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Pieces of Eight

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Summary: This is a collection of ideas I never fully developed, short stories, and ideas I do plan to flesh out at some point. Contains crossovers and pure stories from several different genres.

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Multiple Crossings > General(Past Donor)DakaathFR181727,80203432,15013 Oct 0728 Nov 13No

Intro and List

Disclaimer: I own none of the following. It all belongs to the people who copyrighted it.

This is a quick listing of the crossovers and universes involved in each story, along with which main Buffy character if one is involved.

1. Xander/Invader Zim

2. Xander/Anita Blake

3. Xander/Naruto

4. Xander/Warhammer 40K

5. Xander - Winnie the Pooh Bear

6. Xander/ Fairy Odd Parents (and Challenge.)

7. Harry Potter/Warhammer

8. Naruto

9. Naruto

10. Willow/ Halo

11. Xander/ Mass Effect

12. Harry Potter/ Surprise

13. Harry Potter

14. Harry Potter

15. Mass Effect

16. Worm
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