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Summary: When only Willow, Xander and Giles survive the fall of Sunnydale they must find something new to do with there lives. Giles takes what's left of his family to the only safe place he can think of ... Jack's cabin.

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Chapter Sixteen through Epilogue

*** Chapter Sixteen ***

"How's he doing?" Sam asked gently and joined the doctor at the observation window, Teal'c behind her.

"I've kept him sedated more, he won't calm down otherwise."

"Anymore English?"

"Here and there, but fortunately nothing of the sort that you two translated. Speaking of which, any luck on further translations?"

A sigh preceded Sam's passing Janet a folder, "Yeah, more of the same. He answers the questions with very imaginative expletives, quite impressive really, but still more of the, um, possessive and accusatory terminology."

Janet accepted the folder and glanced through it, "I'm beginning to think it's true feelings behind what he's saying," she looked into Sam's eyes. "Tell me, since his descension, how's Daniel been? Have there been clues?"

For long quiet moments Sam thought, but it was Teal'c who replied, "I believe there have been many signs of DanielJackson's interest in Colonel O'Neill."

Janet looked stunned and asked, "What sort of signs?"

"A greater attachment to each other is clearly visible on away missions. DanielJackson sits closer and touches Colonel O'Neill more frequently."

"We're all showing more attachment since Daniel came back Teal'c. I don't think that it means anything more than we're glad he's back," Sam interjected.

"I have also seen DanielJackson watching more closely, and becoming hurt at the slightest negativity from the colonel, wanting always to please him. They share looks between them that I have seen many times in other men who share the same secret."

"You're not suggesting the colonel feels the same are you?" Janet was shocked.

"Indeed I am. However, I am uncertain if prior to this event, either man recognized it in themselves," Teal'c announced and now Sam nodded.

"He's right. The more I think about it, there have been some times when I swear I've seen one looking the other over. I always brushed it off as threat assessment or making sure nothing was left behind. I guess I was just pushing the idea out of my mind because they were both married at one time and seem to attract a lot of women off world," Sam admitted.

"If all of this is true, we need to make sure it stays private. Their social lives are their own and we don't need rumors floating around that could cause problems with how the team operates. Do either of you have a problem with that," Janet asked as more of a command.

"I have no problem with their attraction or with the need to conceal it."

"Same here," Sam replied after Teal'c.

"Do you think this situation will cause problems between them on missions?"

"No. The colonel's always professional--" Sam began.

"Even when his interests were for Major Carter the colonel never allowed it to cloud his judgment," Teal'c finished and they all nodded their agreement, though Sam couldn't hide a soft blush that their previous attraction had been outted by Anise.

"I'll have the tapes of Daniel's ranting changed to a higher clearance so only SG1, the general and I can access them. Meanwhile, the only things I can do to help him, I've already done, and it's a waiting game as to when the paranoia and anger will subside," Janet sighed.

"Have you tried adding histamine to his environment, if it was the anti-histamine that caused all this, maybe that would help?" Sam offered.

Janet shook her head, "Already tried that Sam. It was the actual chemical make up of the planet that was the catalyst, the medication made it far worse because of its own design, but Colonel Rojas said that Captain Morris was showing signs of changes before he took his own medications. The chemicals are now out of Daniel's system, but the aggression is still there as it was with Paul."

As they contemplated solutions they saw Daniel begin to wake up, "Jack?"

"He's not here Daniel, but Sam and Teal'c came to visit," Janet said into the intercom.

Daniel tried to see where they were, but his eyes weren't able to focus that far without his glasses, so he sighed and gave up.

"How are you feeling Daniel?" Sam asked hopefully.

"Cansado," he groaned in Spanish. "Tengo hambre."

"Tired and hungry," Sam translated for them.

"I'll have some food brought in for you," Janet offered and called the cafeteria.

After an acknowledging nod Daniel groaned, "How could he do this to me?" Now Daniel spoke in English and sounded truly pitiful.

