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Can You Feel The – Love?

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Way Things Could Have Gone". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A reasonable alternate resolution of the confrontation with Xander, Anya, Buffy and Spike in 'Entropy.'

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Scooby GangGreywizardFR1818671163,58624 Oct 0724 Oct 07Yes
Disclaimer: All of the really good characters belong to Joss Whedon. I'm just borrowing them for a while. There is no intent to profit from this. Only the story is mine.

Time frame: Season Sux, episode 118, 'Entropy.'

Character Bashing: None. Well, not in my opinion.

Feedback: Of course! Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Flamers will be added to the lists of those to be painfully exterminated, once I am appointed to my rightful position as King of the World. (Yeah, you wait and see if I’m kidding. Dogbert had nothing on me!)

Author’s note 1: This is another story that has been sitting on my hard drive for some time now, while I decided whether to expand it or not. I may or may not come back and add to it at a later date.

Author’s note 2: Thanks to Lori Bush, Tim Joy, Bill Haden and Drake the Archr for beta-ing this story.

Author’s note 3: Some of the dialogue is from the BtVS Episode Guide and transcripts site, , for episode 118, ‘Entropy.’


Title: Can You Feel The – Love?

Setting: Buffy has just stopped Xander from staking Spike outside the Magic box, after Spike's having had sex with Anya, and seeing their liaison televised over the Trio's wireless network.

Xander stood facing Anya and Spike, breathing hard, a furious expression on his face. Anya buttoned a last button as Buffy looked on.

“Xander. I –“ Anya began.

“Don't even try to deny it,” he interrupted her before she could say anything. “'Cause we saw it all. The whole, beautiful show.”

“How –” she started, before stopping as Xander glared at her.

“Listen, it was just – it was just a thing,” she started again after a moment. “I felt bad, he was just there.”

Neither of them noticed Buffy glaring at Spike at those very familiar words.

“Didn't take long, did it?” the blonde half-snarled at the vampire, making him look at his feet, guiltily.

Ignoring both of them as he continued to glare at Anya, Xander practically spit out, “O-oh! Okay. Then you had to do it. Because he was there. Like Mt. Everest.”

He paused for a moment. “Like I used to be.”

“And then you weren't,” the former demon spat back angrily. “You left me, Xander. At the altar. I don't owe you anything.”

“So you bang the first body you can find? Dead or alive?”

“Where do you get off judging me?”

“When necrophilia is your solution to our problems? I hurt you so you get me back? Very mature.”

“No, the mature solution is to spend your whole life telling stupid, pointless jokes so no one will notice you're just a scared, insecure little boy!” Anya snapped at him furiously, wanting to hurt him even more than she has already.

“I'm not joking now,” Xander snarled back. “You let that evil, soulless thing touch you. You wanted me to feel something? Congratulations. It worked.”

Anya stared back at him, an expression of uncertainty and hesitant fear at what she might hear now on her face.

“I look at you – I feel sick – 'cause you had sex with that,” he told her, his eyes filled with a cold, hard rage as he indicated the vampire.

Anya’s face mirrored pain, Buffy’s, shame and Spike’s, indignation at Xander's words.

“Good enough for Buffy,” he said, offhandedly, as he looked into Buffy's eyes.

“Shut up,” Xander ordered, disbelievingly. “Leave her out of –” he began as he glanced over at Buffy.

“ – this,” he finished, staring coldly as he saw the shame mirrored in her eyes.

“Buffy,” Anya said, as she realized the truth of Spike’s words.

“Xander –“ Buffy began, as she started towards him. He immediately stepped back, keeping his distance from her.

“I don't want to know this. I don't want to know any of this,” he announced, shaking his head before he dropped the stake in his hand and started walking away. Anya and Buffy watch him go wordlessly, too stunned to move.

“Stupid toss-bag. You know, I wish he would –“ Spike began.

“Don't,” Anya warned him wearily, finally realizing with a heartbreaking certainty that, through her own actions, she’d now lost her former fiancée – forever.

Buffy looked at Spike, her face ripe with hate. Seeing her expression, the vampire braced himself, waiting for her to attack. After staring at him for what seemed an endless moment, clearly ready to do some serious damage, she simply turned and walked away.

Spike leaned against the brick wall and watched Buffy walk off, clearly disappointed at her reaction.

Anya, too, turned and walked back into the Magic Box, ignoring the vampire as though he weren’t there.

As he turned to leave, Spike was surprised to see Xander now standing behind him, staring at him with a resolute expression on his face.

“Congratulations, Spike. Looks you’ve managed to ruin pretty much everyone’s life around here,” he said as he looked at the bleached bloodsucker with a cold eye.

“Hey, can’t blame me if the birds like what they see, wanker,” Spike snorted derisively. “You can’t lie to me. You’re just jealous that Buffy’s never been interested in you enough to give you a tumble.”

“That might actually be partially true, Spike,” Xander acknowledged the possibility with a short nod. “But that's beside the point.

“What I can’t forget, or forgive, is that you knew what Buffy’s problem was for months and you never said a word to any of us about it. You just let her wallow in her pain and depression and took advantage of her when she really wasn’t competent to be making any kind of decisions like that.

“We could have helped her start coping months ago, but because you were a selfish bastard more concerned with getting in her pants, you kept quiet,” he went on.

“Well, either way, there’s nothing can be done about it now. So it looks like you’re out of luck, don’t it, boy?” Spike smirked.

“So are you, bloodsucker,” came the reply.

Looking up into a pair of hard, merciless eyes, Spike was just about to say something pithy when he suddenly collapsed into a pile of ash, leaving Xander standing there staring at the vamp’s remains with a complete lack of expression.

Tossing his stake into the gutter at his feet as he turned away, he walked off into the night.


The End

You have reached the end of "Can You Feel The – Love?". This story is complete.

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