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The Chosen One

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Summary: He was sure that he had found the Chosen One, until she showed up and saved his life.

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Star Wars > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)FireDragonFR1364,22569725,53025 Oct 071 Nov 13No

Chapter One

The Chosen One.

AN. I don’t know a lot about these early years in Star Wars so if I got anything if Qui-Gon had a secret family or something pretend he didn’t or whatever, this is a crossover so cannon is pretty much out of the window anyway as it is. I don’t own Buffy or Starwars. Oh, and for those waiting for updates on Gift of a Family or my other stories I promise I am working on them but it is not working with me. I am resolved to get more out soon regardless.


Buffy looked out at the Academy of Slayers and Watchers. She was happy with the way things were going with the council and the slayers. Finally after years of building and training stopping Apocalypse’s she felt that they were ready to stand alone. She had been the last chosen one, then she was one of the chosen two and then one of many, yet even then she was the chosen one. She couldn’t escape her destiny.

Once they had defeated the First she thought that she was free from her shackles of destiny, how wrong she had been. She was ready to walk away from it all and live for herself and for Dawn. But there was just too much to be done. They never wanted to admit it, but they needed her. So she had stayed and worked at first never realizing how different she truly was from everyone else around her. Now years later she knew, she was older and yet not nearly as old as she should be. The World seemed to move faster around her and she aged very slowly. Dawn and the others had aged and were now retired or dead. Now at last she decided it was time for herself to move on, she had trained a council of Watchers and Slayers to watch over the army she had created.

Now maybe at last she could stop being the Chosen One.

A flash of light was her first hint that the Powers That Be had heard her inner thoughts and decided to play games with her again.

“Sorry kid, but you are right it is time, only not for you to retire but to face your destiny as the Chosen One. You thought you knew who you were and what was to come, it has finally begun,” Whistler stated in her mind just as she arrived on another World and dimension in a flash of light.


Obi Wan watched helplessly as his master and the creature of the Sith fought furiously. He could see what was going to happen through the Force. His Master, Qui-Gon Jinn was going to raise his light saber to strike but would be impaled in his chest.

“No.” Obi-Wan cried out. “NO Master!” He shouted in warning too late but just as Qui-Gon raised his saber a flash of light appeared out of nowhere and a being filled with the Force fell through landing with a thud.

Darth Maul instead of striking out leaped away fearing that he was being attacked from behind. Together the Jedi and Sith turned to see a woman knelt on the ground with an angry expression on her face. All three stepped back from the power of the Force rolling off of her tiny body in waves.

“Dammit Whistler!” She yelled to the sky, or ceiling as it were. “I’ve had it! I am not your precious Chosen One anymore! I quit! I am retired. I have done my sentence already dammit!” They could feel her emotions of sorrow and pain rolling off of her.

Darth Mall smirked at her with an evil smile, this woman would make an excellent apprentice for him.

Obi Wan looked at her in worry her arrival had saved his Master but if she turned to the dark they would never be able to defeat her.

Qui-Gon looked at the woman and couldn’t help the lurch in his heart. Her sorrow was great and her beauty and fragility was even greater, yet he could sense a true warrior and kindred spirit within her. He had heard her words about being tired of being the Chosen One and could feel the power of light and dark force pulsing from her being. He couldn’t help wondering if he hadn’t been mistaken in the boy. Was this the Chosen One he had been destined to find?

Suddenly the barrier holding Obi Wan back was released and he ran into the room to join his Masters side. Darth Maul took a step toward the tiny woman who seemed too busy yelling to realize their presence yet.

This was a mistake. Buffy suddenly became aware of the evil presence closing on her position and launched to her feet drawing a knife from her waist band she launched herself at the creature slicing it’s sword arm before it could raise it’s weapon to attack her. Then grabbing his wounded arm she held it away from her while she flicked her arm up to cut it’s head off. A blast of dark energy sent her flying across the room, along with the two Jedi who had watched in shocked surprise.

Buffy had barely landed when she was on her feet again her knife held out before her ready to defend her against the other two men in the room. The two Jedi stood looking at her, blinking their eyes in shock like owls.

Obi-Wan held up his saber about to light it when Qui-Gon’s’s hand gently stopped him. “Master,” Obi Wan whispered in awe and fear. “She just killed the Sith with nothing more than a knife.”

Buffy cocked her head to the side, they were speaking another language yet she seemed to understand it. She could feel them and it was wigging her out. She could sense feelings from them both. The younger one was easy enough to understand, he was as freaked out by her as she was of feeling him and his emotions. The older one, she felt so much from him that she wasn’t sure where she ended and he began. It was like their emotions were merging into one being and she could feel him. His attraction and shame that he was attracted to her were warring.

Buffy cocked her head feeling a little angry. He was absolutely gorgeous, and she wasn’t afraid to admit it. Truth be told she wouldn’t mind finding out if this strange connection between them was the beginnings of something much more, since things ended badly with the Immortal she hadn’t been with anyone since. It had been a very, very long time for her.

*Why the hell is he ashamed for being attracted to me, it’s not like I am that bad.* Buffy couldn’t help thinking, but froze when she saw the shock on his face.

“I’m sorry it isn’t you,” he answered her question blushing a bright red.

“Master?” Obi-wan looked at his Master in question.

“She and I have a bond, I had planned to take the boy as my new Padawan learner but it seems the Force has other ideas.”

“But...she is way too old!”

“Thanks a lot little boy! I didn’t think I looked that old,” Buffy huffed.

“He means that you are too old to start learning to become a Jedi.”

“What ever that is. Look can we back up a little, who are you and where am I?” Buffy asked feeling overwhelmed by emotions again as apparently older hunky guy thought it was endearing that she was offended by younger hunky guy insulting her age.

Suddenly the feelings cut off and she felt much better. “Be mindful of your feelings Obi Wan I think she is feeling them,” the older whispered before the younger ones feelings cut off as well. Taking a deep breath Buffy sighed in relief.

“Forgive us, I am Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and this is my apprentice Jedi Padawan Obi Wan Kenobi. Did you say something about being the Chosen One?”

“It was sort of one of my titles, I am Buffy,” she stated going back to being secret identity girl again.

“The Vampire Slayer and Chosen One, not to mention your new apprentice,” Whistler stated from the Shadows. Buffy didn’t waste a moment she launched herself at the balance demon ready to pummel him into a gooey paste. Instantly the balance demon was running “Well can’t talk gotta run before the Slayer here slays me,” with that and a small pop the strange man was gone.

“Master, no offense but I think your hands are going to be full with this one,” Obi Wan stated as Buffy started grumbling about rib cage hats.

Qui-Gon looked at the tiny woman he felt so much for and couldn’t help feeling a little overwhelmed, Obi Wan was right she was going to be a handful and a half. Yet, he couldn’t stop the smile that came to his face, that left his old Padawan blinking in shock and worry.

“Master, you don’ can’t...the Council will expel you from the order!”

Qui-Gon eyed the young woman who had finally calmed down and who had turned her hazel-green eyes back to look at him. He couldn’t help thinking that it just might be worth it. It was time to shake up the council, he had known it for years, he had a feeling that Buffy was just the woman to do it, and he would be by her side the whole way.


A.N. This was originally a One Shot. This was only going to be a One Shot. So now I have another project. Updates will be sporadic. please review.
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