"Daniel, you're under the influence of an allergy to something on P4X-424," Janet said, not for the first time, hoping this time he'd understand.

"Jack how could you?" Daniel asked the air.

"Jack didn't do anything Daniel; it's all in your mind."

"I'm not crazy!" Daniel snapped defensively.

"No one's saying you are. We know that as soon as the effect wears off you'll feel better and realize Jack didn't do anything to hurt you."

"Yes he did! He betrayed me!" and fortunately for their "secret" Daniel returned to screaming in other languages.

A collective groan came from all three observers and they knew that Daniel still wasn't himself.

Janet's cell rang and she answered briskly, "Dr. Fraiser here..." then listened for a moment. She winced and asked, "When did he remember? What exactly was happening when he--"

Sam and Teal'c watched the doctor expectantly, wanting news of Jack.

"But why can't you just tell me over the phone? Hello? Hello?? Mr. Giles? Where did he go?" Her eyes flicked up to Sam and Teal'c. "Who is this? No! No it's far too soon for him to be out of bed. Tell him I'll come to him there. I'm serious Mr. Xander, huh? Oh, well I'm serious Xander, Jack can not get out of be--he what?! I'm coming right over! You keep him there. What?? Tell him it's an order! Fine," she hung up the cell without saying good bye and started to move toward her office to get her traveling med kit, but Sam put a hand on her forearm.

"Janet? What is it?"

"Jack remembered it, all of it. He wants to come in and talk to me about it. He started to try to leave the house so Mr. Giles ran after him and Xander, who is apparently over at the colonel's too, took up the phone to fill me in."

"We're coming with you," Sam stated, but Janet refused.

"You stay here and try to keep Daniel calm. Maybe you two can get through to him where I couldn't. Make sure no one but my staff goes in there." She commanded, hurried to her office, then to Jack's house.

*** Chapter Seventeen ***

Pounding on the door and yelling, "It's Dr. Fraiser, let me in," Janet was a bundle of adrenaline from her quick drive and worry for Jack.

A woman with long straight red hair answered the door, "Come on in, they're expecting you. I'm Willow."

Janet shook hands quickly and headed for Jack's bedroom. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Jack unbandaged and pacing, "Jack?!"

"Doc!" Jack spun on his heals and strode toward the short woman, "Tell me what's happening with Daniel."

"I'd rather know what's happening with you first!" she said reaching up to the place on his forehead where a bandage should be, but wasn't, nor was there a scar or any indication he'd been operated on.

"Willow healed me--is Daniel really quarantined or is he in the brig?"

Turning to look at the smiling Willow in disbelief then back to Jack, Janet was thoroughly confused. "Healed you how?"

"Magic--are you going to answer my questions or not?" Jack groused.

"Daniel is really quarantined; his wounds were minor and are healing well. His mind, however, is still paranoid aggressive. Now you tell me what the hell is going on here. Did she use a Goa'uld hand-device? Implant you with a symbiote?" She began checking for a symbiote and continued her rapid fire questions, "Sarcophagus? Something Tok'ra? Tollan? Is she Nox?"

"Slow down there Doc. I already told you, she used magic."

"No such thing."

"I didn't believe it either, but there's no doubt it worked," Jack said and spun in place holding his arms out showing her he was all healed.

Janet now looked at Giles, "Mr. Giles may I have a word with you in private?"

"Of course, but I assure you Mac's telling the truth, which is precisely why I didn't wish to speak about this on the telephone," Giles explained. A young man came in bearing a tray of coffee for all, but Giles, who preferred tea. "Thank you, Xander," Giles accepted his cup and saucer.

Everyone took coffee and sat on Jack's bed except Dr. Fraiser, "Hi, I'm Xander, we spoke on the phone. Have some coffee and take a seat, you'll be glad you're sitting shortly."

Janet was too shocked to argue, so sat in a chair that had been brought in from Jack's dining room and stared at the odd assembly sitting on two edges of Jack's bed.

