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When Buffy met Jack

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Summary: 'He made my Spidey Sense go off!' Buffy/Torchwood fic, written for FFA (This is Jack we're talking about so mentions of Jack (predictably) having sex with both genders)

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack HarknessFallenIceangelFR1318473274,21727 Oct 0727 Oct 07Yes
A/N: I like Owen. Really, I do. XD It's just that my beta doesn't. ^^U
Disclaimer: I don't know anything in Buffyverse or Whoinverse.

* * *

“And she kicked you in the face.” Gwen repeated for the third time.

Jack glowered sulkingly at her as Owen, who was wearing an entirely too smug smirk on his face, pressed a fresh ice pack to his temple.

“He made my Spidey Sense go off!” The blonde in question defended herself, pouting in a nearby chair. “And the ‘Coming-Back-From-The-Dead’ thing didn’t help. Most of the things I kill do that!”

“Wasn’t aware that coming back from the dead warranted a kick in the face.” Ianto commented, setting the tray of mugs on the table.

“Yay, Caffeine fix.” The blonde grinned. “And yes, a kick in the face and other body parts is perfectly acceptable when dealing with things coming back from the dead. Usually also includes a wooden stake to the heart.” She nodded the mug towards Jack. “You’re lucky I noticed you still had a pulse or I’d have staked you and that would have been embarrassing. Slaying for almost ten years and confuse an immortal for a vampire.”


“Yes, Gwen.” Jack winced, taking the ice pack from Owen, glaring at the smug bastard. “She’s Ms. Summers, the girl I said the Council was sending. She’s a Vampire Slayer.”

“Vampire Slayer?”

“The original.” Buffy nodded. “Well, the original after a long line of other... originals.”

“What, Vampires exist?” Gwen’s disbelieving smile slowly faded as she looked Jack’s expression. “Really?”

“Fangs and everything.” Buffy nodded taking a sip of her coffee. She looked down at it surprised before looking to Ianto. “That’s really good.”

“Only the best, Ms. Summers.”

“Buffy.” She looked toward the rest of them. “And any jokes concerning my name, height, or hair color will be met with violence.” She glared at Owen who seemed to be mentally weighing the risks. “Thrown across the room type violence.” She clarified and smiled in satisfaction when Owen shrugged.

“But vampires?” Gwen asked, disbelieving. “Like... Anne Rice and Dracula and bad horror movies?”

“No, fought him, and ... sometimes.” Buffy nodded, eagerly taking another sip of coffee. “And witches, werewolves, demons and other creepy things.”

“Like Abbadon?” Tosh ventured. “He was a demon, right?”

“An Old One, yeah.” Buffy shrugged. “Pure Demon. Normal demons are Demon Lite, compared to them.”

“Is that why you’re here?”

“If so, you’re late by a good month.” Owen scoffed dryly.

“Yes and no.” She glared briefly at Owen. “No, because, obviously, he’s not here anymore.”

“Then why?” Tosh frowned. “I mean, the Council deals with the Supernatural, not the Extraterrestrial.”

“Ever since your Big Bad popped his head up, there’s been an unusually high amount of demon activity near the Rift. Normally, the Rift repels demons unlike a Hellmouth which attracts them.”


“Mouth to Hell, practically vomits dark energy that demons like, blah blah blah.” Buffy dismissed the question. “Anyway, demons have been flocking to Cardiff by the barrelful. Or minivan, as the case tonight seemed to be.”

“And since there’s no assigned Slayer in Cardiff, they sent you.” Jack filled in.

“Yep.” Buffy smiled and picked up her purse. She dug around for a moment before handing a disk to Tosh. “Demon database. We figured since you already have all the equipment, and since it’s very likely I won’t be here long enough to warrant building our own little Batcave, we figured we’d... well, leech a bit.”

“And what makes the Council think they can just barge in and tack on their own superpowered minions?” Owen scoffed. “Aliens and demons aren’t exactly the same thing.”

“Other planets have demons.” Buffy glared. “Quellers.”


“Those aliens we captured in the mental hospital.” Jack answered. “They were killing patients.”

“They’re demons?”


“Well, I still think I have a very valid point.” Owen insisted.

“You just don’t want to do more paperwork..” Tosh teased.

“Well, Giles told me if you put up a fight to say Jack owes him one.” Buffy looked at Jack curiously, frowning in mild disgust at the smile creeping onto his face.

“Rupert Giles?”

“Yes.” She said slowly, glaring a bit now. “What’s with the smile? That’s a pervertedly nostalgic smile...” She paled a bit before blushing. “Don’t want to know!” She covered her ears and bowed her head down. “Ears covered, not listening! It was bad enough when Andrew found that journal!”

“Should I be jealous, Sir?” Ianto asked, raising an eyebrow at Jack.

“Nah, that was ages ago.” Jack smiled, winking at the younger man. “Mid-Seventies. Great decade that was. All the experimenting. Ripper especially curious- ”

“Stop! Right! There!” Buffy yelled, pointing at Jack accusingly. “No sex stories concerning my Father figure! In fact, I don’t want the words ‘Sex’ or ‘Giles’ or any variations, synonyms, or even anything that sounds like those words in the same sentence.”

“So you don’t want to hear how Jack probably bent your Father Figure over a table and fucked him senseless - Ow, Goddamn it!”

Jack smirked, as Owen climbed back to his feet, clutching the side of his head.

“Want the ice pack?”

The End

You have reached the end of "When Buffy met Jack". This story is complete.

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