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Nakia's Journal

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Nakia's Prophecy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: An unusual journal explains to Buffy and Faith that their journey has just begun

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Stargate > General(Past Donor)kayleyFR1321,473175,51022 Oct 0722 Oct 07Yes

Chapter One

To my dear future Slayers, I bid thee welcome to my journal. I have asked that my Watcher, a man very powerful in magic to en-spell this journal until such time that you both touch it. He has also promised me that it will take on the language that you speak because the information contained in here is vital for the Earth’s survival and can not be lost in translation.

This may be confusing to you, so I will explain. You see, I was born in a small village outside of Giza, at birth my name was Nakia. Around my fifteenth summer, I was taken from my village by a man of noble birth. My family thought it would be a way for me to survive the poverty that surrounded my village. He told me I was different, that I was important, that I was in line to become a girl of great strength and he would be my Watcher, my trainer and my mentor.

Not long after we began the journey into Giza proper, strange craft appeared from sky. These craft were shaped like what my Watcher referred to as pyramids. Not liking the situation we were beginning to see occur, we hid out in the valley as we tried to gain knowledge of what was happening.

From our vantage point, we saw creatures leaving the craft. They were encased in some kind of metal, from what we could tell as the sunlight reflected from their bodies. They began rounding up people from the surrounding villages, including my family. They were then taken on board the craft.

This continued to occur on a daily basis, before one night I began to dream. Within this dream, I watched a young girl be cut down by something monstrous. It was so frightening, I awoke with a start and when my Watcher touched my shoulder before I had calmed down, I threw him away. When he came back over to me, he was smiling advising me that I had been called, that I was a Slayer.

Never had he informed me that being a Slayer was signing on for an early death.

But I digress, because I know that you both will be aware of the situation surrounding death and Slayers. I know this because I have dreamed of you both.

During these creatures’ movements around the villages and into Giza itself, my Watcher and I managed to get close enough to find out what was happening. I am lucky that my Watcher was powerful, because he managed to cloak our appearance so we were never discovered.

We heard some of the discussions, mentioning’s of Ra, Seth and Hathor. That they were our Gods. These people… creatures… were not our Gods. They were here to enslave us all.

As we got closer to the craft, we noticed these so called Gods. Their eyes flashed gold, and they were dressed in gold but they looked like normal people except for the eyes. Their voices were harsh and guttural. Hathor was the only woman in the group.

They were arguing when we got there. From what we could tell, Hathor and Seth wanted to remain for the time being on Earth, whereas Ra just wanted slaves to send elsewhere. During the argument, they finally came to an agreement. They would stay while Ra left.

I am worried future Slayers, since we were dealing with other things at the time, if the two remained on Earth. We lost track of them while we were in battle, but I hope that now you are aware of them, that you can locate them as I do not know how long they live for.

But Ra… he had access to what was called a Chappa’ai. From watching my Watcher was able to determine that it was a gate way, not to hell, but across the galaxy. He gathered that from the way that people were herded through it and Ra’s people returned.

It was not long after several villages were depleted of people, that the demon world came to deal with us. They were unhappy that these ‘False Gods’ or ‘Goa’uld’ were taking their food sources. Although I am not completely happy with the decision it was a necessary one to make… sometimes you must deal with the devil in order to survive, again something I am sure you are both aware of. The demons would join with us to send the Gods away.

I have written this in a rush, as the night before we had agreed to fight the Gods, I dreamed of my fate and that of the future.

I was going to die, but my voice would continue to be heard. My Watcher was not going to join in the fight, as it was not his place to. Instead he would hold onto my journal, and ensure that it would remain in the Watchers’ Council for however long it takes for the two of you to read it.

I knew we were going to be successful but we would not kill Ra. That may be your prophecy… of that I am unclear. But in your time, you will have to face these creatures. The potentials will fill your roles while you take on a new destiny. One that will take you further than you ever imagine. I will die well; do not fear… for I die in a successful war saving thousands so your descendants shall live on till you are needed.

My Watcher has informed me that upon the end of battle, he will ask the demons to bury the Chappa’ai. I just hope that no one will find it but I know that someone will.

Be careful my sisters. You are needed in this dangerous future war but it will only be the two of you who will face it. No Watcher, no friends, no family… for they will have their own battles to face. But then again, it is no longer the Chosen One and for that, it makes you all the more powerful.

Till we met in the After world

The End

You have reached the end of "Nakia's Journal". This story is complete.

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