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Sunnydale Spark

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Summary: YAHF, what happens when Ethan Rayne manages to sell a set of costumes almost guaranteed to cause extreme chaos.

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Comics > Girl GeniuskevinmFR723,434246917,71914 Oct 0731 Oct 07Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Girl Genius belongs to Phil Foglio and Buffy belongs to
Mutant Enemy, I'm just borrowing them.

Okay, this sort of thing is why I've been having trouble finishing all

Sunnydale Spark

Pt 01

Ethan Rayne barely managed not to chortle with glee as the Slayer
walked through his shop. He grinned as she picked up a 18th century
noblewoman's dress, then almost danced a jig when she turned from that
dress to another guaranteed to cause even more chaos.

Before she could put the dress down, Ethan walked up and complimented
the dress. "I must say, Miss. That dress would look quite fetching on

"It is nice." The other girl agreed. "Do you know where its from?"

"It's actually the party dress of a rather famous young noblewoman."
Ethan told a halftruth, technically the woman would have been
considered a noblewoman by the people of her hometown. He just didn't
tell her the rest of the woman's history. "Very well thought of, if I
remember correctly."

"I'll take it." Buffy smiled as she turned to her companion. "Now all
we have to do is find a costume for you, Willow."

"How about this one?" Ethan held up a pseudo sailor's coat and a
turtleneck sweater.

"OOH how about this one?" Buffy ignored Ethan and grabbed a skimpy set
of armor and a green wig.

"Ah," Ethan smiled, "The Lost warrior princess of the lost city of
Skifander. An excellent choice."

"That settles it." Buffy grabbed the costume, "We'll take this one too."

"But.. ." Her companion, Willow tried to argue, the Slayer ignored her
protests as she half dragged the red head to the register.

"This is going to delicious." Ethan chuckled softly to himself.

His nearly perfect evening was made complete when he noticed one of
the Slayer's friends holding the last major costume of that set.
Imagining the sheer chaos that all three costumes could create, he
whispered, "Perfect."

Seeing the young man sigh, put down the costume and start walking
towards the bargain bin, Ethan quickly grabbed the costume and
followed him. "Young man, I couldn't help but notice your appreciation
of this costume. Why didn't you take it?"

"Can't afford it." Xander painfully admitted. "I'd love to get it but..."

"I tell you what." Ethan smiled, "I've had a very good day, so if you
can tell me four things about that costume, I'll let you have it for
what ever you have in your pocket right now."

"You're kidding right?" Xander asked in amazement. "I mean this must
have cost quite a bit."
"As I said," Ethan shrugged, "I've had very good day and I'm feeling
generous. Besides, I'd prefer my costumes go to someone who can
appreciate them."

"Okay," Xander decided to take advantage of the situation before this
nut changed his mind. "This is the standard garb of one Gilgamesh
Wulfenbach, he's a spark, he's the heir apparent to Baron Klaus von
Wulfenbach, and he's very likely in love with Agatha Heterodyne."

Xander noticed an odd round device with two swordlike device's wired
to it. "And that's the shock device built by Agatha Heterodyne."

"Absolutely correct." Ethan smiled, "Here you go lad."

"Thank's." Xander took the costume and pulled out ten dollars from his
pocket. "I guess this is yours."

"Of course." Ethan took the money. "I'll just get you a receipt."


Willow stared at herself in the mirror and wanted to blush, "I can
wear this, I can do this."

"C'mon Will." Buffy grabbed the embarrassed girl and dragged her out
of the room.

"NO!" Willow wailed as slayer strength yanked her out so fast that she
couldn't grab her sheet.

As they reached the stairs, Xander caught sight of them, "Duchess of
Buffonia, I totally renounce spandex."

"Thank you, kind sir." Buffy attempted a courtesy, then yanked Willow
from where she was hiding behind the corner. "Check out the Warrior

"Whoa Will." Xander grinned, "Nice costume."

"You think?" Willow blushed as Xander nodded.

"Yeah, really cool. But I'd have thought you'd go as the Girl Genius."

"Wha...?" Both Buffy and Willow frowned.

"Zeetha is the ally of..." Xander paused, "You really don't know who
she is, do you?"

"No," Willow shook her head, "I thought she was the lost warrior..."
"Princess of the Lost City of Skifander." Xander nodded, "That's her."

"Oh." Buffy smiled, "Well Halloween is about going as you aren't."