"I know this sounds totally nuts, but Willow here is a witch, a good witch, like Glenda, but without the wand and stuff. She did this thing and now I'm healed. Totally healed, even my knees and back are better," Jack said.

"How?" was all the doctor could think to ask.

Now Willow took over, "Giles asked me to come heal Jack, so I came, saw how badly injured he was and agreed to help; now he's better than he's ever been." Janet gave a "yeah right" look and Willow smiled understanding her disbelief. "I have so been there. You think I am totally out of my mind, but I promise I'm not, well, not anymore anyway. It's real magic; not like parlor tricks or fake stuff that'll only make him think he's better but in the end leave him just as sick as before. I'd never do that to one of Giles's friends. We don't let many people know what I can do, it's kind of a secret, you know? So if he asked me to do it, I know it's super important. And since Jack asked him and Xander to join you guys, I figured it's best to make sure all three of them had a little more protection, just incase. I wasn't expecting it but as a side effect of the spell, he kinda healed a lot faster than I thought he would, which also gave him back his memories at the same time."

"I need some answers, Doc," Jack interrupted, "before I blow a fuse and kill Daniel. You need to tell me why he did this, and it better be good."

"Well, alright Jack, but you might want a bit of privacy," Janet gave in, because she felt it was clear she wasn't going to get a straight answer out of them on how Jack was healed so quickly.

Jack looked over his shoulder at Xander and Willow who nodded and left leaving Giles behind with Jack and Janet. Janet gave Jack a look when Giles didn't leave. "It's about him too and he's the guy who's been trying to convince me Daniel did it because of love not hate. He can stay."

Janet seemed surprised, "About him? Mr. Giles is the 'he' Daniel keeps yelling about??"


In disbelief she turned to Giles, "How'd you figure it as love not hate?" She knew, but she was curious how he figured it out.

"Well to call him a traitor is a powerful accusation, and to say it was due to our history; well if he was homophobic he wouldn't call Jack a traitor, but more likely a pervert or deviant," Giles said and Janet's jaw dropped.

"Your history? Homophobic? You really are lovers then?" the doctor was shocked at the affirmation of what she barely believed could possibly be the truth of why Daniel attacked his best friend and C.O.

"I thought Daniel told you?" It was Jack's turn to be shocked.

"Well, sort of. He never mentioned Mr. Giles. The translations are mostly about you, Jack. Asking how you could do it when he loved you so much, didn't you care what you were doing to him, if he couldn't have you he'd make sure no one else did; those sort of things."

Jack sighed and threaded his fingers through his short hair, "You were right, Ripper. I can't believe it though. Why would he think he couldn't be with me now?"

"Perhaps my being here now makes him feel that we are too involved for you to care for him," Giles offered.

As the men spoke, Janet was besides herself to learn the most macho man she knew, was lovers with another man, willingly. "Jack, are you equally as interested in Daniel as he is in you?"

Jack contemplated that thought and shrugged, "I think so, but if I can't be with him, I can't be with him. I'd never beat the tar out of him or try to kill him over it. I guess I've got more discipline that him, or practice at keeping my emotions in check."

"I honestly don't think that he ever would have hurt you if it weren't for his reaction to P4X-424. He never had a mean streak in him unless it was toward a Goa'uld. Captain Morris never did either. I'm positive he wasn't in control when he attacked you. Even if he is truly jealous of Mr. Giles, I don't think it would take the form of violence. He's more likely to close in on himself than lash out at another." Janet offered.

"I agree. He really seemed to be a good sort of man. You've never found your other half. Daniel may be the one, but you'll never know if you don't put this incredibly unfortunate event behind you," Giles said.

"Mr. Giles is right, Jack. Daniel is still not mentally stable right now, but when he regains his senses, he may be so upset over what he's done that he becomes suicidal again. If he does, you're the only one of us who can bring him back."

They were both right, the question now was could he forgive Daniel enough to be the one doing the comforting rather than needing it? "Ripper, is there anything you or Willow can do to help Daniel's recovery?"

