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Summary: Families often get separated, and loose track of people they shouldn't have. So, Sam's in college, and starts wondering about his Mother. Join him and his brother as they search for their long lost sister. And everyone has some sort of supernatural link.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyLycanFR181123,27001018,03524 Oct 0722 Feb 09No

The Finding Of Half Siblings

Title: Pack

Author: Lycan

Rating: FR15/FR18

Pairing: Anya/Xander, Cordy/Doyle, Faith/Gunn, Fred/Wesley, Giles/Joyce, Oz/Tara/Willow.
Mentions of Mary/John, Joyce/Hank, John/Joyce.

Warning: Alternate Universe, B-Mod, Domination (D/s, very mild,), F/F, F/M, M/M, M/F/F, language, Pregnancy, Male Masturbation (SoloM, mild), Spanking, Violence.


Disclaimer: I do not own neither Buffy nor Angel, nor Supernatural. The characters you shall recognize from these three canons belong solely to the creators, authors, publishers, production companies, actors, the main cast and crew, etc. This story is purely for entertainment purposes, and I gain no money from it.
Also, the mention of shape shifter (tigers) belong solely to Laurell. K. Hamilton, the author of the Anita Blake verse. I am simply burrowing the phrase.
Any reference I use, places I use, that were created by these people are theirs. DO NOT think otherwise.

Feedback: Totally optional.

Summary: Families often get separated, and loose track of people they shouldn't have. So, Sam's in college, and starts wondering about his Mother. Join him and his brother as they search for their long lost half sister. And everyone has some sort of supernatural link.

Author’s Note: Takes place sometime during season 5 of Buffy, and season 1 of Supernatural - although, and goes on from there, though they will not match the actual canon completely. This is practically totally AU, but not completely - if that makes sense. The Glory business will still be in there, along with the demon from Supernatural.

Author’s Note 2: I was going to explain this later, but it might get confusing. John and Mary were together, Hank and Joyce were together. But, Hank/Joyce were separated briefly, and Mary had died almost a year before, so Joyce and John got together for a while. But John left, and Joyce was back with Hank.
Joyce got pregnant with Dawn, who was really John’s, but they don’t find out until this canon. Hank never knew.
Joyce got together will Giles after Band Candy (season 3 Buffy), and now, he knows the truth of it.

Important Info: Doyle didn’t die, Cordy didn’t become a seer. Joyce doesn’t die. John isn’t dead, and got together with his sons earlier than he did in the canon. Anya doesn’t become a demon again. Faith didn’t go all evil and help the mayor kill people, she simply moved to L.A. with Angel after season 3, after helping them fight against the Mayor and his evil henchmen. Angel and Spike get along, in fact - Angel acts somewhat like a parent to Spike. Spike has the chip, yet is friends with the Scooby gang.
The L.A. gang frequently visit the Sunnydale crew, and vice versa. They’re all (mostly) friendly to each other, having made up any misgivings long ago.
Giles and Joyce are engaged.

["blah."] - someone on the other end of the phone
{blah.} - someone's thoughts that are getting read by someone else

Chapter One.
The Finding Of Half Siblings.

Stanford, CA, USA.


“Uh, hey, Pastor Jim.” Sam smiled slightly, even though he knew the other man couldn’t see him.

[“What’s wrong?”]

“Nothing. I just…uh, I got some mail.”

[“You called me because you have…mail.”]


[“Sam, as in Sam Winchester, right? And you’re calling me about…mail.”]


[“This isn’t funny.”]

“I’m not trying to be. Look, it was addressed to my dad. And since-”

[“Since you’re not talking to him, you’re calling me.”]

“Sort of, yeah. But, if it was addressed to Dad, why’s it come to me?”

[“Is your name on it, too?”]

“As a…second address. Huh, that’s weird.”

[“What’s it about?”]

“I don’t know. I was kind of hoping you would.”

[“Not a clue.”]

“Oh, well…alright then. Thanks.”

[“Yeah. Take care of yourself, Sam. And maybe actually call your father.”]

“Maybe. Ok, take care, Pastor Jim. Bye.” He hung up, and pocketed his phone. Since his girlfriend was out with her friends tonight, he had the place alone for a few hours.
Looking at the letter in his hand as if it was a bomb, he sighed. “Alright.” He whispered. “Let’s see what you are.”

Opening it, he began reading it, not knowing how he should feel as he went on.

Dear John,
I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Joyce Summers. We ‘dated’ for a while, after Mary.
I know it’s been almost sixteen years since we talked, but you left in such a hurry, without explaining, that I didn’t know what was wrong.
I’m sending this to you now, but in case it can’t reach you, it shall be sent to one of your sons.
I really hope you get this before they do, Johnny.
But, how is Dean, and little Sammy? And yourself, of course.
Not a day’s gone by that I haven’t wondered what happened to you. I’m just glad you’re still alive.
Anyway, the reason for my letter is that I have something to tell you.
I tried to get in to contact to with you years ago, but it seemed as if you had vanished.
You’re a very hard man to track, John Winchester.
Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, but my fiancé suggested I just say it.
You and me…we have a daughter together.
Her name is Dawn Summers, and she is now thirteen years old.
I’m going to tell her the truth about you on her sixteenth birthday. It is -- -- ----, and I hope you’ll be there when I do tell her.
Or, at least, if you could contact me in some way, and let me know if it’s ok to contact you. If not, I will understand if you want nothing to do with her, nor me and my other daughter.
For all I know, you have a new family now.
I don’t blame you for disappearing the way you did. I know you still loved Mary. She had a large part of your heart, but I like to believe I held some part.
Just the way you were held in my heart, as was Hank.
I thought you should know, I’m getting married next to Rupert Giles. He’s a very nice man, and he once worked in the library at Buffy’s old high school.
My new address is ---- -----------, Sunnydale, California. We moved from L.A. three years ago now.
It will be great to hear from you again, John.

Joyce Summers

Sam reread the letter twice before he set it down.

His Dad had been with another woman. He’d known, of coarse. His mother had been gone for quite a while then, and his dad couldn’t have been celibate for so long.

But, he had a half sister.

And they had no idea each other existed.

He had to find her. They had to meet, or something.

She obviously wasn’t like him - Dawn. Her mother, Joyce, was still alive, which meant the demon never visited.

Standing, he went digging through his things until he found his lockbox, a little dark green metal box that held some personal things; old fake I.D’s, notes, and picture or so of him and Dean, his dad and his mother, his old gun.
He put the letter in there, and locked it.

Soon, he promised himself, he’d contact them.
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