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Pain Or Pleasure

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Summary: Buffy in the Hellraiser verse

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Chapter Five

TITLE: Pain or Pleasure Part 5
DISCLAIMER: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Hellraiser Franchise is the property of Clive Barker.
SUMMARY: The reunion continues
NOTES: This is kind of squeamish but nothing that you wouldn’t see in the films.
Also thanks for the reviews, they were appreciated.
TIME LINE: Set during Season 3 (No Spoilers)

“What did you call me?” Elana turned to Spike.

While she was preoccupied, Faith took the opportunity to try and free Angel but Elana was one step ahead. She said something inaudible and Faith now found that she was rooted to the spot and couldn’t talk or move.

“Why the hell call me Bunny…or …whatever it was?” she turned to the Cenobite for answers.

“You knew our Princess?” Pinhead asked Spike.

“She is…was my Grand sire,” the vampire kept his eye on her as he spoke. “But she disappeared a long time ago…we lost her.”

He nodded, understanding and turned back to Elana. “As you know, time is different in this world. So what was decades for them, has been centuries for us. They knew you when you existed here.”

“Well, like you say that was a long time ago,” she replied as a steel pole came through the wall stabbing through both Spike and Giles side. “I feel better, you want a go?” she looked over at Butterball.

He nodded, moving over to Xander. Stopping only to take a hatchet from his body. The human’s yells urged him on more as he raised the weapon and scalped him.

In all the years he had existed, Angel had never seen anything like this and gained even more respect for Xander for lasting as long as he did before fainting from the pain.

“You will pay for this!” he promised her.

“I’m sure I will.”

“My sweet Buffy has come back to me.”

Elana whipped around at the voice to see a woman standing at the door. She had been too busy on her spree that she hadn’t seen her standing there. As she watched her, a image came into her mind of the pair of them cuddling each other in a bed.

The other two demons were there as well, and another female who she didn’t recognize but it was obvious she knew.

“I know you….” she was hesitant. “D….Drusilla?”

“I’m so glad I was here to witness the Addams family reunion but how about you let me go so we can finish this.” Faith snarled at the pair of them.

Elana took a instant dislike to her. She sensed the good in her and it made her choke, like she had offal in her mouth. “For that,” she spat at her with venom. “You will pay.” She nodded at Chatterer and a blade came from nowhere and slit Giles in the throat.

“You fucking bitch,” Faith screamed with rage as she was let loose. “I’m going to kill you, you whore.” She made a run for Elana who easily dodged her.

“Come on little girl, is that all you got to give?” she laughed.

In the back of her mind, Faith knew she was deliberately trying to provoke her but she couldn’t see anything but blind rage.

Giles was lying on the ground all crumpled, drenched in his own blood. Elana looked down then grinned back at her. “Quite ironic really isn’t it?, He’s the Watcher but you had to watch him die!”

“This ends now.” Faith ran for her again, ignoring Angel and Spike’s cries of warning. Elana brought her hand up at the last minute, punching her so hard that she thought her neck had snapped for a few seconds. Luckily all she got was a burst lip and a few missing teeth as she fell.

“You little gutter mouth,” Elana dragged her up by the hair. “You are going to be the last, you are going to watch as they go one by one.” She thrust her head into the wall as she let her go and walked over to Xander.

“Wakey, wakey,” she bent down as her human features appeared. “Are you okay?” she held out her hand.

He nodded, taking it, too scared to do anything else. “Good boy.” She patted his head as Pinhead handed her a cleaver from his belt.

“ Is your head okay?” she asked him. “I bet it feels as if it’s splitting right now.”


“Don’t…” Angel knew exactly what she was gonna do.

Ignoring him, she raised the weapon and smashed it through his skull, literally splitting it in half. She let go of the body as it dropped. It convulsed for a few moments then stilled.

“If it didn’t before then it sure as hell will now.”

One of his eyeballs dropped out of it’s socket. She bent down to scoop it up and moved back over to Faith.


She turned to the vampire with a frown and waved her hand causing his mouth to stitch itself up. “ Don’t know about you but where I’m from, it’s rude to interrupt!”

She moved closer to the slayer. “You seem hungry?” she spoke before forcing her mouth open and dropping the eyeball into it. “No desert unless you empty your plate.” She forced her to swallow it as she gagged.

“Now?” she moved over to Angel. “What to do with you?” she patted his cheek before a glass appeared in her hand. All three vampires flinched recognizing what it was instantly.

“Open up for me.” She talked as if he was a child. He fought with everything he had. Realizing this Pinhead brought several chains out. They connected to his arms, face and legs, keeping him in place. He forced the vampire’s mouth open so Elana could pour the holy water down his throat. He howled as first drops connected with his skin.

Pinhead grinned at the carnage. The child that he met centuries ago had grown into a woman. He couldn’t have been more proud, if he was her own father.

As if she sensed what he was thinking, Elana turned to him. “Now I wonder what will get him first,” she walked over. “The holy water or the sun.” She pointed to the window as the first rays of light started to appear.

“Buffy?” Spike met her gaze and instantly it started to come back. Everything that had long been forgotten, returned in an instant.

She looked at Pinhead who nodded his acceptance then made her way over to Drusilla. “What’s it going to be?” there was no way she was leaving here without the two vampires. They belonged to her.

“I want to be with you.” Dru cuddled into her, like she figured she would.

“You?” she asked Spike. She wasn’t so sure about him. He wasn’t the same demon that she knew.

He shrugged. “Not as if there’s anything left anymore is there.”

Buffy made for the corridor with Dru by her side. “Grab her,” she nodded at Faith. “I have much better plans for her.”

Spike watched the others walk through and was about to follow when he heard a gargle from behind him.

The chains were pulling Angel in all different directions, until they gave and every part of him separated into dust.

“Bye Peaches.” He nodded before following the others through the hallway.

¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

100 Years Later

“William won’t play,“ Dru pointed. “Miss Edith says he is upset.”

Elana turned as her childe walked into the dungeon, used to these tirades. She wasn’t complaining though, it was during one such episode that she killed Angelique. The Cenobite had been foolish enough to force Elana to choose between her and Drusilla.

To this day, she din’t know how but Dru had got Angelique into Leviathan’s lair and pushed her into the abyss. When she told her father about it, he acted surprised but she knew better. There was no way anything happened here that he didn’t know about.

Of course, Pinhead hadn’t been happy that he had lost one of his army and it had taken weeks of submitting to him before he let it go. She still flinched at what he had done to her. He had asked that Dru and Spike be turned to replace her but Elana flat out refused. They were hers and she would not willingly give control of them over to anybody, not even him.

“He’s only mad cause he wasn’t allowed to go with the others,” Elana came back to the present. “How about we go and play to take our minds off of it?” she held her hand out.

They made their way into the chamber that she was hanging in. “Not disturbing you are we?” they made their way over to Faith.

When she had first brought her back down, she had Leviathan immortalize her. So now she could hack and torture her as much as she wanted too. And the next day, the canvas would be clean to start again.

“You know I was wondering,” Buffy spoke as she sliced into her. “If Darla or The Master are still around, they could keep the slayer company.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Pain Or Pleasure". This story is complete.

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