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A Ghost Story

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Summary: YAHF oneshot - Xander convinces Willow that she shouldn't be any old ghost.

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Movies > PoltergeistmisterqFR1815512132,15727 Oct 0727 Oct 07Yes
disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story. I tried to bid for them on ebay, but at the last moment...

A Ghost Story

"And a fine looking 'Boo' you have there, Willow." Xander said as the last of his best childhood friends still alive walked down in a substandard generic ghost sheet. Then he frowned. "You know, Giles may have said that Halloween was usually quiet, but the key word there is usually. Maybe one of you should take a stake or something?"

Buffy snorted and spun in her noble woman's dress. "'It's come as you arn't' night. I'm usually a Slayer. Tonight, I'm not."

Xander looked at the red haired girl. "Willow?"

Willow seemed unsure. "Um... maybe I should. Just in case, I mean."

"Listen Willow. You remember Jessie? Our friend? I just don't want the same thing to happen to you. You understand." Xander's face grew dark. "I want revenge against every evil bloodsucker there in this town. Unfortunately, I'm just one guy. I can't be everywhere at once. So this is my way of making you safe. Okay?"

Willow nodded with a smile. "Okay."

It was what Xander had said about revenge and being everywhere at once that kept the shy genius girl's thoughts occupied when the spell hit later that evening. Those thoughts and a movie she watched yesterday on television. And when she found herself a spirit, Willow's smile grew into an almost malevolent grin. Then, with a burst of willpower, she dispersed her form.

In all the confusion, as transformed children and adults ran alongside real vampires and demons; a lightning storm rolled in ominous and quick. Across town, televisions started flickering and showing static - even though most were turned off. Everything made of wood started shaking and slowly moving on it's own - slightly at first, but with more and more assuredness at time wore on.

Drusilla froze in mid step as she and Spike strode along with an small army of real vampires and transformed children.

"What is it, love?" Spike asked?

Drusilla just turned and faced him with a blank stare - accepting her new, inescapable fate as the fickle stars now foretold. With that vision growing ever closer, she opened her mouth and uttered two words, almost playfully. "She's heeeeere."

And in front of Spike's amazed eyes, the tree behind her moved back, as though swaying in a strong, nonexistent wind - almost like a baseball pitcher winding up - and then with a burst of motion, swung forward and decapitated his vampire love with a rapidly moving branch.

And as the scene started to repeat itself across the small Californian town, Spike's last thought was that he'd never considered that the killer of two slayers such as him would be bested by a bloody newly-animated willow tree.

Inside vampire dens, pieces of chairs and other furniture broke off and hurled themselves like javelins through the unbeating hearts of vampires. Those that made it outside were picked off by trees, flying wooden fence posts, and other wooden debris.

Across town, the being that set the whole city up as a vampire feeding ground more than a century ago - Richard Wilkins - technically not the third, stood on the balcony of the now floating Mayor's residence.

And as the entire structure crumpled and collapsed into another dimension, the wind carried the sound of his last words on Earth. "Oh, darn it!"

crossover with Poltergeist, the movie.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Ghost Story". This story is complete.

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