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Pierced by Sunrise

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scourge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The war brewing in Seattle begins to involve the supernatural. A powerful vision sends the Scourge to the west coast.

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Chapter One

Reading my drabble series Scourge will give background for this story.

Fandoms: BtVS/Supernatural/Dark Angel
Rating: M
Pairing/Character(s): Dru/Dean/Sam/Dawn, Spike, Willow and various DA characters (too many to list)
Spoilers: None.

DA timeline info gleaned from : and with permission

Big thanks to Strangvisitor for her invaluable help!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

In plain speak: I don’t own anything, just my imagination.

Pierced by Sunrise

Ch 1

After watching Spike tear out of the parking lot, the Weres knew it was going to be a long ‘night’ when they saw Sam carrying a hysterical Dawn from the club. Oz let Dean know that they would meet them back at the motel and then followed Spike for a few miles; making sure the tracking device on the vampire’s motorcycle was working properly. Thankfully, they hadn’t been on a Hunt. Dawn had insisted on a night out and so there was no job to finish while the vampires took care of their youngest member.

While Oz drove, Jo called Willow; hoping to get an answer to the question of Spike’s appearance. Oz had already voiced his concern for Buffy and Willow confirmed with a weepy voice that the elder Summers had indeed been killed. The Scoobies were frantic because both Angel and Spike had disappeared right after it happened. Jo handed to phone to Oz and when he took it; he was surprised to hear Xander’s voice. He was further astonished at the obvious concern in the other man’s tone. Concern for Spike, not Angel. Xander quickly explained that Spike had become their friend and they were all afraid he was suicidal now that Buffy was gone. Not that they were afraid he would take a walk in the sun, but in their line of work there were plenty of ways to get yourself killed.

Oz assured him that he was tracking Spike and when they knew something more he would contact them. He ended the call as they arrived back at the motel. The lights were off in the vampires’ room and Jo helped him unload the van, stacking the weapons inside by the unlatched connecting door. Hearing the sounds issuing through the thin walls prompted Oz to turn on the television and keep the sound low to mask it. The need for the connecting door had been proven over the years, but Oz was a private kind of guy and involuntarily listening to the Four copulate made him wish for an alternative on several occasions.

Oz and Jo remained alert long after the vampires fell into a fitful sleep. He had respected Angel for a long time, but now Oz only felt resentment at the way he had mistreated both Dawn and Drusilla. This thing with Spike was weighing on him as well. The fact that Xander had forgiven the vampire and actually considered him a friend made Oz realize that Spike had made some drastic changes in his unlife. The fact that none of the Scoobies had asked about Angel was intriguing and Oz made a mental note to question Xander about it later. Staying alert in case he would be needed, he passed the time with Jo; giving her an insight into the man he had known as Angel. Oz was saddened to realize something had drastically changed in Angel when the man Shanshue’d.

Dawn cried for what seemed like days; but in reality it was just one. Dru, Sam and Dean enveloped her as she lay curled up on the bed. It was inevitable that hands began to wander as they always did when there was more than one of them together on a bed. Dawn accepted the comfort, surrendering herself to their ministrations.

Sunrise had broken hours ago and she slept fitfully, dreaming through the waning morning; the memories of her sister making complete rest impossible. Roused once again by dreams of Buffy, Dawn felt Sam spooned behind her, his large form making her feel safe as she wept quietly. Her breath hitched as his soft lips pressed against the back of her neck and Sam’s arm tightened around her waist; his fingers stroking the skin above her hipbone before moving possessively over her stomach. Her free hand was enclosed in long delicate fingers and Dawn opened her eyes to the sight of Dru’s serene face. Hazel eyes dark with concern appeared over the curve of Dru’s shoulder; weighing her distress and waiting to see if he would be needed. Dawn drew in a shaky breath and although Buffy’s death could be laid at their feet, she grudgingly sent silent thanks to the PTB that she had her family with her during her time of grief; that they would always be with her.

She pulled herself together and her voice was stiff as it passed through her trembling lips. “Did Spike say how she died?”

