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Seattle's Best

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Summary: “M-maybe we’ll see each other again?” Her voice seemed so loud in the silence of the car Buffy wished that she’d thought this out before opening her mouth.

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Television > Grey's AnatomyLisaFR1312,839182,34423 Oct 0723 Oct 07Yes
Title: Seattle’s Best
Author: Lisa
Status: Completed One-Shot
Rating: PG
Fandom: BtVS/Grey’s Anatomy Crossover
Pairing: Buffy/Alex Karev
Genre: Action/fluff
Summary: “M-maybe we’ll see each other again?” Her voice seemed so loud in the silence of the car Buffy wished that she’d thought this out before opening her mouth.
Challenge: 2007 FFA Pairing Buffy/Alex Karev (GA)
Spoilers: NA
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon & ME. Grey’s Anatomy and all related characters are copyright of Shonda Rhimes & abc.
Distribution: Not without permission from myself.
AN: Huge thank to Dani for beta’ing this piece. Sweetie, without you this piece wouldn’t be what it is, thank you for! xoxo


Grabbing the vampire’s wrist, Buffy twisted. The bones crushed beneath her grip and she grinned cruelly before she slammed him against the bar. The demon landed face smashed down on the lacquered wood slab, peanut shells biting into his skin. The steel edge of the bar pressed against his ribs, the impact causing them to crack and bruise on contact. Coppery, the scent of his blood filled the air.

“You guys just can’t help but be all with the touchy feely can you? Does ‘no’ mean anything anymore?” Buffy hissed.

Casually, she tossed her curled blonde hair over her shoulder while her keen eyes took quick stalk of how this little scene was being interpreted.

The moment she walked into the neighborhood bar she had sensed the vampire. It hadn’t taken long, or much of an act, to lure it over. The vampire network must be slower here, Buffy mused, than in Cleveland or Sunnydale. So far, it seemed none of the vamps knew that the Slayer had just taken up residence. The un-dead jerk had gotten all grabby and that’s when she had made her move.

With a lift of her neatly shaped eyebrow Buffy smirked at the bar owner. “Joe, you let all the creeps in here?”

“Hey, creeps need to wallow in their own misery too.” Joe winked at the blonde that had quickly become a regular to his small pub a few months back. “Want me to toss him out for ya?”

A disgusted scoff escaped her glossed lips. “Oh please, I think one drunk with wondering hands is something little ol’ me can handle.”

Joe nodded. She never drank much, two glasses of wine at the most. If she planned on being there for a few hours, she’d sip on a vodka cranberry. Normally she’d park herself at the bar with a drink and keep him company while he tended to the rest of patrons. There were seldom times when she walked in and barely glanced at him. After placing an order for a scotch on the rocks she’d settle herself in the dark corner of his establishment for a few hours.

Fisting the collar of the vampire’s jacket Buffy hauled him up to his feet. Grinning at Joe, she started towards the door. “I’ll be right back! Order me another round, will you, this goof spilled my drink!”

She pushed the vampire out in the alley. The door closed behind them, cutting off the noise from the other patrons and the 90’s style jukebox that had Ratt’s Round & Round blasting through the speakers.

“Now, where were we?” Buffy asked. “Oh right, me about to make with the pummeling.”

The vampire snarled and twisted out of her grasp, his eyes flashing yellow before its fangs elongated. His face shifted and in less than a second he took on his demon visage. A feral grin spread wide on his lips while he eyed the blonde with lust in his gaze.

“Umm… ew? And is this the part where I get all scared and girl-y that you’re a vampire?” Nonchalantly she folded her arms across her chest. Leaning against the side of the building she starred at the vampire with a blank and bored expression. How many more weeks would it take before the vamps would catch on and she wouldn’t have to go through this charade?

A tilt of the vampire’s head seemed to express his confusion and Buffy only shook her head in response.

“Not much with the talking, huh?”

With a small push she was off the wall and stalking towards him. The mute vampire moved with a speed that was abnormally quick for the vamps she’d seen around here so far. A second tool she raised her arm for the block. Her head whipped to side and the taste of blood slipped into her mouth as she stumbled back against the brick wall. The bastard had split her lip. A quick shake of her head cleared her mind in time to duck as another fist came crashing towards her head. Buffy rushed forward and the punch she buried into his gut forced the vampire to keel over. Taking advantage, she slammed her knee up, making contact with his face and breaking his nose.

Satisfied that she had done some damage, Buffy grasped his shirt. Unleashing her slayer strength, she swung him around and forced his back against the opposite building with enough force that it caused a few bricks to come loose from the collision.

The vampire’s head snapped up as he roared and leapt into the air, landing behind the blonde. With a solid kick he knocked her deeper into the alley. “Slayer.”

