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FFA Ficlets

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Summary: Fic-For-All stories, currently containing stories from Anita Blake, the Lazarus Long stories, Dexter, Benson and Oz.

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Riley Finn & Micah Callahan (AB)

Disclaimer: not my characters, not my universe. I'll put everyone back when I'm done playing with them

Characters: Riley Finn & Micah Callahan (Anita Blake)


"Hello there," Micah said loudly as he walked into the hospital room. He had learned long ago that actions that could be seen as sneaking up on one of Anita's occasional coworkers often led to him having a gun stuck in his face.

"If you're here for another blood sample, I already gave back at the office. A couple of times, in fact." The man was belly down on the hospital bed with the arm that wasn't attached to an iv line serving to prop his head up just enough that he could visually track Micah as he entered the room. The look on his face was polite, but cautious. His hospital gown was open to the back to display two neat slashes that had recently been stitched closed. Very recently, based on how fresh the wounds smelled.

"No more samples, I promise. I'm just the errand boy today that Anita sent over to see how you were doing while she was convincing her doctor that the concussion wasn't as serious as he thought. Micah Callahan," he said, offering a wave instead of a handshake than the other guy really couldn't manage at the moment.

"Riley Finn," he offered in return as he simultaneously began to blush and tried to bury his face in his free arm.

"Is everything okay, there? Do you want me to call a nurse?"

"No, no nurses. Okay, maybe nurses if they're going to help me into some real pants. It's just that by all accounts, you're a really nice guy and I've been trying to think of what to say to you and..."

"Would I be correct if I guessed that you had sex with Anita when the two of you were in Idaho?"

"Affirmative," came the somewhat muffled reply.

"I know that Anita can never be monogamous. I accepted that long ago, and I actually get along well with most of her other partners."

"Even if you aren't going to go all jealous boyfriend on me and try to beat me to death with an iv stand, you're got to admit, this is still a little bit awkward."

"It is, but I've gotten used to it."

"I guess I should be grateful that's one fewer explanation I'm going to have to make about this whole cluster-fuck then," Riley said, turning his face to look at Micah again.

"There's someone special in your life?"

"Yeah, I'm married. And even though Sam and I have an agreement that if sex outside of our marriage is going to prevent an apocalypse, a near apocalypse, or on a case by case basis is a life and death situation, then we're going to try not to hold it against each other, I'm still always going to feel like I was unfaithful to her."

Micah leaned forward and patted Riley on an unbruised spot of forearm. Deciding it was better to change the subject than to keep going in that vein, he blinked and took a closer look at the gashes.

"So, knife wounds there?"

"Yeah. I was off busy trying to distract the minions while Anita finished up the ritual to take out the big bad of the week. One of them tried to jump me from behind, but I managed to be moving forward enough at the time that the doctors said they managed to miss my kidneys or anything else important. Should be back to fighting the good fight before too long."

"Bid bad of the week? Is that some new military speak?"

"It's probably the furthest thing from military speak you can find. Comes from hanging out with a lot of slayers in the past couple of months. Anita reminds me of them in some ways- amazingly strong, beautiful women who can almost always hand you your own head back on a platter if they're mad at you."

"That does sound like Anita. And I wouldn't want her to change for the world."

"Sam's not a slayer, but she's definitely someone that outclasses me, and I wouldn't change her for the world either."

"Here's to strong women," Micah said, making a mock toast into the air.

"And to the men who love them."

"And to the men who love them."

For all that he lived a very different life than the government agent, that was one giant thing that Micah had in common with him.
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