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Summary: Families often get separated, and loose track of people they shouldn't have. So, Sam's in college, and starts wondering about his Mother. Join him and his brother as they search for their long lost sister. And everyone has some sort of supernatural link.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyLycanFR181123,27001018,03524 Oct 0722 Feb 09No


Ok. took me way longer than I thought it would to get this chapter posted. You won't believe how hectic my life is right now. I got a job, still doing the whole college thing, and have an actual social life. Go me.

The college work...ugh! So much work right now. I've almost finished the course. So...catch up work and we're starting on our last project soon - the most important one. Summer will be soon so hopefully I'll get a lot more chapters posted. Ok, summer's not till June but I'm gonna have a few more chapters posted between now and than. Promise.


I had to share that with you all. I'm so happy :)

Of course, that means I don't know when I can get more chapters posted - no time frame, but they'll definitely be some more soon. And after that, in September...well, we'll deal with that when the time comes.

Anyway, enough gabbering. I think I've kept you all waiting long enough for this. So, on with the fic!

And enjoy!


Chapter Eleven.

“Are you sure you have to leave?” Joyce asked, concerned.

“Yeah. It’ll only be for a few weeks.” Dean assured, smiling at her.

Sam stood by the door, duffel bags in hand.

“Alright. But you’d better call me when you first get to the motel, no matter how late it is.”

The older brother nodded. Before he could turn away, Joyce grabbed him into a hug. At first, he was hesitant, but she’d actually hugged him a few times since he’d arrived, as had Dawn. And Willow, but that was a whole other thing.

“Uh.” He said. “Right, call.” He nodded again. Joyce pressed a kiss to his cheek and stepped back.

“You two take care of each other.” Joyce ordered. She grabbed Sam and gave him the same treatment as Dean, kiss to the cheek and all. She stepped back as they crossed the threshold and headed to the car. “And call if there’s any trouble.”

“We will.” Sam assured.

{“Wish we could stay longer.”}

Joyce frowned. That was another one. She kept hearing voices in her head, and she wondered if it had anything to do with the brain tumour she’d had. Or maybe she was going crazy.

“Everything alright?” Giles asked.

She turned to him with a small smile. “Yes.” She lied, giving him a quick kiss.

“Alright.” {“Liar.”}

“I most certainly am not!” She denied, shaking her head. But there was a smile on her face.


She frowned again. “I thought you said…” She shook her head. “Never mind. I’m just going crazy.”

{“This is getting rather strange.”}

She nodded. She certainly agreed with that.

***** ***** +++++ ***** *****

“Can I go back to bed?” Dawn asked, yawning.

“No. Now, come on. You wanted to learn this stuff.” Buffy replied.

“Yeah. When it was actually a time in the day. Not five in the morning!”

“Hey, we’re in for an intense day of training. It requires getting out of bed early and getting in it late.”

“Ugh. In that case, I change my mind.” She muttered, yawning again. “Tell me why I thought this was a good idea?”

“You wanted to be part of the gang a little more?”

“Oh. Yeah. Right.” She paused. “Then why are we running?”

“We’ve gotta get you into shape somehow. Early exercises.”

“A short run around town, a quick but healthy breakfast, and then…?”

“We’ll see about your hand to hand.”

She perked up a little. “Ok, cool.”

***** ***** +++++ ***** *****


“Hey, Gunn. It’s Dawn. I-Is Angel there?”

[“Yeah. Just a minute.”] There was a rustling, then some yelling. Then Gunn was back on the phone. [“He’ll be just a minute.”]

[“Cool. So how’s the training going?”]

He chuckled. [“Tiring. You?”]


[“Hold on. Here he is.”]

The phone changed hands and then she heard Angel.


“Hey. I have a question.”

[“Go on.”]

“Is Spike…I mean…” She hesitated. “Back in the day, when you guys were all evil, was Spike your favourite out of the others?”

[“What? Darla and Drusilla?”]


[“Uh…not really. I was more interested in Darla. Sometimes Dru, but…that’s complicated.”]

“Oh.” She slumped.

[“What’s this about?”] He asked, suspicious.

