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Xander the Warlock

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Summary: Xander chooses a slightly different costume for Halloween.

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsrothosFR1531,9052169,22923 Oct 074 Dec 07No

Dark Star Rising

Xander the Warlock ch3
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns BTVS, WOTC owns D&D.
Dark Star Rising
A/N: This will flesh Xan-man out a tad more

While Xander had avoided Snyder for the time being; he still couldn’t avoid the new cat-girl. Well, sorta cat-girl, I mean she had a tail, a pair of cat ears and presumably retractable claws. However, the new spellslinger wasn’t going to get close enough to find out. Xander bolted down the hall, swung into the library, shut the door and pushed a table against the door.

After several minutes of dramatic panting, he finally slowed his heart down to a slow drumbeat. Out of the office walks Giles, non-ghosty Willow and Useful Buffy. The male Scooby latches onto Giles like a drowning man and began to plead.

“Help me G-man, for some reason I changed last night permanently. I went as something out of an ad and hope it’s in one of your books.” Xander almost cries and then begins pacing frantically seeming to gesture in the air randomly, pointing at the door every once and a while.

Even Buffy could feel the magical wards on the door, she could only guess their effects but with his frantic pacing she knew that they were going up to keep Cordy out.
Willow and Giles were in a deep research mode, the redhead for her best friend and the librarian for his surrogate son.

Giles went to a bookshelf in the back of his office and brought out a dusty book.
The cover of the thick hardback proclaimed it as A Guide to the Dark Powers. He opened it up and after a few hours; found a short blurb on a figure matching Xander’s altered description. A child of the Dark Ones, commander of terrible powers that leveled kingdoms; there were tales of a select few that rose above their evil heritage and joined the angelic hosts or ran with the Primal spirits.

Giles considered another thing, Xander’s costume almost exactly matched an itinerant member from his younger days. The man had absolutely no musical talent and was sent away. He never was seen again by Giles but that doesn’t mean that Ethan didn’t see him again.

Giles decided to hold back on how far his association went and then spoke.
“Well, in this tome it states that warlocks are the scions of evil and only a few have rose above their evil heritage and joined the angelic hosts or ran with the Primal spirits. I think that it stayed entrenched because Xander still has a little of the Hyena in him.”

“HE WHAT!” Buffy yelled. “Giles, I thought you exorcised it all!”
“Primals are powerful spirits in their own right, Buffy. I would have been a fool to think that I could have completely removed it.” Giles said fighting to keep Ripper away from his surrogate daughter.

“Well get rid of the rest of it! I’m the only one that is supposed to be hurt by the dark Giles! Xander’s just a normal everyday guy.” Buffy ranted.

“While I appreciate your devotion and desire that no one be hurt remember that the Darkness does not care who gets hurt. Above all, it should be Xander’s choice as to whether I try again.” Giles turned to Xander who was pale at seeing the new cat-woman.

Cordellia growled and lunged at Xander, claws popping out in mid-air. Xander rolled and started to beeline towards the door. Snyder was walking down the hall, alert for students on the school grounds after hours. Xander almost collided with him, just barely diving out of the way. The enraged feline plowed Snyder down and kept following him while Snyder started shouting threats of detention until death. Xander stopped at the T intersection leading to the boy’s and the girl’s locker rooms and dove right on the path to the boys with an enraged feline on his tail.

Xander cleared the door and jumped into the pool. Cordellia tried to put on the brakes before hitting the liquid feline bane. Succeeding in skidding and then sploosh! Now looking back at the Zeppo with a death glare was a wet brunette in a catsuit.

Deciding that safety was better than dealing with an enraged former feline; the Zeppo took a few seconds to dash out the door to the boy’s locker room and then out the door.
He did stop by the library.
“Giles, Cordy back to girl.” Said Xander trying to suck in lungfuls of oxygen-laden air.
“Great, Xander and now how did she turn back?” Giles said while polishing his glasses.
Xander saw Cordy, now in a towel that was wrapped around her sodden catsuit.
Giles never saw someone move so fast, Xander left a dust cloud behind him as he darted for the door.

Cordy chased him after liberating and somehow hefting a battleaxe. Xander actually made a teen-shaped hole in the door. Giles and Buffy both grabbed nets and short swords as they chased the pair. The sun fell and the Zeppo was in the middle of a cemetery trying to catch his breath. A pair of new risers tried to get him when he gestured at them. A bolt lanced from his hands and when it connected to say it was spectacular would be an understatement, the vamps exploded in pieces and each piece became a pile of dust.
Looking at his hands in shock; he nearly missed Cordy rounding a crypt. His sense of self- preservation kicked in and he ran.

A/N: I’m going to put this story on indefinite standby, as I don’t know when I’ll be able to update it again. Right now my updates will primarily be to Xander the Furon, Xander Havoc Harris or Kane’s Night out. I’d like to thank all those wonderful reviewers out there that have stuck with me through some real bad times and thank them for the real good times to be an author.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander the Warlock" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Dec 07.

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