that she needed to do some good old-fashioned research.

The next day found Willow and Faith both at one of the many public libraries. Using her drivers license Willow was able to get online. The first thing she did was find everything she could about preternatural laws. It helped clear up a lot of things but it also made her angry. Giles had to have known but he never bothered to tell them. He let them believe all vampires were evil and that there was no other choice but to kill them. The things she had done with her magic alone could have gotten her a death sentence. Faith wasn’t nearly as upset as Willow, she knew most people weren’t to be trusted and it didn’t surprise her that they’d all been lied to.

Next, they looked for work. While Willow had her high school diploma Faith did not, so her options were limited. Faith spotted an ad for security at a place called Guilty Pleasures. While she didn’t have much traditional security experience, she knew how to fight, and she knew how to win, it seemed simple enough. The ad also made sure to mention that preternatural creatures were welcome to apply. She figured she fit that description.

Willow found an ad for a position in retail at a shop called The Wiccan Way. It wouldn’t be the first time she had worked in a magic shop so she knew she had enough experience. She was also sure that her abilities could come in handy. She didn’t plan to get herself noticed but if she could use her powers to help people, she wasn’t going to complain. They agreed to split up, fill out their applications and meet back at the hotel to check the paper for apartment listings.

Walking into The Wiccan Way brought a sense of peace Willow hadn’t expected. She could smell fresh herbs and incense through out the building and soft music gave the place a very harmonic atmosphere. The woman that stepped out from behind the counter was older than Willow herself, maybe late forties. She wore her hair in a long braid down her back and her temples were streaked with gray. Her face was unlined and smooth and she wore a gentle smile. Her presence was serene and her aura a soft shade of pale green, like moss.

“Can I help you?” she asked, her voice lilting with the barest of an accent.

“Um, I saw your ad.” Willow replied, tugging a little on the hem of her blouse. “I was hoping I could fill out an application.”

“You need no application child.” the woman said, ushering Willow forward. “Come, my name is Sophia.”

“I… I’m sorry, did you fill the position already?”

“The position is yours.”


“I can feel your power, so much for one so young.” Sophia explained, moving back behind the counter. “This is where you belong.”

Willow was confused, she could admit, but she was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. If Sophia said her place was there then she would give it a shot.

They had been in St. Louis a month and managed to settle in to a decent two-bedroom apartment. Willow worked during the day while Faith worked at Guilty Pleasures during the evening. Her first night of work, thanks to some doctored id, she’d come home practically bouncing. Willow had been a bit concerned at first until Faith explained just what Guilty Pleasures was, a strip club. An all male strip club with vampires and were creatures on display. And Faith loved every minute of it. The fact that she now worked for the Master of the City bothered her a little but not enough to make her quit. It seemed most people were hard pressed to find a place of employment not owned by the illustrious Jean Claude.

She’d only seen him a few times, once when she went in for her interview and a few times arriving at the club. He mostly kept to the back office unless he took the stage. The way the women fawned over him was a little nauseating. He was attractive enough but Faith didn’t throw herself at any man. Vamps weren’t really her thing anyway. However, the shifters, as they called themselves, now that was a different story. All the ones she had seen so far were gorgeous, at least the ones that worked the stage. She never approached them though, not unless she had to and that only happened if one of the audience members got out of line.

Her slayer senses went on high alert every time she stepped into the club and she wasn’t sure how they would react spending too much time in her presence. They all knew she could handle herself though. Buzz had laughed at first, seeing her size and assuming she was just playing at security. Then some whack job had come in and tried to get rough with one of the dancers and she had broken his arm. It didn’t do any permanent damage, he’d been a vampire, but it got her point across. She was not someone to be taken lightly. Now every time she clocked in Buzz would bump knuckles with her and give her a full fanged grin.