After a few moments of contemplation Giles shrugged, "I'm not sure, as I don't know what's causing it, but if Dr. Fraiser could explain it to us there may be something we can do."

Janet shook her head, "There are no parlor tricks that can help him."

"Oh, for crying out loud! Doc, look! See? All healed!" Jack turned a circle once more showing himself to her, even going so far as to take off his shirt, push his ribs where they'd been broken, wiggle his previously fractured wrist and even did some deep knee bends. "Seriously, these aren't parlor tricks. I didn't believe it myself until I was healed. Even my knees Doc! My knees have given me trouble for ages but they are totally better. How can you deny I've been healed? Give them a chance to fix Daniel up."

"They don't have the necessary clearance--"

"They will. I'm having them join the SGC, each in different areas for the abilities they possess."

For a moment it seemed Janet would protest, but she sighed and gave in, "First they go through screening and sign the non-disclosure forms. Then we'll see about them looking at Daniel or joining the SGC."

"Yeah, sure, you betcha," Jack grinned.

*** Chapter Eighteen ***

"See I told you they'd check out," Jack said triumphantly.

"Still seems suspicious that they are the only survivors of the Sunnydale earthquake," General Hammond said.

"They aren't the only survivors, most of the city was evacuated well before hand, and once you give them their own clearance code, they'll be able to tell you all sorts of things that are 'classified' from their end, but will explain things much better than what they can currently tell you."

"Like what?" the general asked skeptically.

"Like the truth behind the Sunnydale event. It wasn't an earthquake, but you'll only get to learn more from them," Jack said cryptically. "Besides, Daniel himself said he needed Ripper for the department, he can translate some of what none of the rest can."

"Fine, fine, but for now they all get temporary Civilian Consultant Status. I want Mr. Harris' military skills tested and I want him trained like the rest before he can be considered for an SG team," Hammond said.

"That'll work just fine, sir."

"And when you all are done with Dr. Jackson, I want a full debriefing on exactly how you were healed by Ms. Rosenberg."

"You got it general," Jack said and returned to the conference room where three folks from Sunnydale, California sat waiting. "We have a go people, time to head out," the colonel in Jack said and he led them to the infirmary's main isolation room where Daniel was being kept.

Janet was already there talking over the microphone to him, "They are on their way now Daniel. They are not psychiatrists, not even doctors at all, and I want you to try and keep calm alright?"

For now Jack and Giles stayed out of sight so they wouldn't upset their unsteady archaeologist. It was Xander and Willow who appeared at the isolation room door and who the SFs guarding that door let in, Willow to help Daniel and Xander to protect Willow, even though she insisted she didn't need protection. "Hello Daniel," Willow said and Daniel's eyes moved toward her. He said something in Ancient to her which caused her to smile and nod, her telepathy allowed her to get the general feeling of what he said even though she didn't know the language. "Yes I'm feeling better, thank you, but I heard you weren't feeling so well and I came to see if I could help."

"See-mu-we?" Daniel asked in ancient Egyptian looking almost hopeful.

"Yep, I want to help you, so close your eyes and try to relax. I'm going to have to look and see if this is something I can help with," her words were soft and Daniel was doing better so rather than curse her out he complied.

Everyone watching held their breath and crossed their fingers. Captain Morris had been alright for a while now, but Daniel had been more deeply affected and Janet's fear was that the paranoid aggression might be permanent in Daniel's case.

"Remember Daniel," Willow whispered as she bent down and caressed his forehead, "Remember who you are in your heart. Fight this taint inside you and come back to yourself." She changed from whispers to telepathy so only Daniel could hear her. ~Come back to the man you love and who loves you. Come back so you can complete each other's soul. I see it in you both, your love is meant to be, but not this way, not in suspicion, not in jealousy. Your love is returned, no matter what you've done, he is here for you and always will be. Don't let the darkness of what has happened cover the light of your love, he won't let it happen, neither should you. Come back and rejoice in what will be the most powerful love you'll ever know.~ When Willow "spoke" those last words Daniel's eyes opened.

