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Double Take

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Summary: Buffy is in Panama looking for a Slayer, when she comes across someone familiar

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Television > Prison BreakshellcFR131347021,42216 Oct 0716 Oct 07Yes
Title: Double Take
Pairing: Buffy/Michael
Disclaimer: Buffy is the property of Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon, while Prison Break belongs to Paul Scheuring
Notes: Wentworth Miller played Gage in the Buffy Season 2 Episode Go Fish

"What the hell are you doing here fish boy?"

Buffy was sure she had seen him from across the market but couldn't be sure. But the closer she got she knew for certain it was him.

"Jesus get off him." Lincoln tried to extract the psycho chick's hands from his brother's neck. She may have been small but she was one strong little thing.

"What's the problem?" Michael choked out.

"My problem is you and your fish stick buddies skipped town after nearly killing me." She stared at him,"I'm supposed to be the dumb one, not you."

"Look whoever you are, I'm not the guy you think I am." And the mood she was in, he didn’t think that mattered at this moment.

"Buffy," Willow called from behind.

Ignoring her Buffy continued, "So then you have amnesia then?" She obviously did not believe him.

"BUFFY, will you..." the witch yelled again.

"Not now..." the rest of the sentence was stopped when she was whirled around to look at the TV.

There was another report about the escapees on the Television saying they had caught T-Bag and showed the shots of the prisoners still on the loose.

"Oh so you're not him then?" Buffy let him go, "Oops." she smiled.

"Oops you nearly choked him." Lincoln got in her face.

"Not my fault he looks like him." Buffy glared at him.

The only thing that stopped them from coming to blows was the sirens and the sound of speeding cars.

"I'm guessing someone doesn't want you here." She looked around just as they pulled up. An idea came to her.

"Run," she whispered before vaulting the car and jumping onto the cop

By the time she had the handcuffs on her they were nowhere to be seen.

"And what do you think you were doing there?" The bigger one glowered down at her.

"Paying someone back." She shrugged as she was put into the back of the squad car.

The End

You have reached the end of "Double Take". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking