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Discovering the Chappa’ai

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Nakia's Prophecy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Searching on the net for a high security clearance project is sometimes harder than it's made out to be... unless the high security clearance project is looking for you too

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Known characters in this story are not mine. Not making any money from it.
Author's note: Takes place immediately at the end of Nakia's Journal


After reading the journal of Nakia, which was really more of a letter, Buffy and Faith sat there silently, letting the information sink in while Giles was asking them about it.

“Giles, give us a moment please,” Buffy asked.

He quietened down while the two girls thought about what they had read. Although they had never heard of these ‘Goa’uld’ creatures, the fact that a Slayer was killed by them, meant that it was something that they needed to fight… it was built into them to avenge their sister Slayers if the creature was not already killed. The fact that they felt it in their blood, they knew the Goa’uld were alive.

“Giles, do you know of any prophecy that features the words Chappa’ai or Goa’uld?” Faith asked, shocking Giles with the proper use of his name.

“I don’t recall the use of those words, but I shall search through a few more obscure texts. Was there any reference of location or nationality?” he asked to try and clarify.

“Egypt, more importantly Giza,” Buffy replied.

“I know I promised you that you didn’t need to research, but unless you want to call Willow or Dawn, maybe one of you should try the catalogue search or the internet…” Giles prompted.

Twin groans could be heard but considering the message, they realised it was easier to deal with if it was kept in house so to speak. Buffy moved to the catalogue computer that Willow had designed, one which made it so much easier to find prophecies and demons by just typing in a name, description or a keyword. It scanned majority of the vast library, except for some books which young girls should not lay their hands on. Faith on the other hand pulled up Google and the Demons, Demons, Demons database.

Hours later, they still had nothing to work with.


StarGate Command

“Sir,” Major Carter knocked on General Hammond’s door. “There’s been a breach in security… I believe.”

“Continue Major,” Hammond said, straightening in his chair.

“Well, after Siler and I upgraded the computer system recently, we added in a new feature that allows us to track down if certain words are used in cyberspace. It mainly works on databases such as Google or Yahoo!, like how they track the number of hits based on search terms. From this, we are able to gather important information such as an I.P. address, which can be traced to a general location.”

“And what? Has someone been searching for the Star Gate?”

“Not quite Sir, more like the terms ‘Chappa’ai’, ‘Goa’uld’ and ‘Ra’.”

“Do we know where they are?” Hammond asked.

“Siler is working on narrowing it down for us right now,” Carter confirmed. “And Sir, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone starts looking for Daniel. They clicked on a link about his thesis article.”

“I better call the President; let me know the moment any more information is found out about these people. Dismissed.”


Back in Cleveland

“Have you found anything yet?” Buffy asked in a bored tone.

“I found that Nakia was right about the craft,” Faith replied. “A Doctor Daniel Jackson wrote a theory about the Great Pyramids were not built by a Pharaoh but were built by aliens. That tied in nicely to Nakia’s story doesn’t it?”

“It does,” Buffy agreed, cheering up slightly. “Is there anything else by him or about the article?”

“Just that, like his Grandfather, he was laughed out of the academic society… apparently his Grandfather discovered a crystal skull which he believed transported him to another place where giant beings spoke to him. He now lives in an asylum where as Daniel seems to have disappeared.”

“So we’ve got basically nothing. Damnit!” Buffy sighed in annoyance.

“Maybe you could contact the university that Daniel studied at? He may have kept his contact details up to date?” Giles suggested. “Although, if I had been laughed out of my field of study, I wouldn’t have.”

“Did you Google just Daniel’s name?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah, didn’t come up with the same guy… I don’t think,” Faith answered. “Hey, what if I contact the place where his grandfather is, maybe they would have his details… but why would they give them to me?”

Seeing the girls getting frustrated again, Giles decided to call it a day.

“We’ll meet up again tomorrow, maybe by then one of us would have another idea to follow through on,” he suggested.

“Sounds good,” Faith agreed quickly. “Hey B, feel up to a spar?”

“You’re on; I need to work out the kinks in my back.”


StarGate Command

After replacing the phone, Hammond sighed. The President was not happy to hear about the potential breach and wanted updates as they came in. He also wanted to know as soon as the culprits had been identified, whether via computer or detained in person, which ever came first.

Carter and Siler approached his office with a stack of paper. He gathered it was from their search. He was not disappointed.

“Sir, we’ve tracked down the I.P. to a school in Cleveland. The Sineya College for Girls, Summers campus, were the ones doing the search. We’ve done a quick search on the College and found out that it is relatively new; there are eight campuses worldwide with two new ones in negotiation with the respective countries,” Siler started.

“It was founded by a Rupert Giles, a Buffy and Dawn Summers, a Faith Lehane, an Alexander Harris and a Willow Rosenberg. The strange thing is that Rupert is the only one to actually have a College degree. Willow was well on her way to one when Sunnydale, California; the last known address for each of them before Cleveland; collapsed last year,” Carter continued. “Add to that, apparently most of these people have had police investigations done on them in the past, and up until last year Faith Lehane was in jail for murder… it’s all very strange.”

“Apparently though, Buffy has security clearance higher than your own, General Hammond,” Siler added. “And Faith was pardoned by the President, himself.”

Hammond rubbed his head; it was so not his day. Picking up his phone, he called through to the President to update him and to hopefully find out more about the people running the school.
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