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Green Lantern's Journey

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Summary: While attending a funeral in New York, Xander encountered a Green Lantern from another dimension. Entrusted with a mission that could spell the end for his world, can the new Green Lantern be up to the task?

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wraithruneFR18625,38215022,78321 Oct 0718 Mar 08No

Chapter 6: Ending and Beginning of the Journey

Summary: IsXander’s destined for something greater? Is Willow suffering from mental problems? Evil is loaming with only Buffy at the fort. And Dawn may just appear.

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU crossover with mild references to Spiderman (Movie), Smallville (TV Series), Naruto (Anime), Andromeda (TV Series), AU version of DC's Green Lantern.

Book Title: Green Lantern's Journey

Author: Wraithrune

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer, Spiderman, Smallville, Naruto, Andromeda and Green Lantern. This is just a work of fanfiction.



Chapter Six: Ending and Beginning of the Journey


The First hissed as it surveyed the dimension it was trying to access. Great protections flared around the veils, preventing it entry. But of course, the protections did not affect most of its demon underlings. Those ancient protections were created to stop it and other Gods from tranversing across the dimensions freely.


“It seemed that there are formidable powers in that dimension.” It hissed. “I can pierce a small hole in the veils for a short time to send two teams of Haruther demons through. Ska’thru, Ker’lar, you know what to do don’t you?”


Its two leading commanders nodded.


“I’ll attempt to open a portal from that side of the dimension for you to cross.” Ska’thru said. “While Ker’lar will hunt down the One who Sees so that the location of the Life Core could be revealed.”


“Good.” The First Evil hissed. “Gather your troops, I’ll send all of you across once night has come.”



The child smiled as he made his way through the dark caverns. He walked slowly towards the soft glow of light that illuminate the end of the tunnel. Just right at the edge, he could feel the power of ancient magic resisting him as he entered into a richly furnished underground room.


The man who couldn’t be more than thirty years of age turned from his seat in the sofa and looked at him.


“So you’ve come.” The man sighed. “The Spirit of all Creations. Just like my dreams had prophesized.”


“And I see you are well Merlin.” The child smiled, before his face turned grim. “Your successor’s trial has just begun. Even now, the wheels of destiny are turning, to usher in a new age.”


“The First has sent its minions across?” Merlin asked unsurprised.


“No, but I can feel it testing the wards on the veils. Soon it will attack and draw this dimension into conflict, creating the beginning of the Third Age. As you are the second Keeper of Balance in this dimension, so shall the boy be the third once he has awaken to his potential.” The child said. “That is if he should survive his trial.”


“With one of the most powerful slayer in history and Gaia’s chosen to help him?” Merlin snorted. “He should be fine, not even I had that much help during my trial.”


“As each Age arrived, so shall the trial of each new Keeper of Balance be more catastrophic.” The child said. “The turmoil of Life and Time shall carry on until one ends. You know what you must do if he does not succeed in his trial.”


“Don’t worry. Shall he fail, as the surviving Keeper of Balance, I’ll be allowed to intervene. However pitiful my remaining powers are against the First Evil.”



Cordelia sighed as she sink into the bathtub of rose scented hot water. The heat relaxed her and soothed her aching muscles. They had arrived at Smallville an hour ago, after another plane flight to Metrolopolis and a two hour car drive to Smallville.


The sun was setting by the time they reached this quaint little town. Cordelia never got a chance to see the local sights, what with the shadows darkening the small town as the sun sets. Xander had left the hotel after leaving his stuff in the room. His sense of urgency regarding the buying of the meteor rocks override his basic needs. Willow on the other hand had locked herself in her room after ordering room service for dinner. Apparently, the red haired ninja wanted to go through her ‘chakra training’, whatever that was.


She still envied Willow and Xander’s transformations, from being Buffy’s sidekicks to becoming individuals who could kick vampire or human asses on their own. Sometimes, she wished she was the one granted those powers. Who knows how things would have turned out now?


“I wish… I wish I can also gain special powers.” Cordelia said softly to herself. “But I guess I am just destined to be someone ordinary.”


She lay in the hot tub for a while, feeling tension draining out of her. It was at times like this, when she was alone, that she could admit to herself without anyone else hearing the truth of what she felt. Xander, Buffy and maybe Willow, they are probably the only friends who would be willing to die for her and her for them.


She didn’t know when it all started, when she became “a part of the gang”. But Cordelia knew that those three were some of the few people she could depend on.


Cordelia sighed. “I must do my best in whatever I can. Maybe one day I’ll be able to find something special I can do. Hmm… maybe I’ll even get Willow to teach me some of those ninja moves.”



You can do it! Yosh! The voice cried in her mind as Willow stood on the ceiling of her hotel room.


