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Pretty Life

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Summary: The first thought that came to Faith's mind was 'Who the hell are you?' the second 'Where am I?' and the third 'I like those pants.'

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Firefly > Faith-CenteredChildsHeartFR1823,769023,87616 Oct 0722 Oct 07No

And Your Point is?

Pretty Life
Chapter Two
And Your Point is?
Warnings: Violence, Sexual References
Authors Note: Not much to say, AU and we get to see some bonding time.


Faith lay upon the bed, which sadly was not as comfortable as she had hoped, it was still better then a lot of other places she’d slept at but she has had better. After having the story explained to her about what happened, and then explaining to them what she remembered, which included briefly: Ran, rain, sleep, death from something, they came to the conclusion that they were all going insane and wouldn’t ponder what happened any further. The Doctor (who Faith found out the name to be Simon) tried as hard as he could to come up with a reasonable explanation, but came to the point where he was just rambling.

The rogue slayer tossed and turned in her sleep, she was still in the same shirt but had taken off the pants, leaving her in her white thong (The leather was very tight) She had even stood up and paced around the room, trying to remember what had happened, she remembered Angel, running in the rain the sleeping next a dumpster, then pain on her neck. As she thought about this, her fingers had sub-concisely stroked the place she remembered the pain. After a few minutes of thinking and pondering of what had happened, Faith remembered the strength the man (or woman) had before biting her.

Although she hated the fact that it took one vampire to kill her after a fair few years of fighting demons and vampires, she wondered why she had let her mind slip, just for a minute, she had let the walls around her mind fall, let her barriers drop and she was killed.

Sitting back down on the bed, she tried to get some more sleep, it was a hopeless cause and she knew it. Sitting back up she stood and walked out of her room to explore Serenity. Her footsteps were muffled by the creaks of the engine as it slowly moved.

After a few minutes of walking, she designated herself lost. Instead of caring about being lost, she continued her trip, Faith needed to know where she would be going if she was going to stay on here until the next stop.

As she stepped she heard a creak that was not of the engine or her own footstep. Swiftly turning around, she faced River. “The bells are tolling, they scream, scream for mercy, but you run, far away.” She had started in a whisper before her singsong voiced ended it in a mocking way, causing the rogue slayer to flinch.

“You sound a lot like Drusilla.” She muttered as she carefully took a step back. River smirked at her.

“I’m not like you, and I’m not like her, so what does that make me?”

“It makes you human.”

“You’re lost, lost from home, lost in yourself, you scream for everything and cry for nothing. But they do, they scream about the blood, the blood that drips like poison on your hand.” River stopped like a deer in the headlights before quickly turning around and running.

Faith had clenched her hands tightly, and it wasn’t until something landed on her bare foot that she realised her nails had drawn blood. Walking around, she looked for a bathroom or sink to wash her hands in.

Turning a corner she came across the Captain. “Sorry I was looking for a bathroom.” He nodded before opening the door behind her. “Oh, thanks.” With that she walked in and washed her hands. In the mirror she saw he was looking at something in her direction. “What? You couldn’t expect me to sleep in leather.”

“You’ll distract the crew if you continue to walk like that.” A smirk found it’s self upon her lips as she turned around and lent on the sink.

“Distracting in my best quality.” Winking she began to walk the same way she came.

“You do realise your room’s the other way, right?”

“Not really, too many turns in the ship.” It was his turn to smirk as he guided her to her room.

“Hey Captain, I never did catch your name.”

“Malcolm, Mal for short.” Raising an eyebrow as he walked away, she made sure to check out his arse before going to sleep, wandering around Serenity tires out a slayer.

The next morning when she awoke, Faith pulled her pants on, regardless of the fact that hypnotising the male part of Serenity did sound fun. Looking down at her pants, she knew it was time to get a new set, they had lasted her a good few slaying and clubbing years.

She began to hum Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl as she walked to a direction she hoped was the kitchen, her stomach was rumbling up a storm.

She passed a door that had a girly feel to it, much like she would expect to come from Cordelia, even more so because this had more of a happy feeling to it then a designer.

Sniggering at the thought of Cordelia wearing pink flowers and rainbows on her shirt, Faith continued her search to the kitchen, after an accidental opening of a door while someone was in the shower, she was careful to listen first. She stood in the middle of the hallway and tried to listen for the clinks of cutlery on plates and bowls.

Sighing she turned around and headed to the kitchen, it was going to take a lot to get use to this place. When she finally got to the right place, she saw everyone was already awake.

“Morning.” She said as she looked at the food they were eating. “Huh.” She said before heading over to a random cupboard and opening a door. All she found were packets of protein stuff and tins of pineapple and mango.

