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Pain Or Pleasure

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Summary: Buffy in the Hellraiser verse

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Chapter One

TITLE: Pain or Pleasure
PAIRING: Spike/Drusilla
Rating: FR18
DISCLAIMER: Buffy/ Angel is the property of Joss Whedon, Hellraiser belongs to Clive Barker
SUMMARY: Buffy Summers has been a vampire for the last 200 years and has finally gotten bored with her existence. On a trip to Asia with Darla she encounters something that will change all that.
TIME LINE: Set Pre Buffy in 1950
NOTES: This is really just a set up chapter. More will happen in the next few.
NOTES: Thanks as always to Ouida for the Beta


Buffy looked between the painting, the owner and Drusilla. In all honesty the painting looked disgusting but the younger vampire had wanted it as soon as she saw it and that usually meant Buffy had to get it for her.

"You sure about this sweetheart? I don't want you to get it then change your mind and throw it out."

She heard the snort from the male but ignored it.

"It shows the stars Buffy, it has so many pretty colors." Dru whispered to her.

"Ok we will take it then." she turned to the man who snorted again.

"I'm sorry young lady but I don't think you can afford this piece it is over a thousand dollars."

"Uh huh, actually I can afford it sweet cheeks." Buffy walked over to him "But I am getting it for free."

"I…" his nostrils flared "Do you think I am honestly going to be scared of two girls?"

"Well that would be a start." Buffy's face changed as she backed him into a corner.

"I want to share him." Dru whined.

Buffy turned and held out her hand and the two of them each bit down into the man's jugular and drained him until he was empty.

The body dropped to the floor as she made her way over to the painting and she picked it up and followed Dru outside to where Spike was waiting on them in the De Soto.

"Did you girls get what you were looking for?" he wiped a streak of
blood from Drusilla's chin.

"Yes my William and it shines." she smiled back at him.

Buffy just sighed and got in the back seat as they made their way home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Darla frowned as she watched Buffy from the other side of the room. They had just massacred a whole family and were sitting in the living room surrounded by the bodies but still she wasn't happy. She had noticed it a few weeks back but it had got worse now.

She got up and walked over to her childe and sat beside her pushing the body to the floor.

"You okay darling?" she looked at her not happy with what she saw. She had got thinner in the last while as well and there was something wrong that she couldn't put her finger on.

"You ever think you are in the wrong place at the wrong time?" Buffy sighed.

"What do you mean?"

"This." she nodded at the room and to Drusilla and Spike who were screwing in the corner. "Nothing ever changes Darla. It's like everything we do is in a circle. The minute we stop then it starts from the beginning again."

Darla took a stray lock of hair and put it behind her ear. If it had been anyone else but her sire Buffy would have ripped their heads off for touching her.

"You know it's at times like this I wish that Angelus had never gotten his soul,” she stood up to look out the window. "He was a bastard but he knew how to have fun."

"Do you wish I hadn't turned you?"

She turned to Darla and took her head in her hands. "Of course not sire. The good from all this far outweighs the bad."

She moved her neck so Darla could get access to it and with a smile she bit down and tasted some of Buffy's blood.

"Thank you." Darla nodded when she had finished.

"I have an idea." she smiled at her childe. "How about we go somewhere for a while? Just me and you and it will give those two." she inclined her head to Dru and Spike "Time to themselves."

"That is a great idea ducks." Spike came over. "It will get us time to ourselves again." he put his arm around Drusilla.

"It's the end then." Drusilla moaned. "The lamb will disappear never to come back until she is a sheep with teeth."

"What do you mean sweetheart?" Spike put his arms around her. "Do you see something?".

"My little Buffy will be lost never to return." she started sobbing. "She will be lost and they will have her." She started gnashing her teeth together.

None of them were taking her seriously but Dru knew for a fact that Buffy would be lost to them after this and she would never return.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"There you are sweetheart."

Buffy turned from draining the woman to smile at Darla. She snapped her neck and made her way over to her sire and took her hand as they walked along the market.

"Did I tell you how great this place is?" she grinned. "Food wherever you like, Angelus would have loved it here."

"Well if he hadn't been so stupid then he would be here wouldn't he." Darla barked then walked away.

Buffy cursed. She knew how much it pissed her sire off to talk about him. She was about to make her way over to Darla when a hand stopped her.

"What is your pleasure Miss?"

