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And who does CJ call?

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Summary: Answer for the "When I woke up" challenge. CJ Cregg wakes up and finds she married Rupert Giles.

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Television > West Wing > Giles-CenteredKateydidntFR1542,45724911,84215 Oct 0726 Oct 07No

Chapter One: Not my room

Chapter One: Not My Room

CJ groaned groggily and turned over—and promptly fell off the bed.

She groaned again. Her head was pounding and falling onto the floor hadn’t helped at all.

She opened her eyes and blinked to clear her vision. This was definitely not the room she and Donna were supposed to be sharing. For one it didn’t have two beds. How exactly had she ended up here? For that matter, where exactly was here?

She sat up from her position sprawled on the floor and took a deep breath as her head protested. Then she froze—she wasn’t wearing much, but the clothes she saw on the floor were not hers and most definitely belonged to a male. Just what had happened last night?

She stiffened as she heard a groan coming from the bed. Her stomach filled with dread, but she popped her head up over the edge of the bed to take a look. There was a man on the bed, probably a little older than CJ herself.

He was looking at her.

The two of them stared at teach other for a second. Then the man’s eyes dropped to something on the bed.

“Oh bloody hell,” the man said.

He was apparently British.

“Claudia,” he said somewhat uncertainly.

“CJ—Claudia Jean,” she responded. She wracked her brain, “Robert?”

“Rupert,” he corrected.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “this is usually not a situation I find myself in.”

The man looked slightly amused. “Me either, but I think it gets worse.”

He handed her a piece of paper—what he had apparently been looking at before. It was a marriage certificate of one Ms. Claudia Jean Cregg to a Mr. Rupert Giles.

CJ swore, “He’s going to kill me.”

“Hopefully the he you are referring to is not a husband,” Rupert said, eyeing her warily.

“No!” CJ blurted, “I’m not married—well now I am, apparently,” she said bitterly, “No, I was referring to my boss and my boss’s boss. This is really bad. God, I don’t know how I could screw things up more. I got drunk and got married.”

“Well an annulment would be easy,” Rupert said reasonably.

CJ shook her head frantically; she didn’t know how this was going to end up. “That will make things even worse. Oh, this is going to be so bad.”

Rupert looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“Are you an American citizen?” CJ asked, standing up, figuring it would give her a little more dignity in this very undignified situation.

“No, permanent resident.”

“Do you follow American politics at all?” CJ really didn’t know how to get this man to agree to stay married to her for the sake of appearances.

“Only as far as my friends follow it.”

“Rupert, I am CJ Cregg, the White House Press Secretary. My boss is Leo McGarry, Chief of Staff for the White House and his boss is Jed Bartlet, the President of the United States.”

“Who is currently running for re-election,” Rupert nodded in understanding and sat up, regarding CJ carefully, “And something like this would be a great embarrassment.”

CJ rubbed her head, “I need to make some phone calls and offer my head on a platter to some people. Do you mind sticking around?”

“As of right now, I’m your husband. I think I’ll stick around.”

“Thank you,” CJ said as she picked up her cell dialing quickly, “Leo, I royally screwed up. I got really drunk last night and ended up married.”

Notes: I'm struggling with the next chapter of my other story and then this popped into my head. This story will be updated only as inspiration comes (which will be admittedly frequent if I continue watching West Wing at the rate that I am) but my other story is my main focus. That being said, the next chapter of this is already half written.
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