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Come undone

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Summary: "Everyone he ever thought he’d cared about had been obliterated by the darkness that threatened to swallow the entire world every other damned weekend." Angel changes his job and his M.O. Angel(Booth)/Brennan, Angel/Buffy [Now with spiffy header graphic]

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Title: Come Undone -- Part 1 Reflections
Description: Angel has run away after the events of NFA, and has settled into an entirely new life away from the supernatural.
Disclaimer: I'm making no profit from this, in fact I'm making no profit at all at the moment #sigh#. So I definately do not own BtVS/Angel/Bones.
A/N: I've messed the time line up a little so 'Bones' would start after Angel finishes, really. Other than that - I'm not going to reveal my hand!!!

- - - - -


He liked her. He really, really liked her.

Angel sighed as he mulled over the events that had led him to this mess.

It had started years ago – not longer after he’d first moved to LA in fact. The Gem of Amara. He looked down at his finger at the accursed piece of jewellery that allowed him to walk in the sun, sleep in the night – be normal.

Yes he’d lied. He’d known even then that with the right amount of booze, Doyle was a talker and he knew that the world needed to believe that the Gem was destroyed. So he had lied to everyone that had been closest to him.

He toyed with the ring and imagined what life would be like now, if he could just forget the past, present and future and sweep Buffy into his arms and-

That could never, ever happen. Buffy could never know. ‘As far as she knows now,’ Angel thought grimly, ‘I’m a pile of dust in a back alley.’

And that was the way it would stay. She could never know – the agony of seeing her laugh and walk and run bathed in sunlight and never being able to touch her, well, with the ring it was tempting the proverbial Mr. Hyde to his Jekyll.

So after that painful last fight in that god-forsaken alley when all hell had been unleashed and fought back, Angel had decided there and then he was changing his line of work.

Wesley – dead. Doyle – dead. Cordelia – dead. Gunn – who knew?

Everyone he ever thought he’d cared about had been obliterated by the darkness that threatened to swallow the entire world every other damned weekend.

Instead of fighting the demonic evil, he settled for plain old human evil. After all, there was a huge army of Slayers now ready to take on the world and the forces of darkness. And he’d discovered, that with a little magic, it wasn’t that hard to blend in. A little glamour for the mirror problem, a potion that warmed his skin (and plenty of hot coffee) and the people around him were completely oblivious to him.

Or at least to his true nature.

And if they suspected, he was doing a good enough job that they could rationalise away the little things, like how fast and far he could run without running out of breath, or how (if he’d skipped his morning potion) how cold his hands were.

He knew Bones could see how old his eyes were; because when she looked into them he saw his own eternity reflected in hers.

He shook off the worry and…hope that accompanied the thought of her discovering him and fiddled again with the Gem.

‘She’ll never know,’ he thought, as he stepped outside his front door into the warmth of the sun.

- - - - -

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