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FFA Ficlets

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Summary: Fic-For-All stories, currently containing stories from Anita Blake, the Lazarus Long stories, Dexter, Benson and Oz.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Faith & Chris Keller (Oz)

Disclaimer: not my characters, not my universe. I promise to return everyone to the place I found them when I’m done playing with them.

FFA pairing: Faith & Chris Keller

It had started out as a one night stand with the woman with perfect legs and the long dark hair he could grab handfuls of all day long. It had become more than that later that night in her motel room.

Because just as Chris Keller had been pulling his jeans on afterward, that thing he would later learn was some sort of lesser demon had come crashing through the window. The woman rolled sideways on the bed just enough to grab the lamp on the nightstand, using it to beam that thing on the head. Chris’ mind kicked into fight or fight status reflexively, and he stopped buttoning in order to grab the scruffy desk chair next to the dresser.

He brought it down on that thing, which was staggering but starting to recover from the original head blow. The chair splintered into pieces on impact, leaving him with only a leg in his hand. But at least that thing, which he could now tell had horns and grey skin never seen on a human, was staggering back toward the broken window, and the chair leg in his hand had more of an edge to it than a lot of other shanks he had used over the years. In his peripheral vision, he could see the woman fumbling for something in her over sized purse.

“Bad time to be digging for the eye shadow, girl,” he said, figuring she was going for a cell phone. He doubted the cops could do anything about the situation, and he if he survived this all, he planned on being long gone by the time they did show up, but at least she was trying to do something useful instead of just screaming.

“Actually looking for a nail file, kiddo,” she said. That thing’s eyes flicked briefly over to the woman.

Chris slapped the chair leg against his palm to draw that thing’s attention back to him . It was one part misguided chivalry to about ten parts trying to figure out a way to get past that thing, who was blocking the door to freedom. It made a lunge at him, and he tried to duck underneath it and roll to freedom, but then that thing’s lunge went sideways in the same doorward motion as Chris. They crashed into each other and both briefly went to the floor. Chris got himself up quickly, chair leg still in hand.

That thing stayed in place on the floor, the large knife in its back causing some sort of strange purple blood to spurt toward the ceiling as its arms and legs engaged in a death thrash.

“Pretty big nail file there.”

“Shit. I hate leaving a mess for the maids,” the girl said as she quickly grabbed the bedspread and draped it over that thing, giving the knife another twist in order to maximize internal organ damage in the process. As the twitching slowed, she efficiently wrapped the body on all sides, presumably to keep blood, and it was blood, wasn’t it? from soaking through to the carpet.

“What the hell, lady?’ He said, still gripping the chair leg hard in case of further danger as the adrenaline surge worse down. Not so much because of the woman, who was clearly a professional who could have hurt him at any time and hadn’t wanted to , but because he had seen enough horror movies growing up that he wasn’t sure that thing was really dead.

“A girl’s got to be prepared for the worst if she enjoys taking strange men back to her hotel room, you know,” she said, eying the bedspread, which seemed to be finally still. “Thanks for not freaking out there. I hate it when a civilian gets caught in the crossfire.”

“Civilian, what do you mean by that?”

“Or maybe a pro yourself,” she said, looking him over carefully and noting how he kept his back to the wall and still held the chair leg in his hand. “I’ll probably regret it later on, but how about we have an agreement where you help me dispose of the body, and I’ll explain about mister bad kind of horny over here?”

He looked at the way she stood looking like some kind of Amazon goddess, not sure whether to be happy of a bit scared that she’d identified him as that kind of fellow predator.

“Okay, call it a deal. I’m Chris by the way.”

“And I’m Faith. Dead demons on the floor get you to first name status with me.

And it had been the start of a beautiful friendship. Whenever Faith came back through Baltimore on monster-hunting business , she gave him a call to join in the festivities of both the hunting and really good fucking variety. They both admitted early on that more than that wouldn’t work; she just had too strong of a personality for him to want more of a relationship. So it was hardly settling for him to be happy instead for what he thought of as the world’s best booty call.

And while maybe one day the monsters would be the ones who killed him, he was also coming to see that fighting with and fucking Faith made him feel alive in a way like no other, and he was starting to not really care if that was the price he was going to pay in the end.

The End

You have reached the end of "FFA Ficlets". This story is complete.

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