“It’s just…we’re hunting a demon. Well, the guys are. But we’re kinda stuck.” She sighed. Then brightened as an idea came to her. “Spike’s your favourite now, though, right? I mean, since you can’t really be around the others what with all the killing and stuff they do, right?”


“Great! Say if you guys were far away but someone was trying to contact you about him, how would they have to go about it.”

[“I think you’re going to have to explain the situation to me.”]

“Ok. So, there’s this demon called Azazel, right? He’s picked kids all over the world like Sam and gave them some of his blood to make them part demon. It’s obvious he’s picked Sam as his favourite since others have turned out to be hunters as well. But Azazel can ignore a summons. I was wondering how to make him want to come here. I just thought…if it was you and Spike, how someone would go about to get your attention…I kinda hoped that it would work for us.”


***** ***** +++++ ***** *****

“Ok.” Dawn said, shrugging her shoulders a little. “I talked to Angel, ‘cause I had this idea. Remember I said that Sam was, like, his favourite?”


“Well, Spike’s like Angel’s favourites, and they’re still demons. Just a little different. So, I called Angel and asked how someone would get him to talk to him about Spike - only our demon can ignore a summons. So, if they couldn’t get him in a conventional way, what other way could they?”

“And he came up with something.”

“Yes…kinda…not really, no.” Her shoulder slumped. But then she brightened. “But it gave me an idea.”

“And why do I think we’re gonna regret this?”

“Your pessimistic.” Dawn promptly replied.

***** ***** +++++ ***** *****

“All we have to do now is wait for them to get back.” Buffy informed him, even though he couldn’t reply. Maybe he couldn’t even hear her. “It’s quiet…it seems quieter now that they’re gone. It’s silly, I know. It was like this before they were here.” She reached over and stroked his hair. She sighed and, after a moment, gently lifted his head by holding the back of his neck. She gently tipped the mug of blood as she held it to his lips. She reached out with a thumb using the hand that was at his neck to massage the front of his throat, getting it to work so that the blood would reach his stomach. She continued on like that, pouring and massaging, until all the blood was gone. She then set the mug aside and gently lowered him onto the cot, tucking the covers tight around him. She then sighed again. “Come on, Spike. Can’t lay about in bed all day. And I so don’t want the reputation of the vampire’s nursemaid instead.”

She sighed again and sat back on the chair she was on. Her hand reached out and traced where the worst of the wounds had been. Most of them were gone, but she was willing to bet his spine was still broken.

After a minute or two, she let go and slowly made her way to her feet. She wiped her hands on her jeans and started for the stairs, but a small sound caught her attention.

She turned back and saw Spike’s Adams apple moving as he tried to swallow. His eyes moved wildly behind his eyes.

Buffy started forward again, a smile starting to make its way onto her face. He stopped moving before she reached him, however, already passed out.

She smiled, laughed slightly, and made her way up the stairs, calling out for anyone that was home.

***** ***** +++++ ***** *****

“He, uh, moved?” Angel asked, voice quiet.

“Yeah. Well, sort of. His eyes were moving and he tried to swallow, but he hasn’t spoken or even opened his eyes. He can drink the blood himself, though. Just sit him up and pour it and he takes care of the rest.” She shrugged.

He moved and sat on the chair beside the cot. He placed one hand on Spike’s stomach and the other rested on his head. “Come on, boy.” He said. Spike’s eyes moved behind the lids. Angel moved his hand from his head to slowly open his eyes. Spike looked at him. “Hey, there.”

Buffy moved a little closer and Spike’s eyes darted to her. “Hey, Spike. Welcome back.” She smiled then turned to Angel. “I’ll be upstairs if you need anything.”

He nodded and watched her leave before turning to Spike.

“Could you say anything?” Angel asked. Spike made a little noise behind his throat then swallowed. “Guess not.” He sighed. “At least you’re finally awake.” His hand moved gently over Spike’s head. The one on the younger’s vampires stomach patted it. “Are they feeding you right?” Spike rolled his eyes. “What? I’m allowed to worry about you.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Pack" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Feb 09.

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