"Jack? Where's Jack? My God! Please tell me I didn't kill him!" he screamed the last and struggled to get up, but the bonds held him tight.

"I'm right here Danny," Jack said over the microphone.

Daniel's eyes flicked up to see Jack and he began to cry, "I'm so sorry, Jack! I swear I couldn't stop what was happening to me. Jack, please don't hate me!" he was crying so hard it was obvious that Daniel really didn't mean to attack Jack and was on the verge of breaking down over it.

Willow smiled up at Dr. Fraiser and Jack then removed the "Hannibal" mask from Daniel, "He knows Daniel, give him a chance to get down here so you two can talk, but he knows you didn't mean it," she took Xander by the hand and left the room with him.

"What did you do to fix him?" Xander asked once in the hallway.

"Just something I learned from a special someone. I let him know that even when you're at your darkest, especially when you're at your darkest, there's someone out there who loves you. It's amazing how that knowledge can soothe a person and bring them back to who they really are," Willow answered.

Xander grinned from ear to ear, knowing it was he who taught her that and hugged his best friend tightly, right there in the corridor with the two SFs guarding the door. "I love you Will."

"I love you too Xander."

*** Chapter Nineteen ***

"Damned nice of ol' Doc Fraiser to let me bring you home, rather than keeping you in the iso room," Jack said locking Daniel's apartment door behind him.

Daniel looked around his apartment and felt slightly off, like someone had rearranged his furniture, though everything was where it had been previously. It wasn't the room that changed, it was him.

"Want me to fix you some coffee?"

"No," Daniel answered softly, "Jack we've gotta talk," he headed for his couch.

Jack groaned as softly as he could. He knew they had to talk, but it was not the kind of conversation Jack was any good at. "Yeah, I guess we do," Jack said but rather than joining him on the couch he turned to the kitchen and opened the fridge, giving a silent "thank you" to whatever entity had made sure there was beer in there. "Beer, Daniel?"

"No thanks," Daniel replied and waited for Jack to return, beer in hand, and already low, showing Jack had a few gulps in the kitchen before he was brave enough to face Daniel. He couldn't help thinking how ironic it was that Jack could face down an army of Jaffa easier than a conversation about feelings deeper than what was on the surface at any given moment. He didn't know that "feelings" were deemed only for girls by Jack and Giles twenty five years ago, though if he would have known he would still want to talk to Jack about them and about a relationship.

Jack sat down at the opposite end of the couch indicating he was going to have the conversation, but he wasn't looking forward to it.

Daniel watched Jack take another long swig of beer and decided he had best start the talking because Jack likely wouldn't, "I'm sorry I attacked you like that."

"You've said that already."

"You have to know it wasn't me, I couldn't control myself."

"You and Fraiser said that already."

"Ok so you've heard it a few times then, but do you believe it?"

"Yeah," but Jack didn't sound very convinced.

Reflexively, in a move he hadn't done in quite long time, Daniel hugged himself and looked away from Jack. "I could see myself doing it, hear myself raving on and on, but I also felt a strong anger welling up in me, first at the council, then at you. I'd gotten, well, I guess jealous, at your cabin, watching you and Giles. You seemed so, I don't know, open? Trusting? Free? And while intellectually I knew you'd known each other a very long time I had just met him, so when I saw you that easygoing with someone who, to me, was a stranger, well it ate at me I guess. I hadn't planned to say anything, hoping to just let the feeling pass, but the long drawn out discussions with the council gave me too much time to think, while the pollen, or whatever it was in the air, made me more and more upset about it. I swear Jack I care too much about you to ever attack you like that, to be violent to you," Daniel sounded extremely disgusted with himself and looked quite nauseous at the memory of what he'd done.

"So, you got jealous before the mission then?"

"Yes, but I intended to hide it like always."

"Like always? There have been other times?"

Deeply blushing Daniel nodded.

"So it wasn't a fake jealousy brought on by fake love given to you on P4X-424? It was real?"