Dru reached out and stroked the hair back from the younger woman’s face. “Shhh now. Dear boy lost control of the heartache before he could tell me sweeting. Young William tried to Make her and it didn’t take. He should have known better. A Slayer cannot be Made. Daddy must be so very angry.”

“Why didn’t Angel tell us?” She voiced the question on everyone’s mind. Angel had approached Dru just last week, asking that she turn him. Dawn had assumed that Buffy and Spike had left him and he was desperate for a connection to a family. Apparently he hadn’t adjusted to human life and the brood factor had tripled.

“His motivations were unclear dear one.”

“Let’s hope he doesn’t try to get turned by some stupid fledge.” Dean’s voice was harsh and Dawn watched him closely. Something was seriously bothering him. It had taken five miserable days for the Dean they all knew and loved to replace the snarling angry man left behind in the wake of Angel’s latest visit. He had reacted similarly the first time he met Angel and it seemed that personality trait might reappear now that Spike had tracked them down and dropped the bombshell of Buffy’s death over them. Not that Dean was all that broken up over her sister’s death. He was sympathetic for her loss, but Dawn held no illusion that Dean liked Buffy. She was Angel and Spike’s woman and Dean absolutely hated Angel. What made matters worse was it seemed that Angel had done everything he could to encourage that feeling. Dawn had never understood why until Angel’s visit last week when Drusilla deferred to Dean’s final decision on turning him. Angel hated being replaced.

Dawn closed her eyes and leaned into Dru’s caress, memories of Buffy flowing more smoothly through her busy mind. She fell into a more restful sleep as Dru sung an old lullaby; the memories of her sister somehow easier to bear while wrapped in her family’s embrace.

~ * ~ * ~

No longer disjointed, Dawn’s dreams were like a memory lane of Buffy’s involvement in her unlife.

The first time Dean and Buffy met, Dawn had to forcibly plant herself between them to avert bloodshed. Buffy had been under the assumption that pretty boy Dean had been the lure to catch Dawn in Drusilla’s web. Buffy had also been more than a little resentful of the amount of time that had passed since Dawn’s human death. Circumstances had kept them apart until now.

Dawn laughed at her sister’s assumption and it was obvious by Buffy’s surprise at Dean’s denial that she hadn’t truly noticed Sam. Dawn found it a continuous source of amazement that someone as large as Sam could be overlooked. The youngest Winchester had silently watched the Slayer trade insults with his brother; his intense green eyes peeking out from under shaggy bangs and when she finally noticed, Buffy actually blushed. That only gave Dean more fuel for his relentless teasing and snarky attitude. Sam and Dawn privately agreed that if Spike weren’t in the picture and they had met pre-vampage, Buffy and Dean probably would have been all over each other. For a little while at least.

As it stood now, Dean only had eyes for Dru and Dawn. In that order. Oh, he still had his patented charm with human women, but he never expanded his flirtations farther than a drink and a laugh; usually in an attempt to gather gossip or information. It was a pretty impressive show of restraint in light of Sam’s huge store of tales relating Dean’s numerous conquests across the country. And, to quote her mother… The man was a stevedore during sex.

Dawn never took offense that the elder Winchester focused more on their Matriarch; after all, Drusilla had saved him from the hellhounds. Sam’s attentiveness more than made up for any shortcomings in Dean’s attention. He was the reason Drusilla had been able to turn her in the first place. The brothers had played her perfectly. Dawn would have never believed someone like Dean was truly interested in her without an ulterior motive and given her history, most likely something possibly Apocolyptic. Sam, on the other hand; had her from the moment he flashed that dimple with a shy smile and puppy eyes. Oh, and that saying about the size of a man’s hands and feet? Uh huh, that one. Totally true in his case.


