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Pretty Life

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Summary: The first thought that came to Faith's mind was 'Who the hell are you?' the second 'Where am I?' and the third 'I like those pants.'

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Firefly > Faith-CenteredChildsHeartFR1823,769023,88016 Oct 0722 Oct 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter One:

Pretty Life
Chapter One
Thoughts and Differences

Pairings, Main: Faith/Mal River/Jayne
Summary: The first thought that came to Faith’s mind was ‘Who the hell are you?’ the second, ‘Where am I?’ and the third ‘I like those pants.’
Warning(s): Violence, Sexual References
Authors Note: This is an AU (Alternative Universe) so I am tweaking the plot line slightly.
Disclaimer: Although I would love to, I don't own anything, even the plot which I thank very much for the challenge

“…Just kill me.” It had been so different, to cry, to ask for something she couldn’t say. Such a big word for a big girl who didn’t want to be what she was, all she wanted was a friend, and every time she was near enough to reach out and hold onto them, she tripped and pushed them away, sometimes they fell to their death and she couldn’t save them, no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t.

When ever the young girl trips and pushes her friend away, she has to pick herself up, sometimes she lucky to have a stranger help her up, other times there was a knife where she fell, leaving a scar and hurtful memories. But no matter how hard she tried; sometimes she’s left to lie on the floor, waiting for someone to come. It takes three words to have everything you want and need, but it can also take three to ruin it.
Those three words she had said to Buffy had ruined their friendship forever and nothing she could do would ever fix that. I don’t care, but she did. Faith cared that she hurt someone, she cared that it was her hands that were seeping with the man’s blood. Was it wrong to want an easy exit, to just forget, to just hide under the covers with a good book and some cookies? So she had taken the best offer and after that everything went from terrible to hell.

Now here she was crying in the arms of a guy who not two minutes ago, she was trying to kill. But after all those kills, human or not, she couldn’t, she wanted to believed she could, but she couldn’t.

The rain poured around her and all she could think of was to run. She wanted to run from everything she knew and loathed. All the things Faith had done were unforgivable and if she ran to the police, well she couldn’t handle it. Everything was turning out bad, and not a few stories above her was a guy she nearly tortured to death.

Looking at her past through closed eyes, she remembered things she didn’t want to. She felt the rain pour on her and all she could do was being held in the arms of Angel as he protected her. Before she realized what had and was happening she had ran. She hated that she couldn’t start a new life, that she couldn’t stop the feeling of guilt surround her, the world was never black and white, but she could still see when she was going too fat. Now all the slayer could see was pure blind hatred of her.

As Faith ran, she began to feel tired; the rain was slipping into her cuts and hurting her bruises while she continued to run. There was no way she could stop, she needed to keep moving until shed collapsed and if she was to get hurt doing this then so be it.
The cars sped past with their headlights, no one glanced back at her as she pushed through crowds and ran through alleyways. Finally, she couldn’t move anymore and was in so much pain it hurt to take a gasp of air the she needed to keep her body functions full of oxygen. Closing her eyes behind a dumpster she felt lost and slightly scarred. But it was still a better life then one of a convict, she was sure of that.

Her chocolate brown eyes slipped into a sleep of nightmares, she wasn’t worried though, these were frequent and came to the point where she woke-up and forgot about them. But as she came closer to her dying point on the dream, something felt wrong. Waking up, she looked up to see a vampire, but before she could move she felt his teeth sink in. So this is death? I try to start a new life and I’m going to die great.

The slayer felt her breath give out and her breath catch in her throat. There was a great roaring in her ears as she closed her eyes and wondered how she could have been so stupid. Before she died, she felt the vampire throw her against the wall and run. Taking in a last shaky breath, she prepared for the worst.


River sat on her bed, counting things in her head and double-checking to see if it was correct. Running to the Captain who was with the Pilot she told them that it wasn’t long till she came.

“To who comes?”

“She does, she’s going to come and she’s going to be very confused and lost, and she doesn’t like guns.”

“Why doesn’t she like guns?”

“Because.” With that she turned away and hummed a tune as she walked towards her room she shared with her brother, who until this moment, was flicking through a book he bought at Persephone. But hearing his sister speak he headed towards his room to see if River needed a change of medication.