The sun had just set as Faith stood in front of Guilty Pleasures. She would guard the door until Buzz came to take his post. Most of the dancers went in through the back door but a few chose to come through the front, just to get the women riled up. Jason was one of them. He swaggered towards her looking like sex on a stick and she took a second to give him the once over. He wore his usual skintight leather pants and an equally tight fishnet top. The leer he wore was customary as he nodded towards the women already in line. When he got closer to Faith he paused, leaning in just a bit.

“How’s it goin Faith?” he asked, blatantly checking her out.

She hadn’t dressed to impress so much as dressed the way she would any other day. Leather pants and an A shirt, nothing she didn’t mind getting a little blood on.

“Five by five.”

“You know, one of these days you’re gonna have to let me take you out, show you a good time.”

“You couldn’t handle my kind of a good time.”

“You think?” he asked, shifting closer as his eyes flashed. “We’ll have to find out.”

She considered it, for a second. She hadn’t been laid since they’d come to St. Louis and she was feeling a little restless. Maybe wolf boy could take the edge off.

“We just might.” she replied, running her tongue along her lower lip slowly. He talked big but he really didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

He seemed to like her answer as he nodded slowly, heading into the building. The women in line were practically seething as they watched. Turning she gave them a smirk as she settled back against the wall.

The next night was her night off, thankfully and Jason had already called. He wanted to take her to a club called Danse Macabre and she was more than game. Stepping out of her bedroom, she moved to the living room. Willow sat on the couch, feet curled up beneath her as she watched an old black and white movie on TV.

“So how do I look?” Faith asked, giving a spin.

Willow looked up, eyes widening a little as she took in the outfit Faith wore. A pair of very short leather shorts, black fishnets, and a sleeveless black top made of sheer lace. Black calf length leather combat boots finished the outfit. Her hair was loose and hung disheveled around her face and her eyes were lined with black, blood red lipstick made her lips look even fuller.

“Like a tramp, are you really going out like that?”

“Aww, worried about my reputation?”

“Oh please.” Willow replied with a grin. “Everyone knows you’re easy, I just thought you’d be a little more subtle about it.”

“Screw subtle, I’m getting some tonight.”

“I’ll be sure to do a soundproofing spell before you get back.”

“You’d better.” Faith said with a grin as the doorbell rang. “I’m gonna pop that boys cork.”

“Just don’t bust up the walls, it’d be nice to get our security deposit back.”

“I make no promises.” Faith replied, opening the door for Jason. “Hello handsome.”

Willow looked at the man on the other side of the door, felt his power slide across her skin and knew she didn’t have to worry about Faith being too rough. He actually looked like he was looking forward to what ever she planned to dish out. He was also wearing leather. Leather pants that laced up the legs, making it glaringly obvious that he was not wearing any underwear and a very tight blue shirt. If she looked hard enough she was sure she could see his nipples.

“Red, this is Jason.” Faith said, making introductions. “Jason, my roommate Red.”

“Willow.” Willow said, waving a little. “Nice to meet you.”

He looked her up and down, eyes lingering on her bare legs. She had worn a pair of old sleep shorts for comfort and forced herself not to blush under his gaze. She still wasn’t used to being looked at like a piece of meat but she was a grown woman, she would not revert to high school girl behavior over a look!

“The pleasure is all mine.,” he said, slinking an arm around Faiths waist. “not joining us tonight?”

“Oh no, I’ve gotta work tomorrow.”

“Maybe next time.”

Willow refrained from commenting either way as Faith led Jason out the front door. She just hoped Faith didn’t get herself in trouble. She knew the slayer was getting restless and that usually led to badness. Faith could be a firecracker and if she didn’t get to play she would explode. That usually meant someone got hurt and badly. She knew Faith had changed since prison but not that much.

Faith stumbled through the front door at around three in the morning, Jason pressed as tightly against her back as he could get. They managed to get the door closed as Jason sucked on the soft skin of her neck, fingers wandering up and under her top. She didn’t bother to stop him as she led him through the darkness towards the bedroom. She really did hope Willow had done that spell, she didn’t want to wake the red head up, and she had a feeling things were about to get loud.

