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Contact with the Great Unknown

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Contact". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: UPDATED! Two people with secret identities and no lives connect when they become neighbors. Dawn/Jonas

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Jonas Quinn(Past Donor)LiastraLeeFR151624,213610357,14421 Oct 0713 Nov 07Yes

Epilogue and Such

Disclaimer: I now officially own 1 fanfiction story. Yay me!
AN: Thanks to my reviewers who made this possible.

Chapter 16: Epilogue and Such.

“So, exactly how long do I have to wait until I can call you dad?”

“I don’t know, I hadn’t actually thought about it. Why?”

“If I don’t call you dad around the baby, he’s gonna grow up calling you Jonas. That’s just weird.” Jenny leaned back on the counter she was sitting on and snatched a piece of the cucumber that Jonas was slicing. “That book that Willow sent Mom says that ‘children pick up on behavioral cues as early as 3 weeks old.’ That means I need to practice so I don’t mess up in front of him and get him all confused.”

Jonas just looked at her. “Ok…… but don’t you think he’ll notice that you have different last names?”

She shrugged. “Eventually, but not until he’s a lot older than 3 weeks. And he’ll probably notice that you and mom have different last names too. Better get on that.”

He shook his head and laughed. “I’ll make sure to tell your mom you said that.”


“Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, OH MY GOD!!!!!”

“You know that’s almost exactly what Vi said.”

“I’ll bet. How the hell did this happen?”

“Won it in a poker game.”

“Yeah, see, that’s not actually funny.”

“I’m not kiddin’ pet.”


Dawn was standing on the steps in front of the cottage that Vi and Spike were renting from Jonas, staring at Spike, who was lazily swinging on the old porch swing, grinning like an idiot. The amazing part of this sight was that is was broad daylight.

Vi had called her and demanded that she come over right now to see something. This was not what she had been expecting. She made her way to the swing and grabbed his hand as she heaved herself down next to him. She had just entered her eighth month of pregnancy and \, guess what, not fun. She held on to his hand for a long time, getting used to the unfamiliar warmth and the tiny pressure of a pulse beating in his palm. “Poker game?”

“Yeah, don’t think she thought it would work.”

“She?” Dawn was only getting more confused with this whole situation.

“Vi, she was at an all night private poker game with a mixed group of humans and demons downtown. I think your cleaner, Lara, and her husband were there. Anyway it was down to just her and this other bint, who was flat and desperate. So this bird offers t put up one wish against the pot. Well, I taught my girl how to spot a bluff a mile off, so she goes for it, figuring that at least she’ll get the rest of the cash. So the girl loses and asks Vi what her wish is. Vi knows the whole bit about wishes so she told her to get the big man himself to grant the wish of a slayer.” Mirth danced n his eyes as he pictured what her expression must have bee. “He was pretty pissed, but he gave her one wish, no nasty side effects, one time only. I think the idea of messing with one of hundreds of slayers was somewhat unappealing to him.”

Vi came out the door then with a huge tray covered in sweets and snacks. “You better enjoy this special treatment now, cause it is so temporary.” She tried to sound put out, but she was so happy that she just shined. “How far did you get?”

“Big bad just agreed to your terms.”

“Oh, good, I get to tell the fun part.” She settled in a chair nest to Spike and leaned forward, elbows on knees, to continue the tale. “My first reaction was to ask for something stupid, something that couldn’t cause problems even if he did double cross me. Like Dragonball.” Dawn shook her head, not getting it. “This pig got a wish and decided to ask for a comfortable pair of underwear.” Dawn and Spike gave her odd looks. “Never mind. Anyway, I changed my mind and decided to go for something that he COULDN’T grant, maybe his head would explode or something. I had heard that the only way for a vampire to become human was that ShanShu thing, so I thought it would be undoable. So I make my wish I say ‘I wish that the man I love, William Thomas Harding, known as William the Bloody and Spike, could become human.’ The guy just shrugged and disappeared. I was disappointed, but hey, wasn’t expecting anything, so I came home. Spike was asleep, so I crawled into bed and cuddled up to get some shut eye. I put my head on his chest like always, and there was a heartbeat. I jumped up and screamed so loud I nearly cracked the windows.”

“She scared the hell out of me.” Spike smiled and patted her arm. “I jumped up and she started doing that ‘oh my god’ thing you were doing. She couldn’t even explain what was going on. She just grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the house and shoved me off the porch.”


Jon was screwed.

“Hey Daniel, how’s it going.” Maybe if he played it right Daniel wouldn’t pay attention to the girl sitting across from him.

“Um, good. How are you?” Damn it, he had that confused, skeptical sound to his voice and he was staring at Robyn. Screwed.

“Alright I guess. Just waiting for some friends for dinner.” He was so not going to buy that. Of course if Robyn wasn’t smirking and about to laugh her ass off it might be easier.

“Uhuh, Jon can I talk to you, in private?” He smiled at Robyn and looked apologetic. “It’s a work thing, classified.”

“No problem, go right ahead.” She leaned over the table and stroked Jon’s face. “Just hurry back Jonny.” Jon was tempted to smack her, but he didn’t think that would help his case. He just rolled his eyes at her and muttered “Fer cryin’ out loud” under his breath as he followed the seemingly older man out of the bar and into the parking lot.


“Danny, it’s not what you think”

“You were in a bar”

“So were you!”

“But I’m not with an underage girl!”

“Well neither am I! Not like that anyway. She just –“

Just then a small pair of arms slunk around him and he turned. “Hey, hot stuff.”

Daniel looked horrified. “Cassie?”

She ignored him and went on. “Sorry we’re late. Have you been waiting long.”

Another warm body appeared at his other side. “You weren’t lonely with just one of us were you?” This was Vi. Then came a kiss on each cheek.

“Junior has missed his daddy.” Dawn placed one of his hands on her belly.

Jenny kept silent, but she was hanging all over him. Finally Robyn was there, and she kissed him full on the lips. “Nice to meet you Daniel, but we don’t wanna be late.” With that they dragged him off and left Daniel standing there with a look of profound shock on his face.


“I hate all of you.”

“Oh, come on, the look on your face was so worth it. Hell the look on his face was worth it.”

“Cassie, that is not the point. He’s going to call Jack.”

“Yeah, and Jack will laugh his ass off.”



“How am I ever going to show my face at work again?”

“He’ll already be off world when you go back in, and then you’ll be off world when he gets back. By the time you see him again he’ll have worked out that it’s a joke. Of course, when we all show up to pick you up from the mountain together…..”

He dropped his head onto the table. Screwed.

AN: And thus or story ends with a tale of immorality and debauchery. Hah. The Spike human thing is in service to the next full story that I’m planning. This is as close to a happily ever after ending as I could bring myself to doing. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and I don't own Dragonball either. I can't tell you how pleased I am that I worked a bit more of my geeksomness into this fic.

The End

You have reached the end of "Contact with the Great Unknown". This story is complete.

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