Daniel looked even more miserable now that he was "outted" to Jack, positive it would mean the end of their friendship despite what Willow said to him. "Real jealousy, real love."

"How long has this been going on?"

Swallowing hard he confessed, "Years, but I never said anything because it seemed you hated me, then barely tolerated me, then when we became true friends I still thought you were straight as an arrow. Especially when you and Sam--well anyway there was never a 'good' time to tell you, and I was sure if I did it would end our friendship, kinda like is gonna happen now."

"Why do you think our friendship is going to end now?"

"Well it's pretty clear you're pissed at me for what I did even though I had no control over it."

"Am I?" Jack lofted a curious eyebrow.

"Aren't you? Sure seems like you are. Your 'yeah' reply to my question about you believing that I had no control sounded pretty unsure."

"That's because I wasn't sure if all of it was brought on by the planet, like the basis for the jealousy, but now you've told me it's not fake and it's been going on for ages. I guess that's what I needed to hear to be sure."

"Then, you're not pissed at me?" Daniel dared hope.

"Not now. I was before when I thought you did it because you were homophobic."

"Homophobic? Me? That's pretty much impossible. Anthropologists have to have an open mind to do what we do," then something dawned on Daniel. "You needed to hear my feelings were real? Why does it matter if I love you or not?"

"Because if you didn't, I'd feel like an idiot for doing this," Jack pulled Daniel into a deep, long awaited, passionate kiss.

At first Daniel was too shocked to respond, but then he melted into the kiss he'd been imagining for years. When the kiss broke Daniel was breathless and just stared at Jack in awe. Could Jack actually be interested in him as well? Until the kiss he truly believed Willow was just saying what she knew Daniel needed to hear to break out of the paranoid anger. "What about Giles?" Daniel asked finally.

"What about him?"

"You and he are lovers."

"So, and, therefore?"

"Well, I'm assuming that wasn't just a pity kiss; it felt pretty promising," Daniel said with a blush.

Jack smiled and leaned back, taking a much more casual drink of beer than he had been doing prior to the conversation's start. "Yeah, I'd say it was pretty promising."

"So won't Giles be upset?"


For a moment Daniel wondered if Jack's head wound was really healed or if he was still a bit slow, "Us?"

"Why would he be upset about us?"

"Um, I don't know, jealousy perhaps?"

Jack laughed, "He's never been jealous before. We have an understanding, we aren't exclusive. I married Sara after all, and he's had his own lovers too."

"Wait a minute, you and he stayed together when you were with Sara?" Daniel was shocked.

"Well, together isn't the right word, we were never a 'couple', but yes we were still intimate while I was married."

"You were cheating on her?"

"Technically I suppose so, but I never felt that way, never felt guilt or regret with him, because that's not what we were about. We weren't having an affair; we were just us, same as always. It's hard to explain."

"So then you don't love each other? You're just bed-buddies? No emotions?"

"Oh we love each other alright, but we also know neither of us is the other's soul mate, so there's no need to get jealous. We will always be there for each other, as we have been since we lived together," Jack confessed. "I don't see that ever changing."

Daniel lost his voice momentarily from this revelation. If Jack was in love with Giles, what did that mean Jack could feel for him? Would he continue to "be" with Giles if he and Jack got involved? "But if you are in love with him and clearly you're in a relationship with him--"

"Let me stop you there, we are not in a relationship. Ripper and I are on a different wavelength than other folks. We are what we are. Like he said it way back when, we don't have a relationship, because those take work to keep going or they'll end. What we have doesn't end, it's not hard to deal with, there's no jealousy, no accusations, no recriminations. We just are," Jack explained calmly.

Daniel listened in disbelief. Did Jack not believe in relationships because they are too much work? Was that the real reason he and Sara divorced, if so, where did that leave him and Daniel? "I... we... you and me," he couldn't form the words into a coherent sentence.