Pushing her bedroom door open she pulled him around and pushed him onto the bed before kicking the door closed behind them. She wasted no time stripping her shirt off, tossing it over her shoulder as he did the same. Bending down to untie her boots, she stepped out of them even as she reached for the zipper of her shorts. They slid to the ground and she stood there in nothing but the fishnets, waiting. He undid the single snap of his leather pants and after kicking off his boots he practically slithered out of them.

He moved then, off the bed and approached her with a look in his eyes she had seen plenty of times though under vastly different circumstances. It was the look of a predator scenting its prey, looking for the right moment to strike. Pushing the fishnets down she stepped out of them, towards him, meeting him half way. He cocked his head to the side, obviously waiting to see what she would do next. She didn’t give him time to react as she pounced, knocking them both onto the bed.

Straddling his hips, she leaned forward, kissing him fiercely. He kissed back, strong hands gripping her hips. He tried to roll them but she tightened her thighs, mildly surprised that she had to use more than a little of her slayer strength to keep him still. He groaned, back arching as she latched onto his neck, sucking until the skin blossomed dark and bruised.

“Don’t- don’t break the skin.” he gasped out, hands clenching on her hips. “You’ll get infected.”

“Don’t worry lover boy.” Faith said, as she pulled back and reached for a condom on the nightstand. “I know what I’m doing.”

She may have been easy but she wasn’t stupid. While she knew you couldn’t catch lycanthropy through sex, she didn’t want to risk having a little fur ball of her own running around anytime soon. Tearing the little packet open with her teeth, she rolled the condom down slowly, laughing huskily as she watched him bite his lip. Jason settled back as she slid back up his body to straddle his hips once more.

Willow woke to the sounds of Faith banging around in the kitchen and groaned. Her spell must have worn off some time during the early morning. As she stumbled out of bed and out the door towards the bathroom, she caught a glimpse inside Faiths bedroom on the way. The sheets had been kicked entirely off the bed and Jason lay sprawled on his stomach. From what she could see of his face, he wore a very pleased grin, even in his sleep. Rolling her eyes she headed for the bathroom.

From that night on Jason became sort of a staple in their apartment, as did some of his friends. And while Faith never came right out and said anything it was obvious they were pretty much dating. They didn’t hesitate to grab a hold of one another when the mood arose, no matter who was in the room. That did not stop Jason from being a horrible flirt though but Faith didn’t seem to mind. In fact, it only seemed to amuse her when she got to stake her claim. Plenty of women over at Guilty Pleasures made sure Faith knew just how displeased they were that she’d caught Jason’s eye, as far as Faith was concerned that was just a bonus.

As soon as Willow had gotten home from work Faith informed her they’d be going out that evening. She had managed to beg off any other time but Faith looked determined.

“We’re going out tonight.” Faith said, tossing a pair of leather pants down onto Willows bed. “Get dressed.”

“I’m really kind of tired-“

“Not gonna work, you know that Jason and Stephen are starting to think you’ve got something against shifters, every time we go out you hang back.”

“That’s not true!” Willow denied. “I mean, hello, Oz.”

“What’s the deal Red, you know they’re cool.”

“I don’t know I just, I feel funny when I’m around them.”

“Funny like grr?” Faith growled, wiggling her eyebrows. “They are pretty hot.”

“No… I mean sometimes but no.” Willow replied rolling her eyes. “It’s not them I just…”

“Just tell me what’s up.”

Willow sighed, rubbing a hand across her eyes. She didn’t even know where to begin. She had been having urges. She’d had them ever since she had sucked the power out of Giles all those years ago. When she’d felt all that pain, the pain of the world, it had filled something inside her, made her stronger. It had also made her a little crazy but she didn’t like to think about that. Ever since then it was as if she needed that pain, it fed the part inside her that’d flourished on the hellmouth. When the First came that part of her had been nourished, so much pain and she had fed on it. The goodness inside her melding with the dark and making her whole.

