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Xander the Warlock

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Summary: Xander chooses a slightly different costume for Halloween.

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsrothosFR1531,9052169,22923 Oct 074 Dec 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Body count

Disclaimer: WOTC owns the Complete Mage, Joss Whedon owns BTVS. George Lucas and Lucas Arts own Star Wars.

A/N: This is very AU, transformations.
Xander woke up shortly thereafter and went home on autopilot. He didn’t say anything to his parents and just went downstairs and fell asleep. Elthanus started to entrench his spirit in Xander’s subconscious, stealing a little territory from the hyena possession and completely subsuming the abused little child persona and using that anger to catapult into the subconscious.

Elthanus could feel the pull of his silver cord and tugged. The very action of tugging moved his Prime Material form which cancelled his dream journey. Seething; he destroyed a column supporting a section of cavern roof. That devastation caused a systemic failure that brought the ceiling down on him and ended his depredations.
But the change was made.

Xander awoke the next morning drained; through a monumental amount of effort he rose. As he was getting dressed; he glanced in the mirror. Not only was he taller and thinner, his eyes now had the appearance of twin unlit coals and his skin was now paler. He wasn’t as pale as Deadboy, but he was whiter. His hair was coal-black and overflowing the top-knot from last night. His first thought was to calm down and splash water on his face. His second was to cut his hair; when he was done it was not too bad of a job. Then he hurried and threw on some rather earthier toned clothes and headed off to school past his drunken parents.

He got to school early and somehow evaded a rather pissed-off Snyder, the school paper had an article on the number of students transformed. Detective Stein was on the case the paper said and they listed several transformations; Cordy was a cat-woman, several of the football team members had turned into apes, two vampires, a Selonian and a Neti.

A/N: Ok, review if you know what a Selonian and a Neti are. Neti is from SW it is not a misspelling of yeti. Even if you want to ask; review! If you don’t really care review! Feedback is the coin of the realm and it works in Eberron too.
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