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Not Your Usual Road Trip Story

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Summary: Halloween leads to some unexpected changes, as Two Scoobs are stuck as their costumes

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Highlander > Xander-Centered > Theme: Immortal XandertohonomikeFR1544,52512720,56813 Oct 072 Dec 07No


Not Your Usual Road Trip 4/?
YAHF, Obscure Costume/Crossover, Xander’s Dad, and Novel Death
Author: Tohonomike
BTVS is not mine, it is Joss Whedon’s; Highlander belongs to Panzer and others who are not me.


November 5th, 1997

‘Jesse’ POV

Las Vegas was quite enjoyable; Beth and I spent yesterday taking in the tourist sites, buying her an occasional trinket or bauble, and simply being with one another. It was more than I can remember enjoying—and thirty years of incognito participation in some of the great heists of the time is quite a lot of detail to start remembering. But I still haven’t caught up on anything after the ‘Cooper Skyjacking’ except bits of this and that. But we had a good time.

‘Beth’ POV

I feel both free and secure with this man who admits he was once a brigand of sorts; but to me he is someone I feel I’ve known for sometime—someone I can trust my life to. And perhaps, now, my heart. The large city has me a bit overwhelmed, and Jesse has assured me that this drive we were trying to take to a ‘Grand Canyon’ will be just the first stop on a journey across this America before he shows me the lands of the Bible and the cities of Europe.

Flagstaff 10 Miles

November 6th, 2007

Crow Canyon Bed and Breakfast

Beth POV
Breakfast was wonderful, and I can’t believe that Jesse proposed. I asked him why so sudden, and he told me that he felt like he’d loved me for a while, and though not used to such emotions, wanted to make our very brief acquaintance into a permanent one.

Jesse POV

I think she was even more shocked than I was when I proposed. One minute we’ve taken a walk past the Riordan Mansion Museum, and the next I’m darting into a jewelry store buying her a ring. She told me that when we reach Jerusalem we’ll be married. Until then we would be engaged and she would expecting me to ‘make with the woo.’ Her eyes were beautiful oceans I found myself falling into. I guess I don’t feel like crime any more. I am surprised at how fast she’s adjusting to the lingo, though. But with her British accent it’s sexy.

Adam Pierson’s POV -3 PM

I felt something I thought was ‘The Buzz’ but somehow different. It only stopped when a young man and a very happy-looking young girl came through the door of the inn and my eyes met his. He looked up.

“Afternoon,’ he greeted me quietly. I nodded back to him as I casually moved in front of Alexa as to shake his hand. To my surprise he held his out.

“Name’s Jesse McNally,” he greeted me. “You wouldn’t happen to be a member of competitive fencing, would you? You seem familiar.”

“Adam Pierson. I’ve fenced a little here and there, but I don’t think we’ve crossed blades before.” The other weak-in-power-signature Immortal seemed to me as disinterested in a fight as I, and with his girl giving off the strong vibes…of a Slayer? I really didn’t want complications. He spoke without reaching for a weapon.

“No, I used to know a Senor Ocone, but that was a while back, and I’m just not all that interested in gaming,” he sighed. “Yourself?”


“Great,” he smiled with what seemed to be a more relaxed stance. “I’d like to introduce you to my fiancée, Elizabeth. We’re on a bit of a see the world tour. She’s promised to marry me when we reach Jerusalem.”

The girl smiled. And Alexa shifted around me and into the conversation.

“Really? We’re doing much the same,” she told the couple. “And I’m Alexa, by the way.”

“Beth,” the girl replied with a British accent. I was surprised and slightly delighted. Since the Society and the Council rarely mixed, it was unlikely the two of them were on official business. And probably not in the good graces of the Council. Beth smiled. “Where are you going? We’re playing it by ear, but maybe we’ll run into each other now and again.”

I nodded to the door and the young man sighed but agreed. I turned to the girls.

“Ladies, as you’re discussing things, Jesse and I’ll step out onto the porch for a moment.”

‘Jesse’ POV

Once we were on the porch, I made sure to keep my hands in the open as I turned.

“I don’t want any trouble.”

“Good—neither do I. Does your girl know what we are?”

“I’m not exactly sure I’m one of us. I think I’m actually stuck in-between, so I don’t really want to experience another death until I look older.”

He smiled at me, “How does one get stuck in-between?”

“I just met you, Adam. So I’m not ready to say, yet. And I really don’t want to play this whole game thing; I’m capable, and fight dirty if I have to. But I want nothing more than to spend my life with that gal in there.”

“I understand you entirely in that regard. So we have a truce for now.”

“How ‘bout a truce for a year, since we both seem to be happy not fighting each other?”

“Swear on holy ground?”

“If you do,” I told him, holding out my hand to shake, “then I agree.” We shook.

The Girls’ POV at that moment

“Sounds like you have a great trip planned,” Beth told her new acquaintance. “I hope our trip goes as well. It also sounds like we’ll be in some of the same places, though I don’t know when we’ll be in them.”

“Too bad,” Alex told her. “It’d be nice to see friends now and again. You have a cell phone with international service?”

Beth, not really knowing what a cell phone was, shrugged.

“Not unless Jesse’s picked one up. I’ll see.”

“So Beth, how’d you end up here in Arizona?”

“Oh, one minute I was in England at home, the next thing I know I’m in California. That’s where I met Jesse, and after a stop in Las Vegas, here we are. You?”

“Pacific Northwest, Seacouver. Same as you, next thing I know, here I am with Adam.”

Beth watched the men reenter the building.

“Jesse, have you picked up a cell phone—one with international service?”

“No, why?”

“We really do seem to be overlapping a lot in places on our trips—if we turn out to be in the same place, Alexa thought it might be nice to visit.”

“Tired of me already?” he mock sighed. He caught Adam’s eye, and both nodded with looks of acceptance. “Alright, I’ll look into it tomorrow in town.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Not Your Usual Road Trip Story" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Dec 07.

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