Dawn recalled how she had teased Buffy unmercifully about her reaction to Sam for days. The Slayer had admitted that Sam’s attractiveness kinda snuck up on you and then knocked you over with its potency. Buffy had also reluctantly admitted to finding Dean physically attractive; but she couldn’t look passed his tendency for colossal jerkdom. This conversation had been, of course, conducted way out of earshot of all the males. Buffy was more than happy with her relationships with both Angel and Spike and had no desire to rock the boat with Angel’s inevitable jealousy. Spike never got jealous now that he knew of Buffy’s true feelings. Angel had been an entirely different story. It had taken the two of them over year to get Angel to accept the fact that Buffy loved Spike as much as she did Angel. And that was before the Shanshue and the freedom it had brought them. If Angel hadn’t been returned to his human state, he wouldn’t have been able to be with her physically. Spike knew the score and had accepted it. He’d take anything Buffy was willing to give him. But Angel was extremely defensive about his current human condition.

After everyone started showing the effects of being exposed to twenty-four hours of Buffy and Dean snarkage, Sam finally interpreted Dawn’s hints and pointed looks correctly and knew she wanted alone time with Buffy. Much to her relief he decided to seize the opportunity to get to know Spike. He dragged everyone else out to patrol the cemeteries, of which there were four in the surprisingly small town they had arranged to meet in.

The sisters had taken advantage of their alone time to catch up with the other’s life. There had been little opportunity for it after Dawn was turned. A week after her Vampiric rebirth the Pulse hit and the damage it caused sent everything into chaos and the West coast Slayers had had their hands full for a long time. It seemed that the creepy crawlies tried to take advantage of the economy’s devastation and it forced the Slayers and the human Hunters to team up to combat the increased activity. Due to the necessity of constant movement for the human Hunters, many of the larger cities that were still locked down under Martial Law had to be under the sole protection of a Slayer instead of a team. Some of the cities were locked down so tight; even Slayers couldn’t patrol and had to be left unguarded.

Between Sam and Oz’s combined computer skills, the Scourge maintained their numerous contacts across the country; enabling them to travel freely even through the various parts of the country still locked down under Martial Law.

Combined with the others’ efforts, they were able to keep the country from being completely overrun, but it was a constant battle.


Sam filled her in much later on what had happened after the four of them left the motel. Dean had quickly suggested they split up and took an unresisting Drusilla with him; leaving Spike to pair up with Sam.

Spike had given the younger man the usual maim and torture speech regarding Dawn and was satisfied with Sam’s vehement response. He also gave the Seer a few pointers on how best to handle Drusilla in various circumstances. Sam told Dawn he didn’t have the heart to inform Spike that he and Dean had learned the hard way and his advice was too little, too late. Sam found himself enjoying the blonde’s company. Spike was like a mix of Dawn and Dean; but with the wisdom that came with almost two hundred years of unlife. Spike had a unique ability to see through the bullshit and either speak plainly about it or use subtlety; whichever method worked most effectively. Unfortunately, to all but Dean’s disappointment, that was the only visit that included Spike. The former Master vampire had had a difficult time accepting that his Nibblet was now a vampire; powerful in her own right. That and she was number four in a set that included his Sire.

Most of the Scoobies had had to adjust to the fact that, not only were three-quarters of The Scourge ensouled; they actively and effectively Hunted Supernatural baddies across the country. It had started out as a major bone of contention among the mini-slayers; the most vocal being Kennedy. She and Willow fought about it for months; culminating in a rather loud and vicious breakup because of her refusal to accept Buffy’s mandate regarding the Scourge. Kennedy also took issue with the reality of Human Hunters in general and she took off on her own; falling prey to a Succubus within a month of leaving the Watcher’s Council behind.

When Dawn had called to offer sympathy, Willow told her she felt a little guilty about her lack of grief, but Kennedy’s churlish, childish behavior had begun to wear through even her patience. Their relationship had been on its deathbed long before Dawn’s turning. Besides, Buffy wasn’t the only one to be effected by that spell to activate all of the Slayers and close the Sunnydale Hellmouth. Both Willow and Faith seemed to be benefiting from arrested aging as well. Much to everyone’s surprise, Faith looked at it as a way to accomplish her redemptive walk through life; Robin’s death had affected her deeply and the dark Slayer had adopted a slightly philosophical attitude. Willow figured this new development was a hint that celibacy would be a good idea for a while. She used the time to develop more contacts the Council needed across the country. There was an interesting hacker on the West Coast she had been dealing with and she knew once she could gain his trust he could put her in contact with a vast web of underground information previously unavailable.


