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Getting To Know You

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Atantis Meet SunnyDale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sheppard learns a bit about the boys

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Atlantis ProjectLLNFR1311,14901211,78226 Oct 0726 Oct 07Yes
Title: Getting To Know You
Author: LLN
Pairings: None yet.
Crossover: BtVS/SGA
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy/Angel. MGM owns SGA
Summary: Sheppard learns a bit about the boys.


After a couple of marines came to escorted the two visitors to temporary quarters.
Weir smiled as she watched, as Major Sheppard was now the one to almost bounce up and down now.

“Well?” He asked.

“Now John, even if they are who they say they are…”

“They could be a big help to us. Spike is a fighter with almost hundred and twenty something years experience. And Harris is…” Sheppard trailed off.

“Yes, just what would Mr.Harris bring to us?” Weir asked.

“I don’t know.” Sheppard sighed out, “But I’m sure it would be helpful.”

“John, I have to think of the safety of everyone. And I’m a bit leery of having a vampire running around Atlantis freely.” Weir told him.

“Oh, come on! Elizabeth.! What are you going to do? Keep them on lock down. Have marines escort them everywhere?” McKay asked.

“He’s right…”

“Of course I’m right!”

Sheppard glared at the other man, “As I was saying, he’s right. Besides we need all the help we can get. They will be loyal to us simple for the fact they are from Earth. Even if it’s not quite their Earth.”

Weir looked at the two men, “Alright see what they can bring to the table, Major. I’ll make my decision after I read your report.”

Sheppard and McKay looked at each other almost gleefully before running out of the room.

Weir sighed, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”


Sheppard leaned against a training dummy with his arm propped up on it’s shoulder, in the gym watching Spike as four marines surrounded him. Spike’s grin was feral and unnerving to the marines who didn’t quite believe Spike was William the Bloody from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Spike then exploded into motion almost faster that Sheppard could see, kicking one marine in the knee, punching one hard in the face, elbowing one in the stomach and hitting the last in the side downing all of them.

“It that all you’ve got? I could do this all day.” Spike sneered. Sheppard saw Harris, who was standing in a corner out of the way, roll his eyes at the remark.

“We-ll,” Sheppard said, “let’s try that again.”

One of the marines, a blond, grimaced in pain and said, “Why don’t *you* try that again…” Then as if remembering this was his commanding officer, “Sir.”

“Right.” Sheppard said with a slight smile, “Time for something else.”


On the firing range, Sheppard stood next to Harris as he looked at he table with the guns in front of him. He picked up a P-90.

“This is a…”

“P-90. It’s compact,” Harris said picking one up off the table, “light weight,” he cocked it, “sturdy too.” He squeezed the trigger and let off a burst of bullets into the target at the end of the range hitting the heart of it. “And has a lot of fire power!”

Sheppard blinked at him. Harris noticing the look said, “What? After the Soldier-possession thing weapons and explosives became a hobby for me.”

Sheppard nodded and put down the P-90 and pick up another one, “So you know what this is?”

Harris picked up the same gun from the table, “Nine millimeter semi-automatic…” He said cocking the gun and firing off several bullets into the second target at the end of the room stopping when a bored English accented voice said, “Are we done?”

Sheppard looked across the room next to the door where Spike had taken a step way from leaning against the wall. Then back to Harris as a unreadable look crossed the other man's face. Harris then calmly pointed the nine millimeter at the vampire without looking and fired it. Spike was slammed back against the wall from the force of the bullet. Everyone watched with wide eyes as Harris ejected the cartridge from the gun and laid it on the table.

Spike looked down at the bloody bullet hole in his chest, “You shot me!” He’s tone was somewhat amazed.

“This surprises you …how?” Harris asked mildly.

“What were you thinking!” Sheppard asked in a cold tone, “You could have hurt someone.”

Harris nodded but didn’t say anything.

“Someone! He could have got my duster!” Spike narrowed his eyes as Sheppard leaned over to Harris and said, “Although I can see why you did.”

Spike pointed a finger at Harris accusingly, “You meant to shot me the last time too!”

A slightly embarrassed look came to Harris’s face, “No, of course, I didn’t mean to shot you…then.”

“Like I believe that!”

“I shot you in the ass last time. I think, I just proved that had I meant to shot you last time, I would have shot you else where!”

Sheppard seeing a fight about to break out between them said, “Let’s take Spike to see Carson .”

A look of horror crossed Spike’s face, “I don’t want to see him! He’ll want to do more tests on me!”

“Oh, it’s so sad to be you.” Harris deadpanned before walking passed the vampire. Who in turn followed the other out cursing him.

“And this was my best idea…Ever!” Sheppard muttered to himself as he followed after them.


After Beckett had dug the bullet out of Spike. Sheppard had decided a tour of Atlantis was needed. He started with the command room.

“This is so cool!” Harris said looking over a consul, “What does it do?” He asked McKay who was running some test on it. McKay explained and Sheppard watched as Harris nodded at the right times like he understood but could see the glazed look of information overload in them. Harris leaned against the darken console for a moment but jumped back when it lit up brightly.

“Did you do that?” Sheppard asked.

“Huh, I wondered about that power surge.” McKay muttered as he began pushing buttons on the consul. “Ok, touch it again.”

“Who me?” Asked Harris.

“No, the Easter Bunny! Yes, you!” McKay said, the ‘you moron’ implied.

Harris just shook his head and grinned as he did as McKay asked. The console glowed brightly at Harris’s touch.

“Well, until Carson confirms it. It looks like you have the ATA gene.” McKay stated.

“ATA what?” Spike asked.

“Ancient technology activation…” Harris trailed off at Spike’s look, “What!”

“You are such a geek.” Spike smirked.

“Yes, well at least what I know will be useful. Cause I doubt that there are all that many de-urk!” Harris was cut off by Spike’s hand against his mouth.

Spike careful looked around before asking, “Do you really want to finish that sentence cause I think we are going to have enough trouble as it is.”

Harris shook his head and Spike took his hand away and looked around the room, “So, the ATA gene…cool.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Getting To Know You". This story is complete.

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