“Oh keep quiet!” Willow snapped rolling her eyes. In her mind, she could see a darker and bitchy representation of Sakura shaking her fist at her.


It was one of the fallout from Halloween night, one that Xander, Buffy and Giles knew nothing of. Her halloween character Sakura Haruno was a powerful medic ninja who could smash down enemies with her powerful punches and kicks that rivals even the power of Buffy. It was true that at Willow’s current level, she could not replicate any of the medic jutsus without a high chance of accidentally killing anyone, or try applying a massive amount of chakra into her hands and legs to create those super punches or kicks without seriously injuring herself.


However, Sakura was much more than an ordinary ninja, and during that brief possession during halloween night, the medic ninja left something behind that changed Willow. Sakura Haruno had a powerful spilt personality, and that spilt personality of Sakura was currently residing in Willow’s mind.


Bitch! Inner Sakura cried, a vein throbbing on her forehead. I was just trying to be helpful and encouraging.


Willow sighed, rolling her eyes for patience. The spilt personality of Sakura was something she could have done without. She had no idea why she kept this a secret from everyone, except for the fact she don’t want her friends to think she’s going nuts. Sakura Haruno had been very embarrassed of her spilt personality and had kept it a secret from everyone in her world. This embarrassment was also passed down to Willow.


“I am trying my best to concentrate on sticking on the ceiling and you’re not really helping with all the noises you’re making in my brain!” Willow growled, glad that she had the room all to herself or Xander and Cordelia would have ask her why she was talking to thin air. She could picture easily Cordelia sarcastically calling her a nut case.


She had been training since they arrived at the hotel and had managed to stand on the ceiling for three hours straight. Looking at the clock by the bed below, it was nearly midnight. Willow frowned, there’s still some more time to train. Since getting her new found abilities, she was determined to gain back all the skills Sakura had in her life. Now that she could contribute to the fight, she doesn’t want to let Buffy and Xander down. They were her friends, her important people.


Hmph! I wished I was in the head of that Cordelia girl instead of you! At least she looked like she has some fashion sense and humor. Inner Sakura grunted. You? You just train and train and train… Don’t you ever get tired? I want to see something new! Like watching TV or even those .. what do you call? Ah movies!


Willow closed her eyes and tried to ignore the annoying personality in her head. She called up peaceful and calm memories of the soothing seas… gushing waterfalls… beautiful koei fishes swimming in the pond…


A memory of Oz hugging her suddenly popped into her mind, smashing into her thoughts.


“Argh!!” Willow cried as she lost her concentration. The chakra she was pouring into her feet to allow her to stick on the ceiling vanished and she dropped down onto her bed below. Willow cursed as she tried to untangle herself from the blankets. It was fortunate she had the good sense to stand with her bed underneath her or she would have a broken neck.


I prefer this memory. Seas? Waterfalls? And fishes? Willow dear you should get a life. Inner Sakura was saying in her head. Ooohh I could still remember that hug. That boy aroused me out of my sleep.


“Hey! Privacy here!” Willow snapped. “That’s my memory and my boyfriend you’re looking at.”


Oh don’t be such an old maid. Inner Sakura said waving her hands as her glittering eyes morphed into two throbbing pink hearts. We’re sharing one body, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. Learn to share girl! After, he’s the prince charming who woke me from my sleep.


Willow held her head as a headache began building in her head. She flopped down on her bed and sighed, mentally waving a white flag at inner Sakura. It was true, in a way. She had met Oz by chance in her extra computer classes. It was right after Halloween when she gained the confidence to wear more skin hugging clothes. Oz had confessed that was what had drawn his eyes to her, and on their first date, when they hugged… Inner Sakura had awaken…


It had been the start of something horrible… and… good. Sure she argued a lot with her spilt personality, and there’s hardly any privacy in her mind what with another personality that could sort through her memories at will. But on the good side, she never really feel alone anymore, even when she’s all alone at home.


Memories of being with Buffy and Xander who were her best friends, with Giles who was like a father to her, with Oz, her first and only boyfriend…. Willow’s eyes grew heavier and heavier and at last she drifted off to sleep.


Silly girl. Inner Sakura said to herself in Willow’s mind. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard. Provoking and distracting you was the only way to get you to sleep.


In her sleep, Willow slowly smiled.



Xander rubbed his eyes tiredly. He stretched his stiff arms trying to get the blood to circulate in his arms again. He had fallen asleep on the desk with parts of his half finished project on his table.


Xander frowned. He was sure he had heard Willow screaming from her room next door. He listened for a while but heard only silence, the wind of the air-con blowing down at him.


“I must be dreaming or something.” Xander muttered to himself at last, shaking his head. He turned his attention to his half complete project. “All right ring, time to get to work.”


