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Take Me As I Am

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Summary: Various glances at Dawns life when forced to attend Neptune High during her Junior year (inspired by Meredith Brookes' song "B!tch")

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Television > Veronica Mars > Dawn-CenteredDamiaFR153021,5621711771,29823 Oct 078 Aug 10No

The First of Many

Disclaimer: I do not own Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayers, or anything related to either show.
Notes: Takes place during Season 2 of V. Mars, post season 7 of Buffy. Angel and characters from his shows WILL be randomly joining us for this, but too many things annoyed me about the show (though I loved it dearly) and I am changing it to fit my fancy.
Changes to Angel: Cordy does not die (though she is part demon and still gets visions) and is partnered with Angel (who has had his soul permanently attached.) Fred and Gunn are together, there is no Illyria. Connor does not exist (though I love him dearly) and Lorne is the coolest demon ever. Wesley and Spike are as usual.


Eyes turned toward the rumbling purr of a motorcycle entering the parking lot of the Neptune High School parking lot. It wasn't so odd to see a motorcycle, but the local teen biker gang was already accounted for. People eyed the slender leather wrapped figure sitting on the black on black Harley Davidson Softail and whispers started. The bike stopped and the helmet was jerked off with one hand while the other hand removed a hair-tie from a loose braid that had been coiled under the helmet. The girl stepped off the bike and swung a black leather messenger bag from her back to her side.

Dawn ignored everyone around her. First day jitters probably should have been there, but she was still irritated with her sister for bringing them back to California. What was wrong with Rome? Dawn happened to like Italy very much, but it didn't seem to matter what Dawn liked. So she was packed up and shipped off to Neptune California, home of the Richest Brats attending public school in the country, for her Junior year. Lovely. At least she had the house to herself for the most part.

Buffy was off on a 'round-the-world trip to pick up newly called slayers since the immortal she was boffing was now out of the picture and she was bored. So she decided she missed California, and she picked the city with the least Demon activity in the southern half of the sunny state. The sunny part was a pleasant aspect of the move, but one of the few. Another perk was the free reign with an International Watchers Council (IWC) credit card that had her name on. As she was one of the few to speak the dead languages fluently (and most other languages, a gift of the key) she was a payed sometime employee. That and Buffy was her legal guardian.

In Southern California you could get away with just about anything, fashion-wise, as long as you looked hot in what you were wearing. Dawn knew she looked hot. Black leather pants, black leather dock martins, purple sequin belt, black lack tank top over a purple satin halter, black leather riding coat and perfect make-up. Intelligent and sexy as hell, well, sexy as key, but it didn't have the same ring to it. Not that she knew why someone would be sexy as hell. Hell wasn't sexy, it was brimstone and smelly demons and worlds with no shrimp.

"Nice bike. You like feeling power between your legs?" A particularly witty young man interrupted her mental ramblings. Dawn looked at the blonde surf-god who obviously was far too aware of his looks. She raised a single eyebrow as she pocketed her gloves and unzipped her jacket.

"Because I've never heard that one before," She said with the slightest sneer and a dismissive tone that would have Cordy cheering her on if she had heard it. Boys could be so stupid.
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