The second time Buffy had met up with Dawn for a visit she brought Angel with her. Not only had he been Mr. McBroody times like a million; something that drove Dean up the wall, but he managed to inject condescension into every conversation. The Winchesters had been successful Hunters long before their transition into an undead status but Angel insisted on talking to them like they were newbies in the Supernatural world.

Then there was his proprietary air regarding Drusilla and on a smaller scale Dawn herself. If you were to look up the phrase emotionally conflicted, you would find Angel’s picture. He had alternated between the roles of father, friend and lover when he talked to Dru. Dawn had been surprised that Buffy hadn’t thrown a jealous hissy fit. One look at Dean told Dawn that she would have to encourage her sister to cut their visit short. The man had been about to do something stupid and Angel had only encouraged it by smirking at Dean behind Drusilla’s back. Both men were blind to the fact that, while she was happy to see Angel again; Drusilla was in no way interested in the man. Buffy had understood Dawn’s subtle hints and assured her that Angel was just being a jerk. Spike was usually Angel’s target and he was just using Dean as a convenient substitute. Dawn didn’t burst her sister’s bubble of denial. The younger woman had always been of the opinion that the soul had merely given Angel the ability to overcome the psychotic traits that dominated Angelus. Human Angel was more a mixture of the two and it showed when Buffy wasn’t looking, which was most of the time. She had a distinct blind spot when it came to the broody jerkwad.

~ * ~ * ~

Dawn woke again for what she knew was the final time. Her senses told her it was early evening and that sunset was about two hours away. The air was motionless in the room, but something had disturbed her. The broad chest under her cheek twitched and then stuttered to life as Sam took a heaving gulp of air. She tilted her face up to look at him and saw the rapid movement under his lids. If Sam was having a vision that disturbed his rest to this extent, Dru would be thrashing around soon. She laid her head back down and stroked his arm, waiting for the vision to stop and his eyes to open.

Oz heard Dawn a few times, her weeping was a hard thing for him to listen to. When she quieted again, the lack of sound indicated they were all sleeping again and the Weres took advantage and slept. After napping for a few hours, they were awakened by sound of Drusilla’s thrashing and distressed moaning as it drifted through the connecting door. Oz pulled on a shirt and gathered the supplies he knew would be needed.


Sam held Dru in his strong arms and soothed her as her chaotic mind struggled to process the vision slamming through her psyche. His own vision had been a strong one and he winced in sympathy as she whimpered. They all knew that when Sam and Drusilla experienced similar visions the news was never good. She stopped thrashing and then began to weep quietly.

Dean crawled up the bed and pulled Drusilla into his arms, offering her his wrist. After a powerful vision she always seemed to regain her senses faster if she fed from him. Oz was ready with bagged blood for Dean when she was through.

Dawn had been awakened earlier when Sam’s vision hit. She stood and paced the room, unmindful of her undressed state. It was a testament to her agitation that Dawn forgot Oz was in the room. Mindful of Jo’s feelings, Oz kept his eyes focused on the Vampiress’ face and offered to get her robe. Dawn snatched up a discarded t-shirt and threw it on with an apologetic shrug to Oz. It flapped around her knees as she paced.

Dawn knew Spike had run to avoid facing her; that he probably felt he had let her down by not saving Buffy. He was probably expecting her to hate him and it tore at her heart that he had no one to comfort him and ease his grief. She knew Sam would probably back her up, but Dean was another story entirely. Dawn hated coming between the brothers and she figured she would probably have to go after Spike on her own. It would totally suck, but she owed him that much. She could probably get Willow to do a location spell. Decision made, she stopped her pacing and said in an almost defiant tone, “I’m going after him. Spike can’t be alone right now.”

Finished feeding, Dru released Dean’s arm and he gaped at Dawn. “What?” Dean was incredulous. “You can’t just take in every stray we come across! Pretty soon we’ll have to buy a bus! We’re not the ASPCA!” Dru had pushed away from him to peer into his face during his rant and he misinterpreted it as a rejection.

“We cannot abandon my Precious.”