Recovering from the hit Buffy gasped out her reply, “Gods, took you long enough.”

His kick came lightening fast and she barely had time to grab the vampire’s foot before it made contact. Twisting, she spun the vampire in the air before he fell onto the gritty asphalt with a thud.

Buffy spent the next few minutes trying to dodge the rapid punches and kicks that the vampire executed. Through the exchange of blows, she grinned. It had been a while since she’d faced a vampire that was half-decent.

After ten minutes her breathing was ragged due to the solid hits the vamp had gotten in. “Okay, now you’re just pissing me off.”

Pulling her hand back, she slammed her palm into the vamp’s chin. As his head snapped up she pulled the hidden stake out from the back of her jeans. Almost too fast to see, Buffy plunged the stake into the vamp’s heart. She watched as he turned to dust before she collapsed to the ground and tried to get her breath back.

Denying she was in pain was impossible. The throbbing ache in her side was screaming that her ribs were bruised possibly broken – yet again. The blood from her split lip still trickled in her mouth, and as she wiped the crimson moisture away with the back of her hand, she realized the bleeding had steadied some. The tightness in her cheek let her know her left eye was swollen and from experience she knew it was more than likely cut as well.

“Well,” she huffed. “This is the kind of fun that isn’t. Stupid pawning vampire.”


A strange male voice broke through her verbal attack on the vampire that was nothing more than a pile of dust just a few fee t away. It reminded her that she wasn’t in some cemetery but an alley. It was an alley that had a pub door entrance attached to it. It was also a place where Joe was expecting her return.

Groaning, she shuffled on the ground and attempted to stand. Maybe she could just run? The stranger hadn’t seen her yet and once her cuts were healed she could explain to Joe that after taking care of the icky male she’d gotten a phone call, an emergency. Didn’t normal people get those?

Wondering further into the dimly light alley, Alex hoped that Joe wouldn’t back out on the free beer he offered. He’d had a shit day and searching for some girl wasn’t his idea of fun. “Hey, Joe sent me out here. Are you Buffy?”

As the guy got closer Buffy wondered if ducking behind the dumpster was still an option. At his quick intake of breath and whispered ‘shit’ she knew he’d spotted her.

“Buffy accounted for, a little banged up but still here.” It only took him a few moments to reach her and then he was crouching down next to her.

The light was far too dim to make out all the cuts. From the crimson red lines on her face to her wheezing breath Alex guessed it was fairly bad. “C’mon we need to get you to the hospital.”

With a shake of her head she pushed the arms that were coming around to help her up away. “Thanks but I’d rather not.”

She raised slowly, her hand grasping the side of the dumpster to steady herself. “Honestly, I’m fine. Sure, a little winded but nothing that some sleep and an Extra Strength Tylenol won’t cure.”

“Sorry, but I don’t think that Tylenol will set those bruised and possibly fractured ribs. And trust me, no amount of sleep will stop an infection from the cut eye.” Alex said as he gently gripped her elbow and moved her forward a few steps before she pulled away from him.

Cast in shadows, Buffy starred at his face and groaned as a realization dawned on her. “Gods, your one of those doctor’s Joe is always going on about aren’t you?”

Alex chuckled, and nodded his head as he urged the stubborn blonde forward.

They froze mid-stride when she curved her head up at him.

“You wouldn’t happen to be the horribly nick-named Nazi would you? Because if so, I really think we need to talk about your choice of a nickname. Does the holocaust mean nothing to you?”


Alex’s initial plan had been to direct Buffy toward the emergency room while he changed into his scrubs. From the look of sheer panic that crossed her face a different plan had formed. Looking back, Buffy wished she had followed his initial plan. In a darkened ally no one could really look appealing, well unless you were a vampire hunting for a meal, which clearly Alex wasn’t. The tingles he was sending down her spine had nothing to do with a sixth sense for the supernatural.

The man was a five foot eleven, with a thick build that wasn’t overly bulky. He had the kind of masculine frame that made you feel completely safe with, it made you want to cuddle with him in front of a fire. To Buffy, Alex was the definition of salty-goodness. His face was square and up close she could see the five o’clock shadow that gave him an even more rugged manly appearance. He rolled a steel tray to the bench that she was straddling and she took a few more moments to peer up at him.

Moss green eyes watched with trepidation as he swung his leg over the bench and mirrored her position. Swallowing, she diverted her eyes back to his face. “So… you often do this?”

Whispering as though he was letting her in on a government secret, Alex winked just as he grabbed some gauze off the tray, “Well, it’s sorta my job.”

Joe hadn’t been bull-shitting him when he ordered him to go check on the beautiful blonde that had just ushered an unwanted admirer out. For a free round he’d been willing to go check down the alley. Hell, for a free beer there was a lot he would do. Beside what did he care? It wasn’t like he had anybody waiting for him to come home.