River of course had disappeared by the time he returned to the room, probably because she knew he would come and changed her course to am place he would not find her.
Letting a sigh slip from his mouth he turned to face Kaylee who was looking at him with a sad smile. “ Everything will be alright Doc, everything always turns out alright.” Nodding a tired nod in agreement, he held her hand before looking out the doorway, to see a smirking River.

“She’s here.”

“This your Captain speaking, will all members of the crew please come to the docking bay.” With that said, the three of them looked at each other before walking to the docking bay.

“What is it Sir?” Zoe said as she walked down the stairs to the crouching Captain. It didn’t take long for the members of Serenity top register what the Captain was holding, but what did puzzle them was whom he was holding.

It was Wash who broke the silence, “Well, who is she.”

“Faith.” River muttered before walking away leaving an eerie silence behind her.

“I see.” Mal muttered before looking at the young girl, she couldn’t be older then twenty-one, but the way she dressed told him that she had been through a harsh life. Scrapes, cuts and bruises were all over her skin. Her leather pants were torn at both knees and her shirt was ripped and had holes in so many places it was impossible to tell what the short looked like when it was first worn.

A stifled groan from the girl told him she was still alive. Glancing up he realized the crew was still around him. Lifting the brunette in his arms, he took him to the Medical room and placed her down for the Doctor to look at. Muttering under his breath on how the hell a girl could get on the ship, his ship, in a condition like that.

He saw the young girl roll her head to the side and open her eyes to a groggy-like sight. Muttering something to do with ‘mother’ and ‘bloody hell’ She blinked a few times to adjust to the light. But he was surprised by the first word that exited her mouth that was not muttered. “Fuck.”

The first thought that came to Faith’s mind was ‘Who the hell are you?’ the second, ‘Where am I?’ and the third ‘I like those pants.’ The pants she was referring to was Malcolm’s. But she was oblivious to the man, only to the arse the pants was showing. As she met his eyesight, she cocked up an eyebrow and said in a voice that basically said answer me correctly or my fist will be down your throat. “Where am I?”

The crew met each other’s eyesight before the Captain coughed and stepped forward slightly, “On my ship.”

She blinked a few times and lent her head to the left slightly, while she propped herself up on her elbows. “Why am I on the ocean?” Now it was time for everyone else to blink at her. It seemed that an echoing silence occurred on the ship Serenity.

A giggle from behind Zoe told them that River had entered the room, “No silly, not a boat, a ship, in space.”

Every head had swung around to face River who was smiling brightly at the young girl, not nearly as young as herself but younger the most of the crew. “Eh?”

“This is Serenity, my ship and what would you be doing on it?” The Captain was always one to be straightforward and not care nearly as much as he should about people’s feelings.

Scratching her head with her left hand she tried to process the incoming information. “I’m on a ship… in space… and no one knows how I got here?” A few of the crew nodded their heads as Faith said this slowly. Swing her legs to the side so she could stand up she smiled a smile that showed bitterness and something that people could call power, but the others would just say she was confused and ready to attack.
“In that case, I think I might just get off this ‘ship’ because you people are crazy and you’re scaring me.” With that she stepped past the crowd of the crew and began to walk away when she realized she had no idea where she was going, turning around to face them she saw that two had their arms crossed, another had her left hand on her hip while the girl behind her peeked around the dark girls shoulders. The man standing next to the dark girl just looked surprised and confused as she felt. “Where is the exit?” She asked as she studied each of them.

“You can’t leave we’re in space.”

“How far from Earth?” The first expression that crossed their faces was surprise, then wonder, then the you-must-be-joking, “I am in the year 1999 right?”

After a lot of swearing in an Asian language that Faith did not understand in the slightest. “That happened over five hundred years ago, Earth that was is a gone, used-up planet.”

Placing two finger on her forehead she tried to calm the upcoming headache, “what do you mean ‘gone, used-up’?”

“Just that, it doesn’t exist anymore.” For a second she looked as if she was going to faint as her eyes rolled up, but in reality she was muttering under her breath about going insane using colourful language to express her feeling towards this predicament.
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