She never told anyone. Her friends were already distrustful. She knew she couldn’t give them any more reason to think she would hurt them. So she had kept quiet and fed on their despair. The only pain she couldn’t seem to feed on was her own. That didn’t mean she wanted others to suffer though. She felt horrible about the fact that she needed their pain. Nevertheless, ever since they’d come to St. Louis it was different. For whatever reason she couldn’t seem to feed enough and day-by-day she was getting weaker. She just didn’t know what to do.

“I see them… and I want them to hurt.”


“I said that wrong.” Willow replied, trying to explain, willing Faith to understand. “I’m not right and I don’t want to hurt them but I want their pain Faith, I need it.”

“Ok.” Faith said slowly, trying to wrap her mind around what she’d just heard. Willow was one of the kindest people she knew. Sure, she had killed a man but that kind of rage can make a person do all kinds of things they’d never thought they’d do. That didn’t explain why Willow wanted to hurt their friends. “Is it just them or…”

“It’s anyone, when I don’t feel it it’s like I’m dying inside, I don’t want to hurt them.”

“I know you don’t, we’ll figure something out.”

“Thank you.” Willow said, feeling an unbelievable sense of relief. She wouldn’t have to deal with it alone.

“We’re still going out tonight.”


The walk to the District was short, shorter than Willow would have liked. She felt like she had to brace herself. They’d be meeting Jason at Danse Macabre, which was the plan anyway. Tucking her thumb into the waist of her pants, she pulled the leather away from her body a little. It was not easy, they were skintight. They also made her think about evil Willow and that was never a good thing. The vampire version of herself had been a menace. She knew Angel had been lying when he agreed with Buffy all those years ago, that version of herself may not have been what she was but it was what she could be.

Faith led the way into the building and Willow followed dutifully behind her. She just wanted to go back home and curl up in bed. As Faith led the way to one of the tables tucked back into one of the darkened corners of the club Jason stood and waved. When they finally reached the table, Willow looked at the group of people Jason had brought with him. She recognized Stephen and his girlfriend Vivian, his brother Gregory but she didn’t recognize the man seated next to Stephen. He was slim but filled out with broad shoulders. His hair was a deep red color and though he wasn’t standing, she would have to guess it nearly reached his ankles. His features were more than a little feminine and she could admit he was attractive, pretty. His eyes were what really caught her attention though, a lavender hue so like the Easter eggs she’d never been allowed to enjoy as a child.

He eyed her timidly even as Jason made introductions with a grin.

“Willow, you know Stephen, Gregory and Viv, this is Nathaniel.”

“Hello.” Nathaniel said, smiling shyly.

Willow waved a little, not sure what to say. If she didn’t know any better she would think Faith was trying to set her up but Faith was too busy sucking Jason’s neck to care about much else.

“Come on lover boy.” Faith said, pulling back to grab Jason’s hand. “I wanna dance.”

“I’m just gonna get a drink.” Willow said, moving back through the crowd as Faith headed for the dance floor.

She usually wasn’t much of a drinker but she felt like she deserved it. And while she was pretty good friends with Stephen she didn’t want to piss off Vivian. She didn’t really know Gregory very well and she knew nothing about Nathaniel but something about him made her cautious. She wasn’t sure spending too much time around him would be a good idea. Getting her shot, she tossed it back quickly, wincing as the fiery liquid seared down her throat. After her second, she felt a little better, when she felt the energy around her shift. Looking up she saw, a man wearing all leather approach her. He grinned a little, flashing fangs but she knew he wasn’t a vamp.

“I’m Zane.” he said, leaning against the bar. “Would you like to dance?”

His hair looked like it had been shampooed with lime jello but the smile he wore was flirtatious. He actually reminded her a bit of Spike, full of sexual innuendo but mostly harmless.

“I’m Willow and why not?”

Taking his hand, she let him lead her out onto the dance floor. As they made their way through the crush of bodies, he pulled her closer and she didn’t resist, letting him grind their bodies together to the beat of the song. She turned her head to see Faith and Jason not too far away, pressed together from the waist down as they stared into each other’s eyes. She knew she would probably need that soundproofing spell again.