Growling, Dean snatched up his jeans from the end of the bed and stalked out, privately thankful the sun had set about ten minutes before.

Sighing, Dawn lay down and rested her cheek on her Sire’s thigh. Frustrated, Dru looked to Sam for help. “He doesn’t understand. You Saw?”

He nodded. “Spike is needed to help with the war coming. It’s not just demons this time. I’m not completely clear and I’ll have to do some deep research on the strange runes I saw, but I think there’s some sort of ancient cult involved.”

Dru grabbed Sam’s hand. “Talk to him.”

Sam nodded and kissed her forehead. She placed Dawn’s hand in his and he took her out with him. They were going to have to tag-team his brother to get him to listen.

Oz waited patiently. Dru looked back at him and asked, “Will puppies stay behind? Mummy knows you have no love for my eldest Childe.”

Oz offered her a small smile and explained that he had placed a tracking bug on Spike’s motorcycle. It wouldn’t give a signal passed about 500 miles, but the Master vampire was headed West for now. He and Jo would do whatever she needed them to do within the guidelines they had established years ago. She held out her hand and beckoned him closer and he approached the bed cautiously. Oz was fairly confident Dru meant him no harm; but she was still nutty as a fruitcake and a dangerous predator. To his relief, she merely patted his hand and urged him to spend some time with Jo before it was time to leave. When he asked if she knew when that might be, she smiled mysteriously and suggested that they be packed and ready within the hour. His sensitive ears picked up Dean’s angry voice and he moved through the connecting door into his and Jo’s room.


It was obvious by his visible tensing that Dean heard their approach. He was wound tighter than a bow string and Dawn wondered what it would take to loosen him up. The elder Winchester seemed to be taking this whole situation with Spike very personally. She remembered what Sam had told her under the strictest of confidences of his brother’s unresolved abandonment issues. They shared a conversation filled look behind his back. It was obvious to both Dawn and Sam their Third was having some sort of crisis and Dawn set aside her personal sorrow in favor of helping her friend/lover/brother. She approached him carefully, fully aware of his volatile state and wrapped her arms around him from behind, clasping her fingers and settling her arms around his waist. He made a half-hearted attempt at resistance, but she only tightened her vampire enhanced grip, refusing to allow his retreat. She pressed her cheek into the line of his spine, inhaling his earthy scent as she rubbed her face across his skin. Despite the scars, his skin was like satin under her cheek and she enjoyed the sensation. Sam was a solid presence behind them, patiently waiting for Dawn to soften his brother’s ire. Besides Dru, Dawn was the best at drawing Dean out of his moods. She delicately avoided what Dean referred to as ‘chick flick moments’ and usually took the teasing route.

This time, Dawn knew he was really hurting and not just pouting. He clearly viewed Spike as a serious threat to his place with their Sire and position in their family. When Dru had pulled back from Dean’s embrace and agreed that they should help Spike, Dawn realized he had misinterpreted Dru’s words. To Dawn’s watchful eyes, it was obvious that Dean thought Dru had referred to Spike as her Precious. In true Drusilla form, she had been talking disjointedly and had actually addressed Dean as ‘my Precious’.

Dawn had witnessed the distress in Dean’s eyes before he masked it and stormed out of the motel room. He was adept at hiding his true emotions, but over the years, Dawn had become more proficient at interpreting his actions. The fact that he was showing anger instead of sarcasm and wit was also a telling fact. Dean was scared that Spike would replace him now that Buffy was gone. She and Sam knew he hated feeling that kind of vulnerability and it was pissing him off. Dawn was used to the ranting and blustering when he was denying his emotions. This quiet seething was a bit worrisome. If they didn’t handle it just right, Dean might take off to avoid being replaced. Leave before he got left.

