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FFA Ficlets

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Summary: Fic-For-All stories, currently containing stories from Anita Blake, the Lazarus Long stories, Dexter, Benson and Oz.

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Nina & Jason (AB)

Nina & Jason (AB)

"You're scared when there's no reason to be," Jason said as he pulled the parking brake and flipped his keys in a cup holder. "I promise you're among friends tonight. No one's going to try to hurt you."

"It's not about them. It's about me. It's about how for every other full moon since I got bitten has been spent locked up to keep me from hurting, or even killing someone else. Heck, I nearly killed Angel once because he was too close to me when the change hit me. So it's like I almost feel safer in the car right now with its nice reassuring walls rather than going out into the open of the lupanar."

"Number one, we're both going there because I like my car. You're going to shift at some point tonight, and you staying here would end up getting goo all over the upholstery, which I can verify never really comes out no matter how much the best auto detailers in town try, and then you'd probably break a couple of windows trying to get out of here once you had finished shifting. My little coupe has survived three fender benders to this point, but it's definitely not werewolf-proof."

"What's number two?" she asked as the awful pressure continued to build up inside of her.

"Because we're actually very good at keeping new wolves from doing something they'll regret later on. Pack looks after its own in that way," he said, reaching over to run his fingers through her hair and his hands along the back of her neck and shoulders.

She found herself leaning into the touch. Jason smelled good. He felt what she was coming to think of as properly warm. Angel had always felt a little on the cool side. And after Angel's need to do everything he could to avoid a moment of true happiness, it was a refreshing contrast how Jason always seemed to be trying to constantly charge toward what Angel had to avoid. He was good looking, even if he was kind of on the short side. And had she mentioned that he smelled really good? She had to admit that she was starting to fall for him a little bit.

"You doing a little bit better now?" he asked after a few minutes of that gentle contact had passed.

"Yeah. Promise me you won't let me hurt anyone."

"I promise that we'll run down a nice juicy deer, and that will be the meeting of the violence quota for the night."

"Thanks," she said, patting him on the knee in return. Her need to touch the other wolves around her had surprised her at first, but had now become just another part of her new life.

"I figure the payoff comes when I get to see you naked once we get to the lupanar proper."

"You've got to go first, maybe give me a little bit of show," she replied, affectionately giving him a light smack on the thigh.

"It's my night off, you know."

"But it's not like you'd pass up a chance to play show-off now, would you?"

"Am I really that transparent?"

"Definitely yes," she managed just before she felt the small twinges of pain in her abdomen.

"Then we better get going now while you can still pay attention enough to really enjoy the view," he said.

With that, they moved out of the car, and Nina could now really smell the growing group of wolves around her. They were supposed to be animals that lived in packs; spend enough time with the pack and the magic that pulled them together as a group would help her get control over her inner wolf when she was in shifted form. And as she both smelled and felt the others around her, she was starting to believe that was going to happen. She would never regret the time she had lived in Los Angeles, and she would always hold Angel close to her heart. But for all that she hadn't want to come here in the beginning, she was starting to feel like St. Louis was becoming her home.
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