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Carter's Diary

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Summary: Long after SG-1 fell, Carter's Diary was found in her office, hidden. Who knew just how close SG-1 really was?

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1nannabelleFR2132,608072,91319 Oct 0713 Nov 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the computer I write this on.

AN: Ok, this is about sex. Lots of sex. And it's about group sex. SG-1 is closer than anyone ever knew. The idea is that SG-1 is dead (no real time-line, but Ori never happened, and Jack never became General) and Samantha Carter's diary has just been found hidden in her office. If it makes you feel better, imagine SG-1 lived to a ripe old age, and this is YEARS or DECADES later. WHEN the diary is being read is not relevant. It's a gradual process, as this is about HOW they become a "group". So, hope you enjoy!

Carter’s Diary

Entry 1:

Our little game started after we visited P3X-595. The world where I was traded for love, and raped by a Chieftain. Oh, sure, I kicked his ass, and he lost face in front of his people, and women were given rights in the neighboring tribe, but I was still raped. And our team hadn’t been together long enough to not feel the guilt. What did I have to feel guilty for? As the only woman on the team, I had been trained to expect sexual aggression in the field. Leaving the planet should not have negated that training. If anything, it should have strengthened it. Daniel felt guilty for not anticipating this sort of thing could happen, since he is our cultural expert. Jack felt guilty for not rescuing me in time. Teal’c, well, who knew what Teal’c felt at the time, but I believe he felt guilty for leaving me alone in the first place. In fact, it was his suggestion that led to our little game. Teal’c suggested that when we visited patriarchal worlds where women seemed to have no rights, that I should pretend to be married to one of the men. This would include never having any one person bunking alone. Some worlds split us up, but after that world, we always split in twos. Teal’c couldn’t ever bunk with me, because it was against his cultural beliefs to share a bed chamber with a woman not his wife. So it fell to Daniel and Jack. It was decided that they would switch off. It worked like a charm. And it made the team a lot closer. Daniel and I would stay up all night talking. We talked about Sha’re, we talked about the cultures we visited, and we taught each other things. I learned German and French and Ancient Sumerian. He learned physics and string theory. Jack and I talked about astronomy and the galaxies and motorcycles and muscle cars.

Things started to change when we visited a world called Xelania. It was medieval and very male dominated. We knew right away that our game would have to be played. It was Jack’s turn, and he wore the role of husband like a cloak. His being my CO actually helped matters, as it was easy for me to be subservient to him. I dropped the “Colonel” talk, but kept the “sir”. When night fell, we were led to a room with two beds in it. Another couple was already sharing the other bed. It was obvious that our usual method (Jack on a pallet on the floor) was not going to work. We were going to have to share the bed. And it was a small bed. Larger than a single, but smaller than a double. I glanced at Jack who rocked back on his heels and shoved his hands in his pockets. By this time, I knew his facial expressions well enough to see when he accepted the situation. He looked over at me and smiled. Then he stepped forward and pulled his shirt over his head. He sat on the bed and removed his boots and socks, stuffing the latter into the former for ease of finding in the morning. He pulled his belt off and coiled it around his boots. Finally he removed his weapons. He placed his P90 on the small table by the bed. He had a Zat and a knife strapped to his thighs, and those went in the drawer. Finally he stood and removed his pants. Standing there clad only in his boxer-briefs, he pulled the covers back and sat back down. I had no choice but to act as if I saw him undress all the time, and that I wasn’t wildly uncomfortable undressing in front of him. I sat next to him on the bed and removed my boots, socks, belt and weapons, treating them the same way Jack had. Then I stood and pulled my shirt over my head. I had a sports bra on, so I wasn’t any more undressed than I was in the gym on base. But I still had my BDU pants on. I started to stand to remove them, but Jack’s hand on my arm stopped me.

“It’s a little chilly tonight. Why don’t you leave your pants on tonight?” His voice was gruff. I glanced gratefully at him, and he winked at me. Then he patted the bed. He wanted me to get in first, so that he was between me and the door. I slid my feet under the covers and rolled onto my side facing the wall. I felt him lie down beside me and try not to touch me. The bed was just too damn small. I tried scooting closer to the wall, but he growled and whispered in my ear, “Let’s just get used to the fact that there is no way in hell we’ll be able to sleep together without touching. Can we just get comfortable?” I nodded and relaxed back into him. He slid one arm under my head, and draped the other across my waist. It was a long time before I was able to fall asleep. I’d been in lust with Jack almost from the very beginning. But I managed it.

I awoke slowly. There was a hand on my breast, and an erection pressed against my ass. I couldn’t help that my first reaction was arousal. But a second later Jack awoke and jerked his hand away. He rolled slowly to his back, careful not to fall off the edge of the bed. He sighed and said, “You awake yet, Carter?”

“Yes, sir,” I answered promptly. I flipped myself over and watched as Jack stood and pulled his pants on. I licked my lips and swung my legs over the edge. Jack handed me my shirt and I pulled it over my head. We dressed in silence. Neither of us mentioned the manner in which we’d woken. The other couple was already up and out of the room. We had one more night here. I wondered what might happen. Oh, I knew we wouldn’t have sex. He was my CO and there was another couple sleeping in our room with us. But I couldn’t help but look forward to more touching.

We spent the day negotiating rights to the mine near the village. But all too soon it was night time again. We followed the same routine as the night before. Only this time, before Jack could say anything, I took off my pants, too. I crawled into bed and faced the wall. When Jack settled in behind me, I tried to fall asleep. Unfortunately, this was not a Puritan community, and our roommates decided tonight was the night for sex. I felt Jack slowly tense as the noises from the bed next to us got louder. “For cryin’ out loud,” he muttered.

I flipped over to face him. “Sir, about this morning...”

He stopped me with that noise he makes, “Ah, Carter. I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Sir, it’s ok. I know you would never do something like that with an officer in your command,” I rushed to assure him.

He nodded, “Exactly, I could be court marshaled! Not to mention, I would not sexually harass anyone.”

I couldn’t help but point out, “It’s not harassment unless the attention is continued past an obvious rejection, or it’s made clear that someone’s job is dependent on saying yes. That’s not the case here, is it?”

Jack leaned back to peer into my eyes. “What are you saying, Carter?”

I decided to take the plunge. “We’re on another planet, sir. Do the rules really apply out here?”

His eyes cut to my lips. He swallowed visibly. The couple next to us continued to moan and groan. “Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting? Carter, Ms. Military? You want to violate regs?”

I shrugged, “Just how important is that reg to you?”

He shut his eyes and he moaned. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he opened them and surged toward me. His lips took mine commandingly. Finally my fantasies were coming to life. I pressed my hands to his chest and opened my mouth to him. His tongue swept in and took over.

We didn’t have sex that night. We didn’t even get to third base. But we kissed…a lot.

That was the beginning.
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