Taking the chance that he wouldn’t react with anger, Dawn stroked his stomach with just the barest contact and the hard muscles quivered in response; whether with irritation or the usual ticklish sensitivity Dawn wasn’t yet sure. After a few moments, she felt the muscles under her cheek begin to soften and she loosened her hold. When he allowed her to turn his reluctant body around to face her, Dawn knew he was now willing to listen. She peered up into his stony expression and gave him her patented ‘comfort me’ look. It was an effective weapon against both Winchesters and Dawn used it sparingly. Her large green eyes were damp; not that she had to work the tear angle, Buffy’s loss would weigh heavily on her for a long time. She saw a noticeable softening of his generous mouth and employed a chin wobble before resting it on his broad chest; lower lip jutting out slightly, not enough to claim a pout, but effective. Dean sighed forcefully and leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead before laying his cheek on the top of her head and returning her embrace.

“He’s family Dean.” Her voice trembled and Dawn knew that if he argued now, she would probably breakdown. Her emotions were so very close to the surface that it would only take a small ripple to expose them. “He took care of me that awful summer Buffy was gone and he never ignored me. Even though he loved Buffy, Spike has always treated me like I was the most important thing in the world to him. Hell, even when he was evil and soulless he liked me. Made Dru promise to never cause me harm.”

Dean’s body had tensed back up and Dawn looked at Sam for support.

“Dude has a soul. Fought for it so he could be a better man. He needs our help Dean.” Sam’s eyes were burning bright green and Dean could see the after effects of a powerful vision.

Knowing how distressed Dru had been after her vision, Dean realized things were going to get crazy real soon. His head lowered and he pressed his forehead to Dawn’s. Staring into her eyes, he searched for the truth. “Does She want him?”

Her suspicions were proven and she shared a look with Sam. “Not like that silly.” Dawn pinched the soft part of his arm and sent him a mock glare. “Dru doesn’t want Spike. He’s not her Knight anymore. That’s your job now doofus.” She gave him a weepy smile. “She just wants to fix him, give him a new purpose.”

He looked at her incredulously. “He just lost the great love of his unlife! Someone he thought would be with him for a long time thanks to the freaked out spell that witch Willow did. Your sister still had decades before Spike would have had to start worrying about her age. What could Dru possibly to do fix that? She’s got to be having one of her bad spells again.” Dawn could see through his bravado and that he desperately wanted to believe them.

Sam reached around Dawn, sandwiching her between them. He grabbed his brother by the shoulders and held his gaze. “Not this time bro. There’s some heavy shit about to go down on the West coast and Spike’s meant to be there. So are we.” Sam watched the misery leak from his brother’s eyes to be replaced by determination.

Dean’s jaw tensed as he clenched his teeth and then ground out, “Tell Oz we’re leaving.” He let go of Dawn, pulled out of Sam’s grip and stalked toward the room they shared with their Sire.

When the door closed behind Dean, Dawn looked up at Sam; the tears threatening to spill once more. “That went a little better than I hoped.” Her voice was barely a whisper. Sam leaned down to place a tender kiss on her trembling mouth. She clung to him desperately, losing herself in his embrace.


Dean pushed the door shut with his foot as he took in the sight of Drusilla dressed and standing by the bed, their bags packed and stacked at the end. The connecting door was shut but his sensitive ears heard movement on the other side. Well, that question was answered; Oz and Jo were packing up too. His jaw ached from clenching it against the unwanted turmoil Spike’s appearance so soon after Angel’s had caused.

Drusilla watched him silently, content to let him make the first move. It was always that way between them. She allowed him his pride and deferred to his leadership. There were times that she used her power as his Sire to bring him to heel, but he was their strength and he never pandered to her madness.

His body was just as tense as before; his posture rigid and head high but eyes lowered, refusing to meet her gaze as he asked, “We need to get going. You riding with me or Oz?” Her feet appeared in his line of sight and he looked up in surprise as Dru’s fingers brushed his cheek. Hazel eyes so dark they nearly matched her brown were filled with an unnamable emotion and she smiled softly.

“Forever and a day at your side. Pretty Knight with his perfect mouth.” She met no resistance when she pulled him down to meet her hungry lips. It went on long enough to burn molten fire through their veins, but when he tried to walk her backward to the bed she pulled her mouth from his. Dean watched her with glowing hazel eyes; his lids half mast and his lips swollen from her fierce kisses. “Time to go love. Wayward son has a big head start.”


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