"I realized I was in love with you when you ascended. When you came back to me I vowed to find a time and way to tell you. A couple of times I thought you'd figured it out, caught me looking at you too long, or spending too much time with you. Daniel, what I have with Ripper never had anything to do with my not telling you, that was all me being too nervous to tell you," Jack explained.

"What about Sara?" he managed at last. "Did you divorce her because the relationship was too hard to work on to keep going?" Daniel held his breath.

"In a way yes, but it wasn't because of jealousy or lack of love; it was Charlie's death. I couldn't handle losing him and be there for her at the same time. I couldn't be the strong man she needed me to be. She divorced me because of that, and I didn't fight the divorce when I got back from Abydos and found out she filed. I needed to be alone to deal with my loss. That's the only reason that, at the time, the relationship was too hard to keep going."

"So, you, um... I mean... us? We love each other? That kiss was 'promising', meaning we are going to be together?"

Jack chuckled, finished his beer and put the empty on the coffee table, "That's the plan."

"So, you're not opposed to relationships as a whole then?"

Grinning Jack shook his head, "No, I'm not opposed to them. I'm not saying what you and I have will be easy or hard. It will be different than what I have with Ripper and had with Sara. We have to deal with the military 'don't ask, don't tell,' but that's the only possible issue I see on the horizon."

"And, you and Giles? Will you remain lovers?" That was the hardest question Daniel had, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer.

"Well, we'll always be there for each other, but if it's sex you're worried about, he and I haven't been intimate yet since his arrival. Don't know if we will be or not, but I can't promise you that I won't; it's not something we really plan out, it just happens. Is that something you can handle Danny?"

"I'm not sure Jack, but always be honest with me like this so I can deal with what's happening as it comes. I'm not sure that I can handle having an open relationship," Daniel confessed entirely unsure of their future together as lovers.

"Well, it's not exactly an open relationship. It's only him. I'm not going to be with anyone other than you and possibly him. Sara never even knew about us in that way. She knew we were the closest of friends, but not that we were lovers. It never affected our relationship in anyway and I am hoping it won't affect our relationship either. The big difference here is that you actually know about us."

Daniel was quiet now, thinking over everything Jack had said. Would Jack have told him about Giles if he hadn't found out on his own? He knew Jack had no problem not telling Sara because Jack was well trained military and to them an omission was not a lie, so it wasn't likely Jack would have told him, nor would he feel bad about it. Jack also planned to continue his relationship--which wasn't a relationship--with Giles. He couldn't comprehend that the two men could love each other and not get jealous when they were with other people. Their laid back attitude toward what they had between them seemed to suggest they were nothing more than occasional bed-buddies, but he said they loved each other and Daniel had no reason to believe Jack would lie about that. Jack would have been better off if he had agreed there was no love between them, so there would be no benefit to that sort of lie.

Was this "thing" between them the reason Jack wanted Giles to join the SGC; to keep him closer for more frequent rendezvous? No, he himself extended the offer to Giles because of his extraordinary knowledge. Who knew demons and magic were real? He would truly be a huge asset to the SGC. Magic--maybe it was the reason for their bizarre bond. He'd speak to Willow about that possibility.

"Daniel? You ok? Did I just ruin 'us' before there even was an 'us' to ruin?" Jack asked softly putting a hand on Daniel's hand, hoping to break the long uncomfortable silence.

Daniel looked into Jack's eyes, and saw sincerity there, and love, "No, you haven't ruined things. I just have to settle this thing with Giles in my mind. Of all the ways I imagined this conversation with you, another man in your life was never one of the possible snafu's that came up."

"You've imagined this conversation before?"

Blushing Daniel nodded, "Yeah I've imagined a lot of things over the years."

"Oh? Do tell," Jack grinned and let his thumb caress Daniel's hand where it rested.

"Noooo, I think I'll keep them to myself, that way I can see if any of the scenarios come true," he grinned lightening up a bit. The memory of all the fantasies he had of Jack flooded through his mind's eye.

