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There you are!

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Chosen not to Fade Away". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Slayer has been Called, but how can she be reached?

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Star Trek > VoyagergothfearyFR71656094,53313 Oct 0713 Oct 07No
Disclaimer: I own nothing, and boy do I wish I did.
A/N: So rather than do the laundry I should be doing, I'm answering the call of my muse, who has refused to speek to me for the last 5 months. So, if she is willing to talk, I sure has hell gonna write! Reviews are love, so show me love people!

The Summers School for Exceptional Women
Madrid, Earth
Two Years after Voyager left the Alpha Quadrant

"Giles!" The immortal red head Willow ran screaming down the hall. "I figured it out! I know where they are!" Coming to a screeching halt outside the Head Watchers study she struggled to catch her breath as the man clad in an ancient Earth clothing style, a tweed suit to be precise, rose from his antique oak desk.

Clutching the door frame for support, she grinned like a mad woman, clearly satisfied with her self. Giles, his confusion evident, guided her to one of the plush ruby velvet arm chairs in front of his fire place. Once Willow had calmed down and her breathing evened out, he handed her a fresh cup of replicated tea.

"I know it's not the good stuff, but I suppose it must due." Pressing the cup into her hands, he took a seat in the second arm chair. "Now, tell me what you mean, and please, don't babble dear." Taking a sip from his own cup, he sat rapt with attention.

"I found them," she said with glee, "The two missing Slayers we have been looking for for almost two years."

"The Klingon and the Human?" Two Slayers had flared to life, and glowed pure gold in the Hall of Potentials and Slayers, where the Council stored the many different crystals for all the know mystic species represented every potential. There one could find thousands upon thousands of stones all different, all active Slayers glowing white for a young girl, gold for a woman past 18, or silver for a woman past 40. Each race had it's own type of stone:white quarts for human, topaz for Andorians, moonstone for Betazoids, onyx for Vulcan's and Romulians, jade for Klingon's, emeralds for the Trill, and amber for Bajorans.

The spell was the most complex that one that Willow and Dawn had ever created. It stretched far across the galaxy and tied into the life forces of not only the women, girls and planets they represented, but there was a technological aspect as well. Every time a potential was born, the transporter system beamed in a previously empowered crystal of the right type from the Council vaults. The only thing it couldn't do was tell you where the girl was. Dawn was still working on that, and the Council center on Vulcan.


Silence. Giles clutched his tea cup a little tighter.

"Well, do tell." He finally huffed. Nearly 400 years, and she still liked to annoy him.

"Didn't you think it was strange two different species of Potentials would embrace their power on the same day, at the same moment?"

"Well, I had thought perhaps they were in the same situation, one that warranted them calling for extra strength and finally accessing their Slayer powers." The hypotheses was flimsy, and he knew it, but what else was there?

"The odds of that are astronomical." Willow pointed out. She drained her tea and set down the fine china onto the saucer sitting on her lap.

"But what if it was one girl, a cross breed?"

Her word hit Giles like a ton of brinks. It seemed so simple, so clear now, that he had the strong urge to hit himself. But, rather than indulge in some thing so undignified, he took off his glasses and began polishing them.

"God Lord Willow." There, glasses clean. Giles slowly brought them back to their resting place.

"I assume you checked the Star fleet data base, as well as the Klingon database?"

"Yeppers! And only one name came up matching our criteria. B'Elanna Torres."

The End?

You have reached the end of "There you are!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Oct 07.

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