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Where Are They Now

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Summary: After the fall of Sunnydale, where do the Scoobies end up?

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsnannabelleFR1312,4680131,76029 Oct 0729 Oct 07No
Disclaimer: I quite obviously do not own any of the worlds you'll be reading in this little story. I'll be playing in several sandboxes, but I own nothing.

A/N: Buffy's fate was easy for me to discern. But what about Giles? Where should he end up? Or Faith? Dawn? I'd like to avoid doubling up on any crossovers, so Buffy should be the only one to Stargate. Make a suggestion and if it sparks an idea, I'll consider it. Also, I know I have several other stories up in the air, some of which haven't been updated in a LONG time. They are not abandoned. I'm just trying to figure out where they are going, now that they are set up. So, have faith. And happy reading. And now for Buffy's Story. (One last thing, Buffy states that she witnessed something that she didn't. I'm not changing that, she's lying to drive home the idea without having to get into details.)

Buffy settled in the chair across from the well known desk in the well known Oval Office which sat in front of the well known President of the United States. She had just shaken his hand and was preparing to hear what he had to say.

“Ms Summers,” he began.

“Buffy,” she interrupted with a smile. “Please call me Buffy.”

He nodded in acquiescence and continued, “Buffy, then. What I have to tell you is highly classified, so I’ll have to ask you to sign the non-disclosure agreement. It’s procedure, or I wouldn’t bother. I know you and your group are more than capable of understanding the need for discretion, but this is the military, albeit in no way like the Initiative, and procedures must be followed.” He slid a contract across to her.

Buffy did a quick glance over, and signed it. She trusted this president, as much as she could trust a politician, anyway. As she pushed the document back to him, she glanced at him. “So, what’s up with the job sitch?”

“Ok. Before I tell you what the job is, allow me to give you the background information. The group I have in mind is a covert part of the military. It is called the Stargate Program. What they do is travel to other planets through the Stargate. The gate opens a wormhole through space, to allow for nearly instantaneous interstellar travel. I promise you, these are the good guys. Although the NID, who were behind the Initiative, are always trying to get their hooks into this project as well. SG-1 is our front-man team. They have an alien on their team, so I can assure you, there are no rooms used for experiments on aliens going on there. Here is SG-1’s file. It’s not complete, as they have been manning missions for as long as you have, and that would be a very thick file indeed. But it will give you a good background idea of who they are and what they do.

“They have kept a major threat from destroying the planet several times. The bad guys are called the Goa’uld. But I don’t expect you to fight them. I know you’re tired of the fighting, as well you should be. You’re too young and too vibrant to do nothing, but you want to retire from the world saving business. Believe me, I understand that.”

“So, what is it you’re wanting to hire me for?” she asked curiously.

“Training. I’d like to hire you for hand-to-hand combat training the soldiers that will be on the front line. Yes, to get into the Stargate Project, you have to be a seasoned soldier with excellent training, but the Goa’uld are stronger than humans. I’d like you to use your strength to get them used to that. And I’d like you to use your knowledge of hand-to-hand with stronger foes to train these men and women. Now, do you have any questions?”

Buffy sat in shock. Oh, not by the fact that aliens were real. Not even by the fact that there was apparently an entire unit designed to protect the planet from them. What shocked her was that she was being asked to train them. She wasn’t even 30 yet. “I do have one question, sir. Do you honestly expect trained soldiers to take training from a tiny, blonde woman not yet 30? In my experience, the military is hard to impress.”

The president smiled, “Indeed they are. But I expect that you’ll find that the sort of people we allow into the SGC are willing to follow the orders of whoever we tell them to. And we will be providing you with a cover. You will be an alien with alien strength and training that will keep questions from arising. What we do not want to happen, is for your status as a slayer to become known. As far as we can tell, the NID is not yet aware that you are no longer the only slayer, and to that end, we will hire you under an assumed name, as we have Teal’c. And before you ask, Teal’c is the alien I told you about on SG-1.”

“You pay the alien?”