"Well then, how about, for now, while you're busy thinking things through, I put your mind to ease about how I really feel about you?" Jack said and leaned in to kiss him gently, romantically, and slowly enough so Daniel wouldn't feel pressured.

Right away Daniel felt anything but pressured. Despite his reservations about Jack and Giles, he had wanted to be with Jack for so long that he gave in to his own desires. Pulling himself forward and into Jack's lap, he wrapped his arms around him and enjoyed a long erotic necking session with the man of his dreams. Jack cherished his time with Daniel knowing full well he'd deal with his new Californian recruits later.

*** Epilogue ***

When Jack found out the role the little creature he named Thing played in saving him, he grew nearly as fond of it as it was of him and he accepted it as a constant shoulder companion, even taking it out on the mission back to P4X-424 when he and the complete SG1 returned there. This time, however, Jack was not allowing the sessions to be more than four hours long, two times a day, with Daniel getting plenty of food and sleep between sittings. When his allergies acted up he was sent back home rather than taking an antihistamine.

Between Daniel and Captain Morris, who was released and cleared of all charges, they got the "big honkin' space gun" which turned out to be not so big and extremely complicated. Carter was in heaven trying to figure it out, but when it became clear that it was too complicated to reverse engineer they put it on the Daedalus as weaponry and tried to get the Norandans to teach them how to make the weaponry they wanted. Doc Fraiser also spent some time trying to learn about their marvelous medical advances while things at the SGC went back to as normal as they ever were.

The End... For Now.

*** Coming Soon ***

Lugging several boxes of tombs into an office/laboratory exactly like Daniel's, in fact next door to Daniel's, Giles saw his center table was already filled with artifacts and relics that needed researching. He would be working closely with Daniel at times, but on his own other times, which is why he had a separate office, but still one close to Daniel's.

He brought only the basic reference books, leaving the bulk at Jack's place, knowing he could get them when he needed them, or work at home when the items could be brought off base. Jack insisted he stay with him for as long as he desired, but Giles knew that if things between Jack and Daniel had any hope of blooming into a full romance, Giles would need to move out.

He also knew a personal conversation between Daniel and himself would be coming sooner rather than later. The only reason it hadn't happened yet, in his opinion, was Daniel's recovery time off base, SG1s finishing the mission they had started before the "incident", and the extremely lengthy "briefing" that he, Willow and Xander had to give on the truth about Sunnydale and its more unusual residents. To his credit General Hammond took everything they said in stride and gave them the respect of not looking at them like they were insane. He did request they write up official reports that would have an entirely separate clearance level that only the three of them, Hammond, Dr. Fraiser and SG1 would have access to.

Xander was in training evaluation to see how much he retained of his soldier side. He would, however, have to be sent to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas for two months for normal basic training, and then continue specialized training to be able to work at the SGC. It was unsure if he would be a base soldier or be assigned to a team, but when his physical revealed his greatly increased strength, speed, agility, healing and the other heightened abilities Willow gave him it looked like he'd be put on a team.

Dr. Fraiser ran all three men whom Willow "enhanced", as well as Willow herself, through all sorts of crazy tests and had no scientific explanation for the abilities so had to accept, at least for now, Willow's explanation of magic. She kept Willow with her for several days asking her all manner of questions to asses what sort of things she could help with on both current and possible future medical issues. Overall, however, it was decided Dr. Fraiser would continue to do most things the old fashioned way unless a truly odd situation came up that made the magical intervention necessary. Willow was actually happy about that because she preferred to keep her magic low key on base, not wanting to become the object of experiments; with their debriefing still fresh in their minds, all three Sunnydalers where leery of attracting the wrong sort of attention from rogue military groups.

For the time being Willow was learning Daniel's database system so she could assist Giles in setting up a pass coded section for his own research findings. She'd also assist him in researching like she used to do until she figured out where she wanted to be. Curiosity, however, had her snooping through classified files and one particular folder she wanted access to was named simply "The Initiative."

To be continued

The End

You have reached the end of "Revelations". This story is complete.

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