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Sweet Vengeance

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Summary: What if the Doctor had a little help at the end of the Time War…

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Other BtVS/Ats CharactersScrappychicFR1318470111,86315 Oct 0715 Oct 07Yes
Summary: What if the Doctor had a little help at the end of the Time War… This is my very first Fanfic EVER. Please be kind :)
Xover: B:tVS/Doctor Who (9th Doctor)
Pairings: None

Disclaimer: If only I could get my hands on the Tardis, I’d own them both, but alas, I don’t.
Don’t worry, I’ll put them back where I found them.

D’Hoffryn’s “introduction” is taken from the episode Selfless. (S7:Ep:5)

“Gone… All gone.” He thought to himself

The Doctor hadn’t even had time to get used to this new body before the scent of death had called him down the corridor to the central meeting room. He looked frantically at the bodies lying on the ground. The dead lay as if they’d been tossed aside ever so casually, arms and legs twisted in ways that looked like it would be uncomfortable if the people had still been alive. It reminded the Doctor of the way discarded clothing might land when tossed carelessly on the floor. Except this wasn’t clothing, they were the bodies of the last remaining Time Lords.

The Daleks had managed to wipe out most of Galifrey’s population with their previous strike, but a handful had survived, including him, and had gathered here to plan their next move.

“Those tin cans shouldn’t have been able to find us here.” He thought angrily. “We were supposed to be safe here. The battlement was supposed to be indestructible, safe even from Dalek technology.” He looked around and realized that it was. Nothing was out of place except for the bodies.

“How?” He murmured to himself as several tears ran down the line of his jaw unnoticed. “How did they do it?”

The Doctor searched the corridors and adjoining rooms, hoping that there was someone else who had been away from the main target area, and had managed to regenerate, as he had, but no luck. He slowly made his way back to the meeting room where the last of his people lay.

He collapsed to the floor, a small, pitiful sound coming from his throat. The small sound grew and grew until it was a full-fledged howl. He cried for his people, an ancient race full of knowledge and power, now gone, lost to the ages. He also cried for himself, The Doctor, all alone in the universe – the last of the Time Lords. His pain was so great that he didn’t even notice the swirling blue vortex that appeared in front of him, or the demon who stepped through.

“Behold, D'Hoffryn. Lord of Arashmahar. He that turns the air to blood and rains…” The vengeance demon stopped speaking as he saw the man kneeling on the floor. His face was contorted a myriad of emotions that seemed to exist as one. D’Hoffryn saw sorrow, fear, and disbelief and beneath it all rage. So much rage. “This should be easy.” He thought to himself, barely stopping a chuckle from escaping his throat.

“Well then, a Time Lord. I wasn’t really expecting one of you to be calling me any time soon.” D’Hoffryn smirked. “You Time Lords tend to fix your own messes. So then, what’s happened that I was called to you, instead of one of my assistants?”

“Gone… All gone.” The Doctor said quietly, his words identical to his earlier thoughts.

“What’s all gone?” D’Hoffryn asked. “Or should I say ‘who’?” he said looking at the bodies surrounding them.

“The Time Lords are all gone. All Except me.” The Doctor said as he slowly looked up at the demon standing before him. His eyes widened a little at the sight.

“Oh! Well, now that I can understand.” D’Hoffryn preened a little under the Doctor’s gaze. “D’Hoffryn’s the name, and Vengeance is my game.” He said with a grand wave of his arms.

“Vengeance Demon.” He said hesitantly, gesturing to himself, as he realized from the Doctor’s look that The Time Lord had no idea what he was talking about. “Your pain was so great that it called to me across the abyss of time and space to wreak vengeance on your enemies. The ones who did this.” He said with distaste.

“Vengeance?” The doctor quietly shook his head as if he didn’t believe it possible. “On the Daleks?”

“You merely need to make a wish.” D’Hoffryn explained. “I can’t bring them back,” he gestured to the bodies. “But I can make sure that the ones who did it will pay.” He said with a slow wicked smile.

The Doctor thought about the offer being presented to him. He knew if he were unable to finish off the Daleks, the rest of the universe, even his beloved Earth, would be in grave danger. However, overshadowing those fears was a greater need for revenge. Vengeance.

“A wish you say?” the Doctor asked. When D’Hoffryn nodded the doctor thought for a moment before getting slowly to his feet. “I wish the Daleks were dead.” He said with finality.

“Done.” D’Hoffryn said with a gleam in his eyes. He then did something he didn’t often do, he warned the man standing in front of him. “But if I were you I’d leave this planet as fast as I could.”

He was never sure, but as D’Hoffryn turned towards the portal to leave this mess behind, he thought he heard the Doctor say the word ‘Exterminate’.

The End

You have reached the end of "Sweet Vengeance". This story is complete.

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