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Nakia's Journal

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Nakia's Prophecy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: An unusual journal explains to Buffy and Faith that their journey has just begun

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Stargate > General(Past Donor)kayleyFR1321,473175,51022 Oct 0722 Oct 07Yes


Disclaimer: None of the known characters are mine. No money is being made from this story.


“So what did G-Man want with us?” Faith asked Buffy as the two of them approached the Research Library in the Cleveland campus of the Sineya College for Girls.

“Not sure, just said there was something he wanted us to read.”

After defeating The First Evil, the New Watchers’ Council had developed a school for all the newly activated Slayers. There were campuses all over the world of Sineya College which was chosen as a name to remember and honor the first Slayer. Each campus also had a name for internal use so that it was easier to differentiate, taken from people who had passed away during the battle against evil. Amongst the names and locations was Summers in Cleveland, named in honor of Joyce Summers (and Buffy) while Los Angeles was named Tara for Tara Maclay. London, England was named after Kendra while Wiltshire, England was named Janna after Jenny Calender.

Upon reaching the library, they found their Watcher surrounded by books, which was not unusual for him, but what was unusual was the fact he was holding a blank book. The girls looked at each other before Buffy coughed lightly to gain his attention.

“So what’s the what G-Man?”

“Faith, I have asked you many a time not to call me that,” he grumbled, good naturedly before looking at both of them. “Girls, I asked you here for a reason, one which can not be told to anyone else at this stage.”

They shot each other a look before turning back to Giles.

“What is it Giles?” Buffy asked in concern.

“Legend has it that this book can only be read by the True Slayer, and no one else. Yet records indicate that no Slayer has yet to be able to read it. As the Slayer line now passes through Faith, I believed that she might be the one recorded as the True Slayer, but at the same time, it was through Buffy that Faith came to be called. So you can see why I am mentioning this to both of you can’t you?”

“Um, not really but yo if you want me to read it and I can’t, ain’t no skin off my nose, just record it as my hour of research for the week and we’ll be even.”

“Oh, I like that deal!” Buffy agreed. “Same goes for me.”

Giles agreed with them before handing over the book. Both girls took it and felt a small shock. Frowning almost in sync, they opened the book to discover the pages filled with text.

“Can you read it?” Giles asked impatiently. Both girls answered positively together. “Well, what does it say?”

“Greetings to Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane…”
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