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Discovering the Chappa’ai

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Nakia's Prophecy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Searching on the net for a high security clearance project is sometimes harder than it's made out to be... unless the high security clearance project is looking for you too

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Stargate > General(Past Donor)kayleyFR735,60703114,54322 Oct 072 Oct 08No

Chapter Three

AN: I know a lot of you thought that the SGC were too trusting, but there was a reason for that. This chapter will hopefully clear up some of those issues.


StarGate Command

While Colonel O’Neill was occupying the two girls, Hammond decided to get a status update with what was happening. Unlike his word to the President and to the two girls, he did not trust the way that the President was behaving and so was having thorough checks run through.

He had a very select team working on it for him. Dr Major Fraiser was on the phone to gain access to medical reports of the girls, Major Carter was tracing any information that maybe online about the town of Sunnydale before it’s collapse, Sergeant Harriman was checking to see if the video footage had been tampered with in anyway, Master Sergeant Siler was going through personnel files to see if any people at the SGC already were connected to Sunnydale while Sergeant Davis was continuing to monitor the conversation that O’Neill and the girls were having.

He had been tempted to have Dr Jackson run through any of the mythology that had been brought up in conversation but knew that if he gave the reason for his query, Dr Jackson would want to meet the girls straight away. So instead he was saving that for another day.

“How’s it coming along?” he asked upon entering the room the group were working from.

“Medical files are being faxed across now General,” Fraiser advised. “As CMO of the base, I requested the girls’ authorization earlier as a means for a baseline to work from.”

“Very good Doctor. Major Carter?”

“Not many records were online Sir, but from what I can access, Sunnydale was as bad as they said. Don’t know if it’s for the reasons given but the newspaper reports make it sound like the police were incompetent and the most common reason for deaths were ‘fork accidents’ and ‘gangs on PCP’. The obits sections are by far the largest I have ever seen in any small or even large sized towns.”

“And the video?”

“Besides making me feel sick Sir, no evidence of tampering. The only editing is splicing the footage onto one tape. The experiments shown where the faces were all distorted does not look like any filtering had been applied. During the final battle, no evidence of wires or stunt doubles are visible. Nothing I can see to explain it except that it’s real.”

“Damn. And our own staff?”

“One person connected to Sunnydale. A Captain Graeme Miller apparently transferred across from the Sunnydale Army base. However, when checking with a friend at the base, he can’t find any record of Captain Miller signing in or handling any duties that someone of his rank would normally do.”


“It is possible that if Captain Miller was assigned to the so called Initiative which I believe he was; that upon transferring to a new post his documentation may have been involved in a cover up so no one would be aware of the other operation out of Sunnydale. I’m not sure why they would handle it in that manner but it’s the only thing that makes sense at the moment.”

“Why do you think he was involved?”

“When I noticed this, I pulled up his photo on the system and showed it to Harriman. It fit the looks of one of the people in the footage.”

“So where do we go from here?” the General asked.

“At this stage, Sir, I believe we should continue investigating as much as possible without actually looking into the girls’ records or the Initiative too much. As soon as we go near them, I think the girls would be advised that we are looking into them,” Carter advised.

“Understood. I expect a full briefing to be presented to me tomorrow morning. Davis has set up recording devices in their rooms and will be listening to them tomorrow. After the initial briefing tomorrow, Major Carter and Dr Fraiser, I’ll organize you to run through some testing on the claims of speed and strength.”

“Thank you General,” Dr Fraiser replied.


The next morning found the General, Colonel O’Neill, Major Carter, Dr Major Fraiser, Master Sergeant Siler and Sergeants Harriman and Davis in the meeting room.

“Thank you for meeting here so early,” General Hammond started. “I wanted to make it as secure as possible without the chance of either girl finding out about this. Fraiser if you will begin?”

“Thank you General. Basically from the faxes I received, both girls have under gone some major injuries. Faith Lehane was in a coma for a period of several months after major trauma to her head and stomach. The report indicates the belief that she was stabbed in the stomach and then fell several meters before being found in the back of a lorry. Whereas Buffy Summers has been stabbed through with some kind of sword just recently. Both girls made a substantially quicker recovery than expected. In fact, Faith was given a relatively low estimation of ever coming out of the coma. Both girls have had other scarring which is visible during routine examinations that they have undergone but no explanation from either of them has been given for this.”

“Thank you. Carter?”

“Following on from what was found out yesterday, I finally decided to track down several websites which refer to Sunnydale. There were plenty of conspiracy type sites in relation to the collapse of Sunnydale but there were a few stand outs. Especially the website Demons, Demons, Demons which is a database referencing all known demons and how to kill them. As a side note on there, it also refers to The Slayer and reports that the Slayer was residing in Sunnydale. I am still working through several of the other sites to see if there is any further information about either girl mentioned on there.”

“Excellent. O’Neill?”

“The girls were quite friendly and were willing to hear general stories about the operation. No details were asked for in how the Stargate operates or anything like that. They asked if they could be shown to a gym to spar. After taking them to the one we use, the two girls proceeded to do Tai Chi and that was all. Apparently they believe we would want to all see them spar to fully understand their capabilities. I said that I would arrange it for later today.”

“Agreed. Harriman?”

“After finishing the video, I can say that I am 99% confident that it hasn’t been tampered with. However, as requested I also looked into the trade agreement information I could find about the girls. No mention from what I can tell but that’s not to say that it isn’t in an unofficial version of the file. I mean, how would you explain having two girls on the trade agreement?”

“Thank you. Davis?”

“The two girls talked only shortly into the night, basically wondering if we were taking this at face value or not. And how their friends would react to finding out that they were involved with the military. According to one, there is no love lost between their group and the military which begs the question why are they here now? Also, they mentioned a group by the name of the International Watchers Council. I had a brief look into the group. From what I can tell, the group was previously based in England before there was an explosion not long before Sunnydale collapsed. The group has rebuilt themselves in Cleveland near the Sineya College Summers Campus. The group funds the College as well as several members of the Education Board are a part of the IWC. The IWC dates back as far as I can get access to.”

“Good work. Siler?”

“I had a brief chat with Captain Miller, nothing official. Just asked him what it was like coming from a town like Sunnydale. That apparently put him on edge. When I explained it was just that I was looking into reports of the collapse, he laughed and said it was the best thing to happen to the town. No further explanation given.”

“From here, O’Neill I want you to arrange the sparring session for after Dr Fraiser and Carter run their tests. Ladies, I want as much information as you can gather, so a range of whatever tests you deem suitable. Davis, continue your monitoring when you can. The rest of you, any further information you can find will be welcomed. However, do not do anything that would tip our hand for now. We don’t want the President to find out that we are concerned that he has been compromised. Dismissed.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Discovering the Chappa’ai" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Oct 08.

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