“Of course. He has abandoned his home planet to join us in our fight against the Goa’uld. We do not expect him to survive here without financial means. So, any other questions?”

Buffy tapped the file on the edge of the desk and thought. “None at the moment, but I’d like to look over this file and get back to you with an answer if that’s ok?”

“Absolutely, Buffy. I anticipated that you would like to think it over, perhaps even run it past your group. I just ask you to remember discretion. Lines may not be secure.

One month later, Buffy drove into Cheyenne Mountain for the first time. She parked and headed towards the first set of elevators that would take her deep underground. Her first training class was scheduled an hour later, and she wanted to get a feel for her room and equipment. She stopped at the first check point and showed her SGC ID. The marine waved her through and she stepped into the elevator.

Ten minutes later she stood in a large room and surveyed her surroundings. A small bleacher sat against one long wall. The opposite wall was covered in mirrors. Several mats lay strewn across the floors. There were also several hooks attached to the ceilings so that punching bags could be hung if needed. She nodded, and made a few mental notes for some minor changes she’d like to make. But it would do for a start. She flung her duffel over her shoulder and headed towards the women’s locker room. She changed into a sports bra and yoga pants.

She stood at the center of the room facing the bleachers as the first of her “students” made their way in. They had obviously been briefed about her appearance, as none of them raised an eyebrow at her small stature. She was impressed. When the tenth and final soldier entered and sat she walked closer to them.

“My name is Sunny. I’ll be training you in hand-to-hand combat to prepare you for the fight with the Goa’uld. Training will be intense. You will get hurt. You will get hurt worse if you pull your punches with me. I can take anything you dish out, and I’d better see what you’ve got, or I’ll recommend you not be cleared for gate duty. This is only part of your gate certification training, but I expect you to act as if it were your ONLY training. When you are in true hand-to-hand combat, you cannot allow what you think of your opponent’s abilities to cloud your judgment. I look small and frail. That has allowed me to succeed without trying too often in fights. If you are facing a hostile, assume the worst. Do your worst. Fight as if you have no chance of success. Any questions before we begin?” Buffy stood as tall as her height would allow and stared the elite fighter’s in the eyes.

One marine raised a hand. When she nodded to him he stood, “Ma’am, do you really want us to punch and kick you with all we’ve got?”

Buffy gave him a feral smile, “I damn sure expect you to TRY. I’ll be extremely surprised if any of you can actually connect a hit with me one-on-one. This is not about egos. I know I’m good. I know you are all good…for humans. I am not human. I have been fighting things that are stronger than humans since I was 15 years old. I have fought them one-on-one, and I’ve fought them in groups. If any of you thinks you can learn nothing from me after today’s lesson, you are free to challenge me to a duel. If you win, you get an automatic pass for this training. If there are no more questions, we’ll get started.” Buffy waited to see if there would be a question before separating them into groups of two.

“Ok, stay with your partners. Watch and come up with a strategy to defeat me. I will be sparring with Teal’c. You’ll see my fighting style. Then, each pair will fight me. I’ll give you pointers at the end of the lesson.” As the pairs found their seats again Teal’c entered the room. He was dressed in camouflage pants and a black t-shirt. Buffy was impressed. She had not before seen the Jaffa warrior and she was eager to spar with him. “Just to let you all know, this will be the first time Teal’c and I have sparred with each other. This is to let you see how I adjust my fighting to defeat my foe. While looking for my weaknesses, also pay attention to how I adapt.” She turned and bowed to Teal’c. As he returned the bow she asked, “Are you ready, Mr. Teal’c?”

“Indeed, I look forward to it. I have heard much about your abilities.”

Buffy grinned at him. SG-1 was the only team that knew her real name and history. She hadn’t met them yet, but the president had told her that they would be in the know. “Me too, big guy. Me too. Let’s show these kids a little something about fighting, shall we?”

Teal’c’s mouth formed a rare smile as he faced off with the small woman.