My energies are 65% Xander. The ring said.


Xander smiled. “That’s enough for what we’re doing, and I’ve bought more rocks in case of any situations.”


A chunk of alumina and a small saucer of boric acid lay side by side on the desk in front of him. Xander called upon his Green Lantern powers and willed his power into being. A beam of green energy shot from his ring, seizing the alumina and boric acid and brought them together.


In his mind, he called for the memories of Rewana. A formulae and memory of how Rewana had used the Green Lantern’s powers to combine those two elements came to his mind and he forced the ray of green energy to bend to his will, replicating what Rewana had done.


There was a flare of bright green light and when it was over, a white sapphire sat on his desk. Xander smiled as he reached down and picked it up, it was still hot but the heat was rapidly disappearing. The jewel was a bit smaller than his palm and it would go the way of funding the scobby’s projects as was the fate of all the other gemstones he had created.


The power of the Green Lantern’s ring could be used for lots of purpose. Rewana was one of the few Green Lanterns who were able to use their powers to craft up solid objects by remembering specific formulas. In Rewana’s case, she had a fondness for gemstones of any kind. A weakness, that brought good fortune to Xander as he could now successfully replicate gemstones for money.


“I will protect this world with your powers Rewana.” Xander whispered. “I promise.”


He lean his head back and close his eyes, drifting to sleep. He never noticed the ring pulsing a soft bright green.


“Thank you… Xander. I know you will.” The ring said softly, for a moment, sounding decidedly feminine.



Buffy sat in front of her computer typing at furious speed. If her mother could have seen her right now, she would have thought her only daughter possessed. That was why Buffy had taken the precaution of locking her door before hand.


Right at this moment, Buffy was typing the beginnings of a program using a programming language, to create an AI powerful enough to run the video drone that Xander had created for her. Today was her seventh day of work and her pet project was nearing completion.


As she typed in the last code, Buffy raised her hands, crackling them before pressing the button that would compile the code into an AI program. She took out the video drone and plug it to the computer, transferring the created program into the drone.


A red light on the drone’s head blinked several times before the head of the drone bearing the camera turned in Buffy’s direction. A program launched on her computer and words started appearing on the screen.


“Video Drone 01 initializing. Waiting for command.”


“Alright!” Buffy cheered. “Your name is Frankenstein!”



Lex Luthor stalked into his study. The day had been hell. What with the attempt hostage situation and then seeing his bodyguards to the hospital. After the questioning by the local police, he had taken another flight and driven from the city to Smallville. To say that he was feeling a bit grouchy right now was an understatement, but currently he still had something he had to see to.


Picking up his phone, he dialed the number to his assistant who was most probably asleep by now.


“.. Hello this is….”


“Mary, this is Lex, I need you to check up on the whereabouts of three teenagers.” Lex said as he took out a paper with the name of the teenagers who had helped him on the plane, courtesy of the police force.


“Oh Mr Luthor, yes, please provide the names and any additional details.”


“Alexander Lavelle Harris, Cordelia Chase and Willow Rosenberg. They took the same public flight as me from Sunnydale. I heard from the local police at Salt Lake City that they were headed for Smallville. Help me track them down.”


“What do you wish for me to do Mr Luthor?”


“Currently nothing except where they are staying. Two of them just saved my life.”



A ripple seared through the veils as dark magic burned a hole large enough for the two teams of Haruther demons to step through. Under the half crescent moon, the two teams of demons greeted each other and then silently departed, disappearing into the night of Sunnydale.



In her room, Buffy snapped out of her sleep with a gasp of shock, trembling from something that had triggered her Slayer senses.


“They’re here.” Buffy said in shock.



Far away on another continent, an ancient being stirred as it sensed a weakening of magic throughout the world. And in that instant, it found what it was looking for.


“About time I sense you… The Key… I’ve found you at last.”



Author’s Notes: And so here’s an update. Thanks for all of you guys who had reviewed. By the way, is there anyone out there who is willing to be a beta reader for my story? It’s the first time I am doing this kind of thing so I am not sure how to go about doing it.


So if there’s someone out there who doesn’t mind checking my story for spelling, grammar and cannon consistency, I’ll appreciate the help. I think one beta reader should be enough. =D I think.


Currently Green Lantern’s Journey will crossover from Buffy and Smallville. It’ll help to have some knowledge of Naruto, Andromeda and Green Lantern.


Sorry to impose on you guys, and remember to review!


Ps. Sorry for the Wheel of Time moment at the start of the chapter, I couldn’t resist :p and no, I will not be crossing over to that verse, I’ve enough on my plate already.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Green Lantern's Journey" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 08.

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