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This story is No. 2 in the series "Champion's Cracked Out". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Re-Post. Buffy, Faith, Clark, Harry and Ginny are forced into a love pentagon... Okay, lust pentagon. Crack!fic with some major OoC

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingssupernaturalfanaticFR15107,068013,41813 Oct 0713 Oct 07Yes

On Time

On Time

Disclaimer: Buffy goes to Joss Whedon, Clark to Alfred Gough and Alfred Millar, anything Harry Potter to JK Rowling

Summary: Clark and Buffy find Harry in a, rather, embarrassing situation.

After the night at Champion’s Bar, it was hard to keep Clark away from Harry. It wasn’t a crush on Harry or anything, so much as Clark developed a taste for anything magical.

After seeing Harry’s wand and the magic that it could perform, Clark had wanted to go to this ‘Wizarding town’ that Buffy and Harry kept talking about.

Clark was fortunate that he could now run across water, as he ran across the Atlantic ocean to make it to England. With his speed, he was able to tell his parents that he was visiting friends. Friends, thousands of miles away.

After going to the Council, which intimidated him a little, too many girls that were a dangerous combination of sugar and spice, he found Buffy and she led him to the Leaky Cauldron.

As they made their way through the pub, Clark definitely knew he wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Everyone he saw wore robes, and yet they looked at him funny. Buffy got the attention of the man behind the bar, who greeted Buffy joyfully. They were led to the back, a place where Diagon Alley was said to exist. Though, Clark knew nothing about the Alley, just that it was lined with stores.

“So, this is Diagon Alley?” Clark asked. “Didn’t think it would be so small.”

They were still outback, and he definitely didn’t see any stores, at all.

Buffy turned to glare at him. “Through the brick wall, farm boy,” she turned to Tom. “Would you do the honor, Tom?”

“Gladly, Miss Summers.”

Clark watched the man use his wand to reveal an archway that opened to an awesome sight.

“This is Diagon Alley!” Buffy exclaimed happily as she waved her hand.

The first few minutes were spent telling Clark where everything was. Though, Buffy was having a hard time since she rarely came to the alley herself.

“Why can’t we go to the bank?” Clark asked. “I’ve got money to exchange and it’s close by.”

“When I saw the goblins that ran the place, I may have, accidentally, attacked one,” Buffy said slowly. “I’ve been banned. I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Wow,” Clark laughed, but quickly stopped. The look Buffy gave him made him change the subject. “Where are we supposed to be meeting Harry again? Not that I don’t appreciate your tour or anything, but Harry would know this place better than you.”

“He strictly said 3:15 at this inn,” Buffy said holding up a piece of crumbled parchment. “No sooner than that because he planned on ‘reliving his days in the Astronomy Tower’ with Ginny.”

“And that means..?”

“No idea, so let’s go surprise them, anyway!”

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Clark said outside the door where Harry was staying.

They had arrived a little early at Harry’s room and were quickly bored with just standing outside waiting for him to open the door.

Buffy, being herself, wanted to break the door down. Clark, being more sensible, wanted to respect Harry’s privacy, though he think he knew what was going on inside the room. He didn’t want to use his hearing, since he didn’t want the visual that is usually associated with such things.

“On three,” Buffy ignored Clark. “One, two three!”

Buffy threw the door open and yelled, “HAR--”

“RRRRRYYYYYYY!” Ginny groaned.

“Buffy?” Harry tried to cover himself frantically.

“Buffy! You say her name?” Ginny yelled angrily, not seeing the two people, frozen in their place, at the door.

Buffy slammed the door, not being able to stop the blush from rising on her face. Clark’s was even worse.

“I think I know what the kids did in the Astronomy Tower,” Clark said, his reddened face slowly regaining its normal color.

The door opened again, only to have Harry step outside, the bed sheet wrapped around his body.

“You’re a little early,” Harry said uncomfortably.

“We thought we would surprise you,” Clark mumbled, which was better than Buffy’s odd behavior. She had settled on facing the stairs they came up, and stayed quiet.

“Buffy, you can look at me,” Harry pleaded.

Buffy’s head turned slowly to face Harry. Her eyes became emotionless and Harry could no longer see how she felt about this whole situation.

“You’ve got Ginny’s fingernail marks on your chest,” Buffy said. With the quickness of a true slayer, Buffy fled the two men standing before her.

“I’ll talk to her,” Clark told Harry as he sped away.

“Harry, dear, come back to bed!” Ginny yelled from the room, annoyed.

Harry turned away from the stairs, confused about the new feelings that were forming toward Buffy. Did he care about her more than a friend?


So, the newly formed love triangle may have just been split. Actually, the rectangle since Ginny was just introduced and pissed off. Stay tuned for more… Faith arrives, completing the hexagon!
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