She turned to see a Chinese man staring up at her with some sort of weird box in his hand.

"What?" she growled annoyed that he had interrupted her.

"You seek pleasure my lady well this box will give you just that." he held it out to her.

"What kind of pleasure?" she replied in Chinese.

"The kind you crave, Pleasure and pain mixed together." he answered.

She took the box out of his hand and punched a hole through his chest taking his heart out.

She walked away licking her fingers as she left him slumped over the table.

"Do you have to be so coarse?"

She turned to see Darla scowling at her "You are making it obvious we are here Elizabeth."

Buffy growled, Darla knew she hated anyone calling her that. "Quit it with that okay and what the hell is up with you anyway. If you didn't want to come here why suggest it."

"Don't annoy me child." her ridges came out as she argued with the younger vampire. "The others may allow it but with me you will show some respect."

"Who the fuck are you calling child?" Buffy growled at her. "Just cause Angelus and the others bow to you don't mean I have to."

"I think I will have to show you some respect then?" she stalked over to her ready to pounce.

"Bring it on mommy." Buffy grinned knowing she could out fight the older vampire.

She waited until Darla was in front of her and moved them so she had her pinned to the wall with a stake at her heart.

"I respect you Darla because you are my sire but I am not Angelus. I will not let you walk all over me." she stared her out."I'm thinking this whole time apart thing sounds good." She let her go.

"What exactly do you mean by that?" her sire growled. "You mean…."

"I mean you piss off out of my way cause if I have to spend any more time with you I will stake you myself. Now go and annoy the others for a while will you?".

She walked away without even looking back. She knew she had flew off the handle easily but everything about her life was annoying her just now and in her state of mind Darla was the one who caused it by damning her for eternity.

Darla stood as she walked away out of view. Something was wrong with her and in time she would crawl back on her hands and knees to apologize but until then she would go to the one person she could count on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Buffy kicked the apartment door open and stormed in flinging the box on the bed and going through to pack her stuff.

"Stupid bitch." she growled her ridges coming out. "Never thought I'd see the day that I'd prefer wacko's company to hers."

She packed everything in a bag that she needed as was just about to walk out the door when she saw the box lying there. She was in two minds to leave it but something in her head made her go over to pick it up.

She looked around the room sure that there was someone or something in there with her. She shrugged it off and took the box in her hand and started to look at it. It seemed to be some sort of puzzle box. She put her bag down and sat back on the bed determined to solve it. She started moving her fingers around it when suddenly a part of it moved and opened and she heard music coming from it. She shivered then decided to keep going. Whatever it was it was giving her a buzz like she had never had in all the time she had existed.

She got comfortable on the bed and didn't notice that the room was getting dark. She moved some more of the box but it fell out her hands and dropped onto the floor. She was sure she heard a bell start chiming in the distance then suddenly a weird glow started lighting up the rooms.

The box started to move on its own and it seemed to solve itself. When the last piece was in place the cracks in the wall began to glow and it started to open on its own.

Buffy jumped and ran to the other side of the room. She had seen everything and done everything possible in this world but knew whatever this thing was it was a bad idea.

It opened completely and a figure appeared. Some sort of creature who had been disfigured and it looked as if his mouth was being held open by wires. At the other side what looked to be a female came in- she was as bad her neck, was being held open and you could see into it.

She didn't think it could get worse but what looked like a fat guy came through next. He looked disgusting and sweaty but for some reason he was wearing sunglasses.

They all wore leather outfits that looked as if they were actually part of their skins and Buffy was sure she could see bone in places.

"Oh hell." she howled jumping up and making for the door. She was almost at it when she felt a sharp pain in her arm.

She looked to see a spike hooked into it on the end of a long chain. She was pulled around and another spike was put into her other arm leaving her dangling in the air.

"I don't know who the fuck you are." She screamed. "But I am going to send you bitches back to the hell that you came from."

"Maybe we are already there." the female spoke in a deep voice. "Maybe we will take you back with us." She moved over to Buffy bringing out two things that looked like blades.

The vampire started kicking with her legs but it was no use and one of the blades came across her stomach. She screamed as the monster with the teeth came for her.


They did as they were told and moved away from Buffy. She saw a figure walking through the tunnel and coming towards them. If it was possible this scared her more than them.

When he finally came into view she saw he had pins all over his head

"Princess you have finally come." he looked at her.

Then they all disappeared leaving no proof that anything had happened there.
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