The trainees stared in wonder as Teal’c and Buffy fought. Many had seen Teal’c spar before, and knew he was strong. Buffy was not only holding her own, she appeared to be winning. They watched as she allowed Teal’c a few glancing blows in order to give herself the space and balance she needed to send significant blows to him. Several forgot to even think as they watched her send a kick to his abdomen that sent him sprawling on the mats. Before he could rise, Buffy sat on his chest and grabbed his head. “You’re dead,” she said, mimicking breaking his neck. She jumped to her feet and gave Teal’c a hand up.

“That was most enlightening,” Teal’c said respectfully.

“You’re a great fighter, Teal’c. Feel free to spar with me any time,” Buffy smiled at the man. “If you don’t mind waiting a few minutes and letting my crew here ask some questions?”

Teal’c nodded solemnly and faced the bleachers. He nearly smiled at the looks of shock on their faces. Teal’c had never been defeated on base. Ever.

“Ok, what did you guys learn?” Buffy asked the group. She grinned as silence answered her. “Nothing? Did you learn nothing? How ‘bout that allowing myself to be hit could open me up for unexpected injuries? No?” She turned to Teal’c, “Did you learn anything, Mr. Teal’c?”

“Indeed. Were I to fight you again, I would anticipate your use of acrobatics. I would not assume that because you are far away you can do no harm. You are much stronger than you look, and I would know that any blows that land you are capable of absorbing and fighting through. You use your size to your advantage and you are always aware of your surroundings. I noticed that you looked around for weapons twice before adjusting to the knowledge that there are none to be had. I believe that were we sparring outdoors you would have fashioned a weapon and used it. You also do not limit yourself to one fighting style.”

Buffy was impressed. “You are correct! I’m used to fighting, not sparring. And I’m used to fighting with weapons of some sort.” She turned to her students, “Lesson the first, just because you are fighting hand-to-hand does not mean you have to win hand-to-hand. If you can find a weapon that will give you the advantage, use it. Lesson the second, just about anything can be a weapon. I’ve seen a man stabbed to death with a pencil. If you want to survive, get used to seeing the world as a series of things that can be broken into weapons. You won’t always be in this room. In fact, after the first few lessons in here, we’ll be fighting in the rough. I will expect you to find and use natural resources as weapons. Anything you’d like to add, Mr. Teal’c?”

“I believe you have started off intelligently. I would like to attend your classes if I may.”

“Sure! Feel free to stop in whenever you’d like! I’ll have class times and places posted on my office door, so if we’re not in here you’ll know where to find us. Do you want to stay and watch today?”

“Yes, I believe I would enjoy that,” he said as he climbed to the top of the bleachers to sit.

“Ok, kids! Let’s get started. You two,” she said, pointing to a pair of big, burly men on the front row. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

They stood uncertainly and stepped out onto the mats. They watched as Buffy shook her arms out and settled her feet firmly. The two flanked her. They had decided to try to always attack outside her peripheral vision so she couldn’t anticipate a strike. She had them both neutralized within five minutes.

An hour later, Buffy stood in the center of the room again and watched as the ten men left. Teal’c remained in the bleachers, though he was now standing. She turned to face him as the last man passed through the door.

“Do you like this job, Buffy?” he asked her as he climbed down.

She smiled up at him as he finally reached the floor. She stepped towards him and said, “So far it looks right up my alley. Did you enjoy watching?”

“Indeed I did. I believe it is a Tau’ri custom to ask a woman to dinner?”

Buffy grinned, “Indeed it is, if one is interested in dating said woman.”

Teal’c smiled, “Then perhaps you would like to join me for dinner tonight?”

“I would very much like,” she answered.

One month later:


You guys were right. This was the best decision I could have made. I love my job. I’m also falling in love. Real love this time. It’s amazing. He’s amazing. You guys will love him. I can’t say much here, as the NID may intercept this letter. That would be of the bad. But next time I see you, I’ll fill you all in. I hope you are all doing fabulous as well! Tell my sister that I hope she’s doing well in college! Much love!


The End?

You have reached the end of "Where Are They Now" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Oct 07.

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