“Kaylee go show her what to do.” Kaylee stood up at the
Captain’s orders and headed over to Faith.

“No, you see you use these and mix it in with this.” She said as she grabbed the protein packet and a tin of something else. Faith shook her head and did as she was told muttering something about ‘stupid sonova’ and ‘cooking sucks.’

But in the end, she ate the bland tasting meal with out too much discomfort. “So Faith, know how to attack with weapons.”



“Basic idea.”

“Swords? Crossbow? Knives?”

“Trained with them.”


When Faith finished her meal she looked at the male talking to her, he was dressed in a floral pattern shirt and had a dirty blonde hair.

“Married?” She asked curiously.

“To my dear Zoë.” He said as Zoë walked over and kissed him on the lips lightly.
She raised an eyebrow at the couple, it was like looking at Xander in another universe, even the entire outfit was correct. His wife on the other hand was more like, well, herself. All though she would never marry Xander, she could still see what Zoë saw in him. He made her laugh in the hard times. Although Faith would never get with Xander, she did find the couple cute.

“Hey, are the Doc and Kaylee together?” She asked between mouthfuls of food.

“We’re not sure, we know they slept together but…” Zoë trailed off shrugging.

“Huh.” She said before finishing her food and placing it in the sink with hot water. “Do you have a room that is sort empty or has space to exercise?”

“Cargo bay.” The two answered together, “It’s around the cover, your first left then down the stairs.” Wash finished. Nodding her head she followed the instructions to the cargo-bay. As she entered, she saw Jayne already exercising.

Jumping up, she held onto the railing above her head and began to do chin-ups as she watched Jayne watch her. Smirking she showed off by back flipping off and landing in a perfect crouch before she did a few sit-ups.

After a few hours of training she walked up to Jayne who had still been watching her. Making sure there was little space between them she said in a low seductive voice, “You’re a big man, why don’t you show me your muscles on the weights.” She laughed softly as he stuttered to and almost tripped over the weights before he began lifting them.

She pattered his head, “Good boy, now roll over.” Before laughing her head off as she walked away. Her voice echoed the room as she tried to remember where she was heading. Behind her, she could hear Jayne spluttering about evil women.

“Jayne doesn’t like being called a dog.” River said as she popped through a doorway, before walking away, leaving Faith to wonder how she knew that. Shrugging her shoulders she moved to the kitchen and tried to remember what Kaylee had told her. This time the meal had an okay taste to it.

Doing the same with her plate as she did before, she began to walk around the ship and get a feel for it. As she walked she began to remember things that she didn’t want to. Especially the people (and things) she killed. River appeared in front of her as she remembered torturing Wesley. He didn’t deserve it; no matter how bad of a watcher he was to her.

“The dark rolls and consumes your soul, you’ve killed those who are bad and those who are innocent. Grey and white, combine to make you hurt, are you ready to pay?” River pulled her arm back and swang at her.

“What the hell did you do that for?”

“You’re bad, you shouldn’t be here.” She moved like it was all a dance as she kicked. Faith blocked each and every movement before she jumped on her and pinned her down. “Let me go.” She cried out. Soon enough half the crew was watching them roll around and try to stop the other. When Faith pinner her down for the third time, she made sure that her legs and arms couldn’t move.

“Now tell me little fairy, why are you fighting me.” After a few unsuccessful escapes, River screamed. “You’ve got a set of lungs, we understand that now, but tell me why are you attacking me.”

“You’re bad, you wanted to die and I was granting you your wish.” Faith blinked at her before letting go of an arm and giving a blow on the side of River’s head, knocking her out.

“I may be bad little fairy, but I’m not dying anytime soon.” With that she pushed through the Captain and his first mate as she headed to her room.
Before she made it to the door, she felt someone grab her wrist. Turning around she punched him. “Oh god, sorry, reflex you know?” She muttered the last bit softly before helping the Captain to his feet.

“I can’t have dangerous people aboard my boat, so tell me what the cao were you doing?”

“Hmm... that? Well, I was walking along, minding my own business when she starts talking shit and attacking me, she threw a punch and I then fought back, why something wrong with that?”

“Look, you don’t attack the crew, she’s a bit weird in the head, but you just get away she can beat the-“

“I don’t need this.” Faith interrupted before walking away, leaving Mal to realise he was talking to thin air. Did he really think she couldn’t handle the young girl, it was easy, although River was not a slayer, no she moved differently to a slayer, she was still powerful and strong. The rogue slayer had some competition, and finally she had something to do while they get to their destination.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Pretty Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Oct 07.

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