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Parent Trap

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Summary: YAHF - Xander shouldn't put costumes on his parents when they are sleeping

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Television > Addams' Family, ThemisterqFR151220,4733830486,64927 Oct 0721 Sep 12Yes

Chapter 5

It lives! Also - plot-bunny food welcome

"Hey!" Came the voice of Angel as he strode into the library. "On the way over here, I just killed six ... gay... vampires. Um..."

The vampire with a soul stopped and stared at the scene. Xander's parents were currently making out in a corner like sex-starved teenagers. Xander, himself, was smashing his head against a wall - that now had a small crater in it. Giles was polishing a non-existent lens on his glasses, staring straight ahead in some sort of stupor. Buffy was also staring straight ahead at nothing, also in a daze. Willow was unconscious on the floor, and Jenny Calender was rapidly scribbling something in a spiral bound notebook.

Angel waved his hand in front of Buffy's face. There was no response. "I'll.. um.. come back later." he said and calmly but rapidly walked out the doors. He had no desire to be affected by whatever diabolical spell had hit the library.

"My life is over!" Xander exhaled as he smashed his head against the wall once more, cracking loose another bit of plaster.

The next day, Xander Harris was still very much alive, but as the day progressed, he rapidly began to wish that were not so.

As he entered the School, Cordelia walked up to him and got in his face. "Harris." She hissed. "You, your family, stay the hell away from me."

He went to his locker after the social princess walked away, but there he saw Willow and Buffy. His childhood friend immediately blushed until she was almost the color of her hair, squeaked once, and ran off. Buffy also blushed and said, "I.. class time.. for me.. now.", then ran off as well.

Xander slammed his head into the locker, denting it.

If High School was a racetrack, the fastest thing to make the rounds would be a rumor. And almost immediately, everyone knew that something happened between Buffy, Xander, and Willow.

"Hey, uh, Xander." Said Larry, still with a black eye courtesy of soldier boy on Halloween. "About the possibility of me dating Buffy..."

The jock trailed off as Xander ripped out the door to his locker and handed it to him. The stunned football player stared as Xander stalked away with his head down low, and then looked at the mangled locker door.

"Mister Blaisdell! Defacing school property! Come with me! I will definitely be speaking to your parents about this!" Came the voice of Principal Snyder.

"But.. I'm not.. That wasn't.. Not me!" Larry blurted.

"If you are hoping to impress me with your English language skills, you have failed. Probably much like your actual grade in the class that tries to teach such skills." Snyder said as he took the mangled locker door and started escorting the flustered football player to his office. "But then, you should already be well familiar with failure."

The next few days passed in more or less the same way for the new social pariah of Sunnydale High. A lonely day at school, along with the occasional 'blush and run away' from his two female friends. The same nervous blow-off line from Giles about there being nothing special happening on the hellmouth at this time. And then, being cheered up a little by getting to take his aggressions out on vampire and demon population of the town as he patrolled with his family.

Whenever he and his family would come within visual contact of Buffy on her patrol, she would always, immediately, change her route and quickly head in the opposite direction. Especially, since the first time Xander's father yelled out loudly, "Remember the Doberman!"

Things continued right up until Buffy's old friend came to town.
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