"Right," After that line, Xander didn't even want to try to tell Buffy
who she was dressed as. "So ready to go?"


Ethan Rayne grinned as he set up his spell, he'd managed to sell dear
old Ripper's prot‚g‚s a set of costumes guaranteed to cause a mass of
chaos. Between those costumes and the other six he'd sold from the
set, Sunnydale was about to have a really interesting night.


Halfway across town, Xander Harris stumbled as the spell took effect
and Gil Wulfenbach took over. He frowned as he held up the Heterodyne
shock device that Agatha had built. "What is...?"

He stopped as what looked like a small construct charged him. He
sidestepped the charge and whacked the creature across the back. There
was a flash of light and the familiar smell of ozone. Then, to his
surprise, a young boy fell to the ground instead of the creature.
"This could be bad."

A short distance away Zeetha, Princess of Skifander, shook her head
and glared around. "I don't know what's going..."

There was a flash of light and a howl of pain in the distance. Zeetha
grinned and nodded, "Ah there she is."

Running the whole way, her smile faded as she saw the younger
Wulfenbach fending off a group of small constructs, keeping between
them and a group of young children. "Wulfenbach!"

"You!" Gil yelled back, "Help me protect the children!"

"Where's...?" There was a loud boom and a huge ugly hairy construct
flew through the air to land at her feet. "Never mind."

"Agatha!" Gil yelled as he caught sight of her, "Be careful, some of
these constructs are actually little kids."

"How?" Agatha Heterodyne frowned, "I can't imagine..."

"Ho! Villain! I should have suspected your foul hands in this deed!" A
booming voice cried out.

"Not now." Gil almost slapped his forehead with hand before
remembering he was carrying the shock rods in his hand and would have
brained himself with it. "Othar, we're busy trying to protect these
children right now."

"A likely story.. ." Othar Trygvvassen also known as Jonathan
Levinson, stood heroically in glare of a streetlight. "Have at you,

"We don't have time for this." Gil dodged Othar's first lunge and
zapped yet another small construct.

As the glare faded and a young child fell to the ground, Othar
frowned, "Well that is odd."

"Agatha! Catch!" Gil tossed one of the shock rods to the Girl Genius,
who was busy trying to get a clean shot off at the big hairy
construct. "Use this first! If it doesn't change back then we can use
lethal firepower against it!"

Agatha zapped the furball and watched as it simply growled and
scrambled back to its feet.

"Ah!" Othar grinned as he leapt on the creature from behind, "A bit of
exercise! I think I'll strip it's skin with one yank, that's always a
good one."

There was a loud shredding sound, a howl of pain and everyone had to
dodge bits of fur.

"OTHAR!" Everyone yelled.

"Sorry," Othar shrugged, "I guess it is a bit messy."

"This..." A young man that none of them recognized ran up, wheezing
slightly. "This is so unfair. How come he gets to be a hero?"

"Who are you?" Othar grabbed the boy, "And why have you been chasing me?"
"C'mon, Jon." Andrew Wells frowned, "You're going too far with the joke."

"What are you talking about?" Agatha asked even as they continued to
fend off attacks, "He's Othar Tryggvvassen, not this Jon person."

"He's Jonathan Levinson, you're Buffy Summers and he's Alexander
Harris." Andrew pointed to each in turn. "You're dressed as the people
you claim to be."

"Did that make sense to you?" Gil asked.

"Just barely," Agatha nodded.

"He really does think we're not who we think we are."

"Oh god." Andrew suddenly realized they weren't kidding and paled.

"What?" Zeetha asked. "What's wrong?"

"I just remembered, Jon told me that two girls grabbed the last two
costumes of that set just as he was leaving the costume shop."

"Who?" Agatha asked as she fended off another non-transformed

"One bought the Von Pinn Costume and the other got the
Dupree costume."

"Those two are wandering around uncontrolled?!" Agatha shouted, "We've
got find them before they hurt someone!"

"And how are we supposed to find...?" Othar started to ask when a
horde of various sized constructs ran down the road, howling in what
sounded like fear. "I think I found one of them!" he grinned.

"Why whatever would give you that idea?" Agatha asked sarcastically as
Von Pinn appeared behind the horde of creatures.

"And that has to be Dupree." Gil added as a second group of constructs
plowed into the first group from a side street. Amid the chaos that
followed, they could hear Dupree's scream.

"Come back here and let me kill you! You cowards!!!"

End Part 01
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