Buffy was an unexpected surprise though. Usually Joe called every woman beautiful; he’d been raised right as his grandma would say, and so when he’d finally gotten a good look at the blonde, beautiful turned out to be an understatement.

The heat rose up Buffy’s cheeks and she thanked the powers that be that Alex was looking the other way and not paying attention to the embarrassing pink flush that covered her cheeks from his wink.

“Yeah, I – I meant more with the whole white knight thing. For me this is a whole world of unusual. I don’t do the whole damsel in distress thing; in fact I’m very undamsel-y. Well, I mean there was one other time that I was sort of damsel-esque, but it was Halloween and those costumes just made you act like a totally different person. I think I may have fainted.”

Frowning, Buffy bit her lip and mentally kicked herself for the words that seemed to continue to spill almost out of control. She diverted her eyes down to her fingers that were absently following the cracks in the wood. Moments passed before she smirked and looked back at him, she wasn’t surprised to see the slight arrogant smile on his face.

“I blame it on the corset.” Buffy murmured her excused as she pouted.

Alex wiggled closer to her before he dabbed the soaked gauze on her eye and held it there. “So who was that guy? Boyfriend? Ex?”

“He wishes.” Buffy hissed through a wince as the antiseptic stung her eyes into tears. “It was just some creep at Joe’s that decided I was a walking ‘touch-me’ sign. Pawning woman’s ass wasn’t his only bad habit it appears.” Shrugging her shoulders, she flashed him a half smile and pointed to her eye.

“I’m going to have to file a police report.” Alex felt her muscle’s tense as he explained that it was policy and as much as he hated all that red tape he didn’t want to loose his job. The blonde seemed to understand, but from the mild pinch of her lips, the idea of having to sit down with the local police was not on her list of favorite past-times.

Buffy liked the way Alex’s face tightened as he cleaned her cuts before placing butterfly band-aids over them. The warmth of his breath kissing her exposed neck was causing her stomach to do back-flips. It had obviously been too long since she’d gotten any because his nimble fingers moving along her cheek and face were causing a normally solid Buffy to melt into a liquid state.

“Lift your shirt up,” Alex said as he tossed the soiled gauze in the garbage that he had dragged with him to his pseudo emergency room.

“Here?” Her shocked question was breathed out in confusion and just a touch of arousal. Her eyes darted around the cold, sterile looking locker room.

Looking around the room, Alex shrugged his shoulder. “Here is where you wanted to be checked out.”

Buffy’s brows knitted together in deeper confusion as she rolled his statement around in her head. Finally it clicked.

“Ribs, right! I – I knew that.” Biting her lip she wished he’d stop giving her those mischievous bedroom eyes that were causing her cheeks to heat up again. Her fingers fumbled a few times before she finally grabbed the hem of her v-neck black tunic and lifted, exposing her ribs.

Her entire right side was a violent purple.

“Jesus,” Alex whispered, gently fingering the angry skin. “How the hell are you still sitting straight?” Alex looked down at the blonde, waiting for a response and not accepting her silent, half smile as an answer.

“Adrenaline?” Buffy suggested.


After Alex had finished wrapping her ribs, he’d made the call to the police. They had requested that Buffy show up at the station sometime later that morning with the medical report that Alex had filled out. Their next call was to Joe, just to let him know she was still alive.

Alex had offered to drive her home, which Buffy had promptly refused and then explained that she’d just call a cab. The two had debated back and forth until Alex had thrown the final gauntlet down.

“You know Buffy, I’m really concerned about that cut by your eye.” With a pensive look on his face he leaned forward and studied the cut. His lips held firm, even though there was a smile in his eyes. “Yeah, you’re going to have to stay over-night.”

“Fine! You win,” Buffy laughed, gently pushed him away. “You can finish your White Knight duties and make sure I get home safely.”

They were now parked outside of the small house she had purchased shortly after arriving in Seattle. They were both unsure of how to end the evening and Buffy was tempted to ask him inside for a coffee but a glance at the clock stopped her.

“M-maybe we’ll see each other again?” Her voice seemed so loud in the silence of the car Buffy wished that she’d thought this out before opening her mouth. “I mean, with you going to Joe’s after your shifts and me stopping by there on my way home, we may meet up one time or two.”

Buffy’s fingers played with the seat belt before she snuck a glance at Alex who was grinning at her, assuring her that she wasn’t the only one who was interested in meeting again.

“Maybe Tuesday night at around nine?”

“Yeah,” she said flashing a large, happy smile as she nodded her head in agreement. “Yeah, maybe Tuesday.”

Completed: October 23, 2007

The End

You have reached the end of "Seattle's Best". This story is complete.

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