The song changed and Zane seemed content to keep dancing and they would have until Zane raised his head, growling a little. Willow turned to see just who was growling at and came face to face with Nathaniel.

“Would you like to dance Willow?” Nathaniel asked, not even bothering to look at Zane.

“She’s already dancing.” Zane growled, pulling Willow a little closer. “Be a good kitty and go ask someone else.”

“I’ll dance with who I please.” Willow said, turning on Zane. She did not like to be treated like anyone’s property, especially by someone she didn’t know. Moreover, Nathaniel had only asked, it wasn’t as if he had tried to snatch her out of Zane’s arms. Besides it wasn’t like he was her boyfriend or anything, she barely knew him!

The tone of her voice seemed to have an affect on Nathaniel. He stepped back a bit and lowered his head as he watched her berate Zane. She had a calm sense of authority about her. It wouldn’t even be obvious to anyone who didn’t know how to look but Nathaniel could see it. If Zane pissed her off, he would regret it.

“Fine, do whoever you want.” Zane sneered, backing off.

As Willow turned to face Nathaniel, he waited for her to move first. If she didn’t want to dance with him he wouldn’t press, that just wasn’t his way. When she moved to take his hand her eyes flashed black and he hurried to catch her before she hit the ground. Faith had obviously caught the little confrontation and shoved her way through the crowd just as Nathaniel hoisted Willow up into his arms.

“What the fuck happened?” Faith asked, stopping next to the pair with Jason right behind her.

“I don’t know.” Nathaniel said frantically. “She just collapsed.”

“We should take her to Dr. Lillian.”

Jason’s quiet suggestion was met with nods of agreement. He knew that Willow was a witch, a powerful one, and he did not think it was a good idea to take her to the regular hospital. If her powers started acting off, they wouldn’t know what to do with her. Jason went back to tell the others as Faith and Nathaniel headed for the exit.

Dr. Lillian had seen many things in her life, before and after she was turned but the little red head lying on the hospital bed in front of her was a bit of an enigma. She still hadn’t woken but the amount of power she seemed to unconsciously pour out was older and stronger than anything she’d felt from Anita. Whoever this girl was, whatever she was, it was not just a witch. Looking at the two shifters and the girl that’d come in with her, she knew they were worried. None of them knew what had happened, only that she had fallen unconscious and hadn’t woken up yet.

“I’ll have to call Sophia and let her know Willow won’t be coming in tomorrow,” Faith said, heading towards the door. She wanted to stay but she didn’t know how to help and she didn’t want to get in the way.

“I’ll go with you.” Jason said, standing up as well.

Nathaniel was the only one to stay and Lillian left them alone. She didn’t want to hover and she wanted to check with the lab and see if they could rush the blood tests.

Nathaniel looked down at the girl on the bed. She looked so calm, like even though she was unconscious she was fully aware of the world around her. Moving closer to the bed he reached out, touching her fingers gently. They curled around his own and he looked up into her startled hazel gaze.

“Where are we?” she asked, looking around the room. She wasn’t sure what happened, one minute she was getting ready to dance and the next, nothing.

“We took you to the shifter hospital, you passed out.”


“They took some blood, to make sure you’re alright.”

As she got her bearings Willow realized what had happened. Talking about her little problem earlier that day had brought it fresh to her mind and the hunger had started. She had thought she could control it but something had happened, made her focus slip and it’d hit her like a fist. And she was ashamed. She hadn’t meant to let it affect her but she had gone and passed out anyway.

“I’m fine it’s just…” she said, not knowing how to explain it. Not even sure that she should. “Where’s Faith?”

“She went to call someone named Sophia, she’ll be back.” Nathaniel replied, sitting down on the bed near her hip.

True to his word, Faith stepped back into the room not long after he spoke, Jason right behind her.

