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New Beginnings

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This story is No. 4 in the series "World Without Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow tries her hand at redemption

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Past Donor)LaneyFR184067,42919101120,1316 Jan 0311 Mar 05Yes

Part Two

Dr Daniel Jackson tried to focus on anything but the pain he was in. It felt like his forehead was being drilled by a laser. Why did this always happen to him? Why was he always the one who got their brains sucked out by the Goa'uld? Technically that wasn't what they were doing, but it felt like it. Sometimes he really wished he never deciphered the symbols that opened the Stargate. Then, maybe then, he'd be alive. Unemployed, but still alive, and not in the agony he was in right now.

What ever the rest of SG-1 had planned, they had better do it fast. Daniel didn't think he could hold out much longer.

He hated this more than anything, the moment right before he died. Oh, he had no doubt. He was going to die, and it seemed to take forever. All the times he had died, he had been lucky enough to be near technology that restored his life. Not this time. This time he was in an abandoned warehouse in Colorado Springs. There was no sarcophagus to revive him, only death. He just hoped his friends would be all right. Daniel had never expected things to turn out like this. When he was first approached by Catherine Langford, he had no idea that the Stargate was actually an alien device that allowed them to travel to other planet in seconds. He knew pretty much nothing, his only focus was getting paid. Nice how things worked out.

For the last seven years, Daniel had been a part of a secret government project, which traveled to alien worlds in hope for technology that would help them in their fight against the Goa'uld. An alien race, who posed as Gods and enslaved humans both as hosts, and to serve them. Nirrti was one of such creatures. He closed his eyes as the pain intensified. It wouldn't be long now and then the pain would be over, forever. Would he see his late wife Sha're or his deceased parents? He never really let himself think about it much, but now that he was dying, he found himself a little preoccupied with it. As he silently prepared himself for death, he could vaguely hear shouting. No doubt, his friends trying to tell him to hold on. However, the sound of the Goa'uld Ribbon Device Nirrti was using on him made it a little difficult for him to focus. He could also hear gunshot fire, but the personal shield Nirrti was using made it impossible for the bullets to hit her. There was no way to save him.

The technology the Goa'uld used was far too advanced for them to compete against. The weapons the US military had available ancient compared to that of the Goa'uld. Against Nirrti, unfortunately, it was even worse. She had technology that other Goa’ulds weren’t privy to, such as invisibility technology. After she was finished with him, Nirrti would go invisible again and pick her next target. This was turning out to be a really bad day. Daniel vaguely wondered how his best friend, Colonel Jack O'Neill, was handling this. Their relationship was tenuous at times; their philosophical differences always caused them to argue. After all, Jack was an Air Force Colonel, and Daniel was an Archaeologist and Linguist. That alone should illustrate how different they were. Still, Jack was his best friend, and the two of them had been through hell together, literally.

At least he knew that Jack would get revenge for his death. He would hunt Nirrti until he found her then kill her. Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c would help. The four of them formed SG-1, the front and luckiest team, in the Stargate Command. Well luckiest until now. God, he wished the Goa'uld would kill him already.

He was ready, really he was. The pain was unbearable and his mind had already accepted his impending death. Yet, his body was still hanging on as though waiting for a miracle. The thought made Daniel want to laugh, there were no such things as miracles. There was no God. In all his years, both with the Stargate and before, Daniel had learned there was no such thing as Gods or Higher Powers. If the rest of the world knew what was actually out there, he figured most of them would cease believing in them too. People had no idea what kind of danger they were constantly in. How many times the world had almost ended? He wondered if they would ever be ready.

Daniel bit back a cry of pain. Nirrti might be torturing him, but he'd be damned if he was going to give her the satisfaction of hearing him scream. Daniel hated the Goa'uld more than anything, and not even the prospect of death was enough to make him give in to them. Nirrti was after Cassandra again, and he wasn't going to tell her where she was. He'd rather die first. Nirrti was after a more advanced human host. Her previous attempts, of trying to engineer the human genes to achieve her goals, had failed. And almost cost Cassandra Fraiser. Cassandra, right before she almost died, had been able to move objects telepathically. If the Goa'uld got their hands on a human who was advanced like that, they'd all be in more trouble than they thought possible. Luckily, her experiments failed otherwise there would be a Goa'uld who could shoot without lifting her hand.

Daniel felt his body waver, his legs beginning to loose control. This was it, the end. His body couldn't hold on any longer and he was grateful. His head was killing him and his mind was beginning to haze over. It hurt too much to hold on.

Then it stopped. The pain.

Not completely, but the burning sensation was gone. Nirrti was no longer using the Ribbon device and Daniel was almost too scared to guess the reason why. He hoped, prayed his team had found a a way to save him. He tried to focus on what was going on around him, there was talking…a voice he didn't recognise. A female voice he didn't recognise. Where did Nirrti go? What was going on? He felt someone pull at him, and he realised it was the female who had been speaking to him a moment ago.

"Are you okay?” the voice asked, concerned.

His head was still throbbing, and he couldn't see her clearly. The only thing he could notice about her, was her eyes, they were kind of brown, almost black. “I’m…ow…okay, I think.”

"Is he okay?”

Sam? Daniel wanted to yell out to his friend, but he didn't think it was wise. He didn't think his head could take it.

"He's okay,” the woman told his friends. "Can you make it to the soldiers?”

"I think…"


It happened so fast. One minute Nirrti was pointing a zat at him, the next she was gone and so was he. Nirrti thrown across the room by an invisible force, while he suddenly found himself safe with his friends. How the hell had he gotten there?

He turned back to the woman standing in the center of the warehouse. She was standing with her back to them, her hands on her hips. "I'm really not someone you want to piss off.”

Strangely, Daniel believed her.
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