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Xander the Warlock

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Summary: Xander chooses a slightly different costume for Halloween.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns BTVS. Wizards of the Coast owns the Complete Mage and Ebberron.

A/N: Will be AU
Xander Harris was enraged, some half-pint had taken the last plastic rifle; now all that were left were plastic swords and a few plastic bats. Thinking back to a preview of a product on the poster of the local hobby store, Xander ran off through an aisle and picked out the faux leather suit and a fake goatee. Xander added up the prices and saw that they came out to less than his budget-barely. He rushed to the counter-past Willow and Buffy drooling-okay fawning over obsessively a noblewoman’s dress. He got into a “queue”
Behind the other costume customers and waited until it was his turn to suffer the costume damage to his wallet.
Although he could pay for the accoutrements; fate never gave him a break. The sales tax brought him over budget and out of cash. Fortunately, the costumer had placed out a change dish and Xander made up quickly.

Ethan smiled as he saw the young man leave with a warlock costume. There was a benefit to keeping the old extras his group had-even if the state nailed him for another crime besides the stealing of the special bust of Janus.
Xander walked over to Buffy’s abode and knocked on the door.
“Hello Mrs. Summers, I was looking to pick up the two women I’ll be entertaining this evening.” Xander said.
“Xander what did you dress as?” Joyce asked having a slight distaste for the skulls on the joints.
“I went with the warlord look this year.” Xander said quizzically.

That moment Buffy came down in her dress; and Xander couldn’t suppress the thought of retching. Willow for some odd reason had decided to come dressed as a ghost.

Deciding to get the horrible ribbing from Larry done with; Xander rushed with the girls off to school and avoiding Larry, picked up his runts after receiving instructions from Snyder not to talk to them.

Meanwhile, Ethan started on his spell. And when he finished; he smirked.
“Showtime.” Ethan said.

Elthanus was dazed; one moment he was running from a crowd of would-be witchhunters and in the next he was here. He could feel the dark powers closer to him here. Not as distant as on Ebberron, obstructed by the thrice-cursed Dragons.

Elthanus smirked and pulled the Dark power to him. He could feel the Dark One’s own Luck permeate him. He walked on and saw a blond vampire chasing a woman. Deciding to be benevolent; he threw a brimstone blast and incinerated him. The woman swooned and Elthanus decided not to be benevolent anymore. The warlock decided to follow an interesting trail of magic to its source.

The trail led to a magic shop but did not stop there. Elthanus decided that combat was likely so charged his fist with an Eldritch Blast. He stepped into the backroom to two twits arguing and felt awash in the divine power coming from a bust. Instead of laying waste to the entire building with the hellrime blast that was ready to be unleashed, Elthanus decided to throw a weaker blast at the statue.

The depiction of the divine being broke and Elthanus could feel himself being pulled away against his will as a final act; he summoned forth a deadly vitriolic blast and fired it at the retreating mage and then all went dark.

A/N: Feedback! I need more Feedback!
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