“What the hell Red, what happened?” Faith asked, moving to stand near the bed.

“It happened, I tried to stop it but…”

“What it?” Jason asked, confused.

Willow really didn’t want to get into it but they were her friends, she knew that. She knew they wouldn’t judge her but still, it was embarrassing. Surrounded by shifters and a slayer and she still felt like a freak.

“I have these… needs, I mean, more like a need… I don’t really-“

“What she’s trying to say is, she’s a sadist.” Faith supplied, patting Willow on the arm.

“I am not!” Willow denied, blushing brightly. She had never thought of it that way and to have Faith just come out and say it like that was just weird. “I don’t want to hurt people I just… I kind of need to.”

Nathaniel couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This girl, this beautiful, sweet girl needed to hurt someone. Would wind up hurting herself if she didn’t. Someone like that, well, he’d never thought he’d find. But there she was, looking flushed and embarrassed as she confessed her needs. He wanted to help her, the part of him that relished the pain and humiliation was practically screaming. He wanted her to hurt him, to do whatever she wanted to his body, for both of them. It scared him a little, the need he felt vibrating under his skin. It told him to get on his knees, to kiss her feet, bare his throat, and plead for her possession.

Jason watched as Nathaniel’s eyes softened, could smell the arousal rolling off the other were. They all knew about Nathaniel’s predilection for pain, seen first hand just how far he would go. For the first time he could admit, he was shocked though. Not much surprised him but the little red head just did not seem like the type. She was just too… sweet. She didn’t look like she could hurt a flea, let alone a human being. However, if she could help Nathaniel, hurt him while keeping him safe well he was glad he introduced them. He knew Nathaniel was unhappy. Anita continued to refuse him and Jason was honest enough with himself to find it just a bit hypocritical. She wasn’t nearly as vanilla as she tried to project, considering how many lovers she was willing to take and yet she couldn’t, wouldn’t give Nathaniel the one thing he needed most.

“I could help.” Nathaniel offered softly, eyes downcast as he waited for her response.

“What?” Willow said, suddenly very confused.

“You could hurt me… I… I like it.”

Jason grinned as Faith raised an eyebrow. She knew Nathaniel was pretty open minded, she’d seen some of his performances at the club and knew he’d let Asher top him onstage, she just hadn’t known it went further than that. But from his demeanor she could tell it was way more than onstage, he really did enjoy it. Wanted it even, if the sizable bulge in his leather pants was any indication.

“I don’t know… I… I’ve never done it intentionally before.” Willow said, sounding uncertain. She barely knew Nathaniel but there he was, offering himself up like some sacrifice. It was odd but it felt… right. That pulsing darkness inside her that was practically demanding she make him bleed just would not be ignored.

“Why don’t we go outside, guard the door.” Jason suggested, nodding to Faith. “Don’t break him.”

Slightly disgruntled Willow shot a glare at his back as he and Faith both left the room, closing the door behind them. Nathaniel looked cautious but eager as he waited.

“I don’t really know what to do.”

“Anything.” Nathaniel said quickly. “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

Nodding a little, Willow tried to think. She really wasn’t sure where or how to start.

“Your hands.” she said, holding her own out. “Give them to me.”

Placing his hands in hers, he moved closer, feeling the pull of the power inside her. It rose slowly and her eyes bled black as an unnatural wind seemed to surround them. He watched as her hair whipped gently around her face and then he felt it. Like the first lick of the whip, it snapped across his back. He gasped, back arching as invisible blows rained down again and again. He could feel the blood rushing to the surfing, raising welts hot and stinging along his skin. His eyes practically rolled back in his head as they moved to his lower back and ass. His hips jerked as he moaned and he just wanted to get closer. He leaned, pressing his face against her lap as the magical beating continued.

It was so unlike anything he’d ever felt before, each blow felt like it would tear his skin apart but he knew he wasn’t bleeding. It made his cock jerk and weep and he struggled not to cum in his pants, she hadn’t given him permission but he hoped that she would. Would beg for it if she would only allow him release. Just as he thought his control would snap, the blows stopped and he shook with need.

“Please.” he whimpered, rubbing himself against her in desperate stilted movements.

“Oh Nathaniel I-“

“Please let me cum.” he begged.

“Do it Nathaniel, it’s okay.”

He cried out, hips stuttering as he came in his pants. Sticky and warm it soaked the leather as he shuddered through it.

Willow stared, her now hazel eyes wide in surprise. She knew a little about sadomasochism. She’d felt compelled to do a little research after hearing evil Willow talk about “playing with puppy.” She knew that some people thought it was sexy, hurting and being hurt, she just never thought she would be one of them. However, she could admit, watching him melt against her left her a little tingly.

“Mmm.” he moaned, obviously still caught up in whatever pleasure he was feeling as he forced himself away from her.

“You guys done?” Faith asked, poking her head through the door. She took in the sight of Nathaniel, sprawled across the foot of the hospital bed in a daze. Willow just looked embarrassed. “Guess so.”

Following Faith back into the room, Jason took one look at his friend and almost wished he had volunteered. Pain wasn’t really his thing but Nathaniel looked more than a little satisfied. In fact, he wondered if he would be able to get the other young man upright.

“Nate, you alright?”

Bleary lavender eyes blinked up at Jason as Nathaniel gave him a grin. He was obviously more than all right.

“Fantastic.” he purred, stretching like the cat he was. His back felt like it was on fire but it was a good burn.

“Alright kitty.” Jason said with a laugh, reaching out to take Nathaniel’s hand. “Let’s get you home.”

Smiling shyly at Willow Nathaniel let himself be helped off the bed as Jason led him to the door.

Nathaniel was still pretty out of it when Jason got him home, a blissful smile on his lips as he let the werewolf guide him inside.

“There you are.” Anita said, getting up off the couch. She had been sitting there with Micah, wondering just where her little leopard was. He’d gone out with Jason and should have been back an hour before.

Reaching out to touch him, she jerked her hand back at the amount of power she felt rolling beneath his skin. It wasn’t like anything she’d ever felt from him before.

“What the hell happened?” she demanded, crossing her arms as she stared at the two men. Jason looked a little nervous while Nathaniel just looked sated.

“Well, my girlfriend, her roommate is a witch-” Jason replied, trying to explain.

“What did she do to him?”

He didn’t look hurt but the only time she had seen him look so relaxed was after a long bout of sex. He wasn’t supposed to look like that unless he had been with her!

“See she’s got this thing and she needs to feed and-“

“She’s a vampire!” Anita yelled, already moving to get her gun. She would just kill the bitch and be done with it.

“No!” Jason said, shaking his head frantically. He really didn’t like the look Anita wore, it usually meant trouble for everyone involved. “She’s a witch and she feeds on pain, Nathaniel volunteered to feed her.”

“She had no right to feed off him!”

“Anita please.” Nathaniel said, coming around enough to realize his Nimir – Ra was less than pleased. “She was careful and it hurt but… it felt good”

“Of course it did.” She growled, still ready to shoot something. “Because you can’t tell the difference!”

Nathaniel flinched and Micah stood up from the couch. He understood that Anita was worried and angry but that was no reason to be cruel, especially to someone as sensitive as Nathaniel was. While he didn’t particularly understand the young weres vices, it didn’t give him the right to judge them. He was obviously unharmed, happy even if the look on his face when he came through the door was any indication.

“Anita,” Micah said, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Perhaps we should leave it alone for this evening, we can discuss things further tomorrow.”

Turning her head, she glared at him fiercely, shrugging off his hand before storming towards their bedroom. As she slammed the door behind her the others flinched, Nathaniel looking down to study his shoes.

“We’ll stay in the guest room,” Jason offered, tugging Nathaniel towards the hallway and Micah nodded his head.

Standing alone in the living room for a moment he locked the door and braced himself before heading for their room